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Friday, January 24, 2014

Tramp stamps, anyone?

Of all the tattoos out there, the "tramp stamp" seems to be one of the most popular. For those who aren't tattoo-savvy, that's a rather unflattering nickname for an inking on the small of the back, just above the tailbone. These tats are very popular with spankos, and in the fetish world in general.

I don't have any tattoos myself, and I don't have the desire to get any, but I think some of them can be very cool. John is always teasing me about getting a tramp stamp, for whatever reason. Every weekend, whenever we're cuddling in bed, he'll poke at my lower back using his fingernail as if it were a needle, asking what I want back there. I'll say something like, "John, stop it," and he'll start stabbing out John, stop it on my back. "You really want that there? That's kind of weird." Argh.

I don't know why he does this; it's not like he actually wants me to get a tattoo. In fact, several years ago when I was toying with the idea of a small one, he said, "Do you really want that on you when you're 70? The only thing I want on you when you're 70 is me." :-) So much for that idea.

Tramp stamps, like any tat, can be anything you want. Many are simple and elegant, like this:

Some are amazingly intricate and detailed:

Aaaaand then we have stuff like this:

Trust me, that's not the worst one I saw in my searches.

So, readers, do tell. Do you have a tramp stamp, and if so, what is it? And if you don't, let's pretend you're getting one -- what would it be?

Me? shrugging  I dunno. How about this: A small, bright red arrow, pointing downward -- kind of like the one in the preceding photo, but farther down. And above it? Exit Only. ;-)

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Erica, I have a lower back tattoo, not really what you'd call a tramp stamp. I agree that some a very pretty and others are obnoxious. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to ink. I always wanted *one* tattoo, but since I got in the scene and have seen people with more than one, I've been bitten by the bug LOL. BTW, you would fabulous with some tasteful ink on your lower back :)

  2. Cheryl -- glad you popped in! I know you love your tats and you just got a new one.

    I love the idea of something small and pretty back there, but I don't think I could ever go through with it!

  3. I have one as many people will know.I got it on my 18th birthday. It is called a "triquetra". It's the Celtic symbol of balance. Kind of like a yin yang, but with 3 points. This was before I knew the triskelle (related) was a bdsm symbol. It's become somewhat of an icon with my work so I don't regret it in the least

  4. Ten -- I thought of you too! Yours is definitely well known. I like it.

  5. Erica, please DO NOT GET A TATOO. You have a beautiful body, from head to toe. And believe, I have always loved that voluptuous BARE TUSHY of yours. I personally do not like tattoo's on any woman's body. For me it distracts from her beauty be she young or mature. I apologize for making an error on your father's Emmy's that he won. As a comedy writer, was he funny at home. Do you know some of the lines he wrote. Or was it a TEAM effort. XXX luv ya

    1. Erica, congratulations you are on a French Spanking Blog. 'Au fil du jour'

  6. Six -- I'm not planning on it. I do think some of them are pretty and sexy, though.

    Yes, my father could be funny at home -- he was quick with a line. But as for the actual writing, that was usually as part of a team, or duo.

  7. "I don't have any tattoos myself, and I don't have the desire to get any, but I think some of them can be very cool."

    That's me! :-)

    I've toyed with the idea, but have a hard time committing to anything permanent. If I did, it would probably be something simple/elegant/pretty involving stargazer lilies. Maybe the BDSM symbol. I like the yin yang but a million people have it. I do like Ten's tattoo!

  8. Lily -- yes, all joking aside, I'd go with something classic and simple too. And small.

    I do think a funny choice for a spankee would be a tiny pair of red lips, on one butt cheek. ;-)

  9. I would get a celestial design of a large sun-since I'M such a fucking ray of sunshine these days! LOL!!!!!!!
    Seriously, I love the sun and moon in various sizes.

  10. Kelly -- (laughing) Move to Southern CA. Your love of sun will be extinguished when you have months and months and MONTHS of heat, air so dry that your nostrils crack, and freaking fire danger everywhere!

  11. No tattoo please. Your butt is purrfectly framed by a shirt and your panties.

  12. I wouldn't want to get a tattoo - too permanent! Nor would Ron approve of one on me. He likes me au naturel.

    The tramp stamps make me think of Kushiel's Dart, where the female protagonist had an extensive tattoo done on her back, over a period of months. I guess it was necessary in her culture.


  13. My favorite is one I saw that said, "DO NOT ENTER" with an arrow pointing at the butt.

  14. My brother got a tattoo on his arm without my parents' knowledge. He was sure smug about it, too. It was of a little mouse. I may ask him about that sometime.

    As for me, forget it. I don't want any tattoos on me.

  15. As you say some of them are lovely but some I've seen on young girls are awful. I did toy with the idea of getting a little heart or rose on one of my bottom cheeks.


  16. Michael -- no worries. Not doing it. Just fun to think about it. :-)

    Hermione -- John feels the same way as Ron. Funny, though -- he's OK with piercings, which I wouldn't consider in a million years!

    Craig -- that sounds similar to what I suggested. :-) Glad to know others share the sentiment.

    Bobbie Jo -- a mouse?? That's different.

    Ronnie -- the worst one I saw was a photo of a very old woman, with very old skin, with a tramp stamp of "Forever 18." That gave me pause.

  17. I've also heard that tattoo called "the ink above the stink"

  18. The tattoo mouse my brother had done was a cartoon like mouse. It was cute, but our folks didn't think so. LOL

  19. I can remember a friend of mine getting tattoos on his arm as a teenager and having skin grafts when he could not get a decent job.

  20. David -- seriously??

    John -- well... I suppose that could be a case for having tats that don't show. But it depends on one's career choice, I guess.

  21. Hi Erica -- If I was getting one I would get the butterfly one :-) It is so very pretty.I know one that you might get, Yours would say Spank me or bionic butt LOL :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  22. Jade -- no... it's fun to think about, but I would never do anything that obvious. You know, doctors would see it, people at the gym. :-)

  23. We've been considering a "tramp stamp" for my wife, thanks for adding to the inspiration.

  24. Michael -- so what's she getting?? :-)

  25. That second pic could help a new top learn where not to hit. Lol. I don't have any tattoos. It's been suggested I get a Peep, but I've never had the time or money,

  26. Lea -- yes! A peep, for sure! That would be so you. :-D

  27. I am not a tat fan but like them on others, tramp stamp I am fuzzy on, some small ones are very sexy when a lady's shirt will rise up and you see it......I like your idea.

  28. The late, great Ed Lee once said that anybody who puts a tattoo on a woman should get the death penalty. I couldn't agree more! Please! Ladies everywhere, DO NOT GET TATTOOS. When you get one you will never be as beautiful as you were before. A woman's body is a beautiful thing in its natural state and should never be written, drawn or painted on. That is what paper and canvas is for.

  29. Ron -- I think some of them are indeed quite sexy. :-)

    Anonymous -- well, here's the deal. It's a matter of choice. Some people want them and love them. I would never tell a woman she's not as beautiful as she once was because she has a tattoo; that's a bit harsh. And as for Ed Lee... I think my opinion of him is best left unsaid.