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Sunday, February 2, 2014

I love words

Being a linguist, I love learning new and unusual words. And if they are words that have anything to do with TTWD, all the better.

Imagine my delight at discovering the word "callipygian," which means "having well-shaped buttocks." Really.

And then last week, I came across the word "rutilant." Any guesses on what that might mean?

Want a hint? Its meaning is similar to "rubicund." (Yeah, I know, big help there.)

Want another hint?

Rutilant means "having a reddish glow." Let it not be said that this blog isn't educational!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the Stupor Super Bowl. :-)


  1. I've learned two new words today! Now let's see if I can work them into a conversation.

    According to my husband, the Stupor Bowl was very good this year. I watched PVR'd shows downstairs while he enjoyed the game upstairs, and we shared a bowl of popcorn at half time.


  2. Erica, you might wish to know that in the English language there are at least 45 words that mean you ASS. This information I found on the computer listed under the title. SQUACKLE. com. The Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare invented over 1700 for the English language. I have visited Stratford on Avon, the home of this genius, twice in my lifetime. A beautiful and quaint little town in England. I am sure Erica, you would love this place to. Being a LINGUIST. XXX Luv ya

  3. Hermione -- yes, recorded shows were the way to go yesterday. Here, it was either that or watching a Flying Nun marathon on the oldies station Antenna TV (no joke).

    Six -- I'll have to look that up, thanks.

  4. Hi Erica -- I agree that your blog is educational :-) I learn things that I never knew existed :-) Thanks for sharing the new word that you found.Your bum in that pic does look Rutilant :-) I think Rutilant is going to be my new favorite word.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  5. Thank you! Very - ahem - enlightening.

  6. Jade -- I love using words that make people go look them up. :-D

    MrJ -- I thought so too!

  7. Leave it to Erica to come up with a way to educate spankos! Know I will have to remember them for future use.
    Stupor bowl indeed..... I watched a movie instead!


  8. Poppa -- did you really? From what I'm hearing about the game, it was a good idea to watch something else anyway!

  9. My husband stopped watching the Super Bowl when it became clear that the Broncos were getting their ass whipped - and decided it would be more fun to turn his attention to my derrière, which was then seriously spanked... leading (later) to some hot moments!

  10. Anonymous -- now that's MY kind of sports. :-)

  11. Amazing panty and bottom.....oh was there other items in this post? LOL