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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Validation for spankos!

So, kids. Every day, it seems they (whoever they are) discover something new that's going to kill us. One day it's coffee. Then it's eggs. Then it's fats. Then it's carbs. Then it's...


That's right. According to the Washington Post, too much sitting can cause all sorts of ailments and organ damage, and even kill you. Read all about it here.

I swear, someday they're going to say that breathing is bad for you. (Oh, wait. It already is, if you're around smokers.) But I digress.

My point is -- spankos, we have never been more pertinent! If sitting is such an evil, then it should be avoided at all costs, no? And what better way to avoid it than to make it impossible to sit?

We've always known that spanking is good for our psyches. But now it's good for our health, too. Spanked so hard that it hurts to sit down? Excellent! Don't just grab a pillow for your sorry butt; get off of it! Do you want to die? Of course not!

So, spankers, rejoice in the fact that you're helping your bottoms maintain their good health. And spankees, never again complain that you can't sit comfortably! You're not supposed to be sitting -- it will kill you!

How ironic that I'm writing this while sitting around waiting for Steve, who is late as usual. :-Þ


  1. Who knew that the threat "you won't sit for a week when I'm through with you" carried all these health benefits? Add professional spanking services as mandatory in the Obamacare health insurance policies.

  2. Our office is full of standing desks and, as you know, we have at least six treadmill desks, including my own.

  3. Erica one day they will tell us that 'shitting', is bad for our health. Also maybe 'sex'. at least some religions feel this way, with all the restrictions those impose upon their enjoyment of them. By the way did you see the Grammy Awards, with the uniting of Paul McCartny, and Ringo Starr. Plus Yoko Ono's appearance. dancing while they were playing and singing. Also Pete Seeger the folk singer and activist passed away. Yes, those were memories of the good old music days.

  4. Rollin -- I know, right? I guess that will be the new Top anthem -- "It's only because I care about your health."

    Craig -- I do remember that. More people need those.

    Six -- I haven't watched the Grammys in many years. I really don't care for much current music. I'll find a clip of Paul and Ringo, I'm sure.

  5. Just to be a contrary ass, you know what hurts like hell for me when I sit in a confining office chair? My CALVES. They stiffen like nobody's business so I try to stretch and hold them outward for several seconds at a time many times throughout the day.
    I really do want to find out if it's possible to get spanked so hard I CAN'T sit for a week! LOL

  6. Kelly -- calves, really? That's a first for me, hearing that. I'm sure it's possible, but you'd be talking MAJOR injury there! ;-)

  7. LOL, as a Feldenkrais practitioner, I definitely concur that sitting is bad for you. Maybe I should suggest my clients try spanking!

  8. Renee -- I had to Google that! Interesting. Yeahhhhhhh... let me know how that works out for ya. ;-)

  9. Ha! "They" do always think of something!

  10. Lea -- don't they, though?

    MrJ -- figured the tops would like this. :-)

  11. Amazing post, thank you

  12. Hi Erica -- That's crazy what will they think of next LOL.I hear so many myths I don't know what to believe. Maybe next they will say that drinking water is bad for you.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  13. Ron -- thanks.

    Jade -- I think I'll take my chances with drinking water. :-)