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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The "Fifty Freaks" Weekend, part 4

Sunday morning I got up earlier than I normally would have, because Strict Dave's Court was at 11:00. I confess that I was kind of edgy and out of sorts; tiredness was catching up to me and this was our last day, so I felt a bit off. I sent John to the suite ahead of me so he could get us a seat, and I went down to the coffee bar to get us both some coffee (caffeine for me, decaf for him). That woke me up a bit and I felt better in a few minutes. When I walked into the suite, the first thing I saw was Ten and a few others staring out the window at the brilliant blue sky filled with clouds. When I saw what they were looking at specifically, I had to take a picture.

No comment, as I believe the picture speaks for itself. ;-)

Poor Dave -- he didn't wake up until 10:45! Some sort of snafu with alarms. So SDC didn't start until around 11:30, which was OK because a lot of people were late anyway, straggling in after our late night. 

I've been to several of these courts, but I've never put in a charge or had anyone file a charge against me. Can't say that anymore! John filed one against me, for having a faulty GPS and not trusting his directions. (Yes, these cases are often ridiculous.) He presented his case, and then it was my turn to defend myself. I was off to a rocking start when I began with, "Your Honor, with all due respect to the court, the plaintiff is a pontificating peckerhead." After I made my defense, John called Jada to be his witness -- and she totally backed ME up! :-D So I was declared innocent, and John was assigned 15 minutes of "personal service" to me.

The cases went on -- Whooperine charging Ten because she messed up his hair; Stacymacy charging Beth because she desecrated her stuffed bunny; Ten charging PTL, because when Ten mashed her face into PTL's boobs, she got a nosebleed. (Yes, really.) Jules was framed for drawing an unflattering picture of Dave, but it ended up she didn't do it. (It was SO great to see her! She was so sweet, telling John and me how much we'd be missed at BBW.) And so on... until I got called up on another charge by John! This time, it was able my disrespect for the good people who run the Hofbrauhaus and how I insulted the waitress by making her put on a mustache to give me a swat. Once again, I defended myself rigorously, bringing up my reputation and so forth. We even showed Judge Dave the 40-second video. However, he saw me as innocent once again... but this time, he gave me six swats with the strap for contempt of court (I dropped the F-bomb). Win/win!

After court was over, we lingered in the suite for a long time, saying goodbye to the people who were leaving that afternoon. I reluctantly said goodbye to Alex, and she had someone snap a picture of the two of us (I don't have that one yet, however). Before we headed out, we wandered into the bedroom off the foyer to see what was going on in there. While talking with some friends sitting on the bed, we heard a racket from the bathroom, and then Ten came running out -- stark-ass naked and covered with bubbles.

Yes, I am posting this with permission -- I asked her twice, just to be sure!

Mike W. came out after her, scolding her and spanking her for making such a huge mess with bubbles in the bathroom. I went in to see what they were talking out -- I don't know how Ten did this, but the ginormous oversized bathtub was piled way up high past the rim with mountains of bubbles! It looked like she'd dumped an entire quart of bubble bath in there, or something. While I was laughing, would you believe that brat started throwing bubbles at me? So I snatched up some myself and flung them at her. Next thing I knew, the two of us were having an out-and-out bubble fight, plastering bubbles all over each other. Yes, I was fully clothed. I had bubbles all over my clothes, in my face, fogging up my glasses, up my nose. I wish someone had taken pictures of that event! 

We finally got out of there and had a late lunch, stopping to chat with Gino for a while before heading back to our room to rest. That night was the final gathering, with birthday cake for Joe, Gino and StoneHand -- Joe had gotten a beautiful big sheet cake and had the names on it. I'd been standing near the bar chatting with people, but then felt like sitting, so I went over to the couches. One was completely filled, so I sat on the second one. Mr. Rob looked over and said, "Oh, are you sitting there all by yourself?" He then got up, sat down next to me and patted his lap. Well, now! Considerate of him to come keep me company, don't you think?

He was a good guy -- he knew I was sore, so he kept it on the lighter side, which I appreciated. I swear, I come to the end of these weekends and I'm so damn sore, but I still want to play! I did do more watching than playing on Sunday night, though, but it was OK, since I'd done quite a bit myself and I'd checked off nearly everyone on my list of scenes I'd wanted. (I wanted to play with Strict Dave, but I love to play long and hard with him and I just wasn't able to do it at this time.) Besides, there were such fun things to watch: Joe strapping Missy; YS strapping Beth and Ellee side by side bent over two barstools; Dave belting otkdesire and StacyMacy over the same stools. It's so hot to watch precision players wielding straps -- those things aren't easy to aim and it takes skill.

Later, I wandered into the bedroom and found Joe spanking otkdesire, with Gino and Ten watching. I sprawled on the carpet and joined them, watching Joe experiment with his left hand, since his right hand was completely "assed." He said it was a scientific experiment -- riiiiiight! I was a little sleepy, so at some point, I stifled a yawn. Otkdesire caught me and threw me under the bus, saying, "Erica needs to go next -- she's bored!" Hummmph.

Joe and I seem to have developed a tradition at these parties, doing a scene on the last night and seeing what lasts longer -- his hand or my butt. (He calls it our World War III.) So over I went, down came my PJ pants and he started whaling away with his left hand (which is every damn bit as adept and powerful as his right, thank you very much). He mentioned our "war" again, so I lustily started singing, "Over There," changing the lyric "The Yanks are coming" to "The spanks are coming." It was our usual battle of wills with lots of banter, and we ended up calling it a draw (as we always do). :-)

Around 1:00, Dave and Stacymacy were leaving to go get food. I knew we wouldn't be there much longer and I figured this would be our last chance to say goodbye to them, so I went over to hug Stacy and then Dave. He asked me if we were going to BBW or FMS, and I sadly shook my head and said we wouldn't see each other again until Shadow Lane. He hesitated for a second, then said, "Well, do you want a quick six with the strap right now, before we head out?" YES! So he bent me over that well-used barstool, leaned down and checked in. "How are you? You sore?" I said a little, but I knew this was the last scene of the weekend, so he shouldn't worry about it. "OK, I'll make 'em good ones," he said. And yes, he certainly did. Then he added another couple of short sets with another belt, for good measure. A lovely hug and then he was out the door. Then, I knew I was done.

Shortly thereafter, John and I decided it was time to go. When I reluctantly got up and retrieved my purse, both Kelley and Ten blurted, "No! You can't leave! Erica, you're not allowed to leave." Ten actually blocked my path. Damn, I love these people so, so much! My heart was very full at that moment, after this extended weekend of being with friends and feeling so wanted and appreciated. It was hard to leave, but I knew we were getting up at 7:00 a.m. and we still had packing to do. It was time. So, after one last round of motorboating from Ten, we gave hugs all around and headed out.

The next morning, I was practically comatose, I was so tired. And very sore. But despite the sadness over having to leave, I still felt happy too. It had been an amazing time. Even the ride home was perfect, no traffic at all. John and I made it back to his house in record time.

Thank you, thank you so much to Joe and Ten, and to my friends, old and new, for making this weekend such a special time for me. Above all, thank you to my beloved, who has accompanied me to every party over all these years and without whom I can't imagine attending. ♥

OK, I'm finally done. Goodnight, y'all.


  1. I am very proud of the fact that I have thrown the famous Erica Scott under the bus. Especially for the pursuit of science!


  2. otkdesire -- I repeat, hummmmppph! ;-)

  3. Your musings of Patti Cake lead me to believe that clearly.. it was more of a hot wheel... than a bus... *wink


  4. (snicker) My own mouth gets me in more trouble than anyone else could!

  5. Thank you Erica for sharing your experiences on Sunday and the intereting photo.

    Spanking Court is lots of fun. Dave is better than all of he judges on TV.

    I agree that it is very hard to leave spanko friends after a fun event.


  6. Those people all sound amazing! What a great group of friends you have. What a weekend!


  7. Erica, with Bubbles, Boobs, and Butts, you deserve a Bouquet. Spanks and Thanks, for letting us in on an interesting, and wonderful weekend, in that fabulous gambling town, called Las Vegas. Which I can BET, you enjoyed to the fullest. XXX luv ya.

  8. joey -- it really is hard. I am such a loner in the day-to-day, and this gathering fed my soul in ways I forget that it needs feeding.

    Hermione -- yup, one for the books (or the blogs, as it were). :-)

    Six -- Bubbles, Boobies and Butts; I think that will be the groups sub-title!

  9. I had a great time reading your account of the weekend. Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed the idea of all of your friends getting together without the concept of a convention. Maybe it's just me but it seemed the freedom to make your own schedule was liberating for all of you.


  10. Jon -- it was definitely more laid-back and not as go-go-go as the bigger events. Those are great fun, but this smaller one felt intimate and blissfully relaxed.

  11. Amazing posts, it must be fun watching a spanking like that....just great posts, thanks

  12. Ron -- I'm glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  13. Hi Erica -- This party was totally AWESOME :-)I am so glad that you and John and all your friend's had a great time,LOL the pic of Ten with all the bubble's was PRICELESS,I wish i could of been there, it would of been so much fun to throw bubble's at you and Ten,HEHEHE LOL :-)I enjoyed reading about your party it was WONDERFUL :-)Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  14. Jade -- I really do wish I had pictures of Ten and me throwing bubbles at each other! LOL

  15. After reading the other posts, I'm not at all surprised that John brought charges against you at the spanking court. Lol. Congrats on winning both times!! Great scenes and great friends always add up to a memorable weekend!

  16. Lea -- he was ticked off that I won both cases! "I thought the whole purpose of participating in this was to get you spanked!" LOL Hey, I can't help it that I put up an eloquent defense. :-)

  17. Seems that you had a wonderful time, Erica! I am always impressed how quickly you manage to write up all these things after a spanking party. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Kaelah -- I purposely time things, whenever possible, so I have a full day after the event in which to decompress and blog while the memories are fresh. Real life sets in far too soon and I need one day's cushion so I can reflect and bask. :-)

  19. (Todders in waving his cane and peering over Coke-bottle glasses) Why you noisy, kinky young hooligans and your shenanigans at all hours of the day and night, I oughta---

    (Blink! Blink!)

    SaYYY, this looks kinda FUN!! Heh! Heh! Well, LAWZEE!

    Even before the ability for video attachments, Erica, your Party Tales always perfectly recreated your experience, taking us along for the ride! To have more is a big bonus! In fact, several of us now have a big bonus! And the dog thanks you for his big bonus, too!

    Another fine series of reports, thank you very much! It's always a pure delight to hear you giggle and snicker and "ooh!" and have so much fun!!

  20. Dave -- I love you, Groucho puns and all. ♥