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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The "Fifty Freaks" Weekend, part 3

Saturday, several of us were going to the Hofbrauhaus, a German/Bavarian tavern that is quite the famous tourist spot in Vegas. I'd never been, but I'd certainly heard of it. Mind you, I hate beer, German or otherwise, and I'm even less fond of German food. But there was no way I was going to miss this.

Because, you see, one of the restaurant's famous traits is that the servers paddle the customers. You buy a shot, you get a swat. This, I had to see.

Unfortunately Ten and Ralph couldn't join us, but it was for a good reason: they were shooting for Shadow Lane. This was Ten's first time with them, and Ralph's first time in nine years, so this one was going to be special. And I know it would be a relief for Ten, because after that was done, she could play her butt off and not worry about getting marked.

Jada hitched a ride with John and me. We had some insanity on the way; John had already looked the place up on his map (the old-fashioned paper kind), and so he knew the best route to use (it was 16 miles away and he was trying to avoid traffic). But just for the hell of it, he had me turn on my phone's GPS and plug in the address there as well. Well, guess what -- my phone gave completely different directions, including telling us to take a U-turn and go the other way. John completely ignored this, and my phone was acting up (reception was lousy, for whatever reason), so Jada plugged the address into HER phone. And it gave the same instruction -- make a U-turn! So John ignored both of us and continued going his way. Being me, I got nervous and kept checking my phone, which kept giving me directions that were opposite of what John was doing. But surprise, surprise, we got there anyway. Stupid phone!

Our group took up two large tables (with hard wooden benches, I might add -- ouch!). There was a show going on, which was kind of cheesy, but I got into the spirit of it anyway. We were seated across from Jada, ColoDom and Spank4Fun, and had lots of laughs. Best of all, among the plethora of heavy, rich, fried and cheesy dishes on the menu, I found something I could eat -- a big salad with chicken in it.

Here's how they do the paddle thing: They have an oblong wooden paddle with large holes in it, and they bring it out with a shot glass in one of the holes. The customer drinks the shot, and then gets a swat. Whooperine, K, Kelley and Cali all took their turn (here's a slightly blurry but cute reaction shot of Kelley):

Everyone was asking me if I was going to take a turn. But I noticed that it was a female server, the same one each time, and I wanted a man! Kelley laughed at me, saying, "You're taking this 'no F/F' thing a bit too far, aren't you?" "You don't understand," I replied. "I have a reputation for not playing with women. If I do this, in front of all of you, I will never hear the end of it!" To which everyone cajoled and pleaded, saying please, come on, we won't say a word, blah blah blah. But I stood firm.

Joe then called over the manager and asked if there were any male servers who could give me a swat, but the guy said no, only the women were allowed to do so. What's up with that?? He looked at me and said, "Do you want him to swat you?" and pointed to a busboy with a mohawk. Uh, no, thank you. I answered, "How about YOU?" Hey, he was cute. He looked surprised, then flattered, and went off to ask his boss. But his boss said no. Oh, well.

However, a minute later, the manager returned to us, looking triumphant, with the paddling server behind him. "How about if we put a mustache on her?" he asked. "Will that be close enough?" Oh, my God. I looked over, and saw that she was plastering a thick, dark mustache on. I couldn't stop laughing. Well, if she was enough of a sport to do that, then I could certainly be a sport too. Yup, I took a swat from her.

I know what you're all thinking: "Damn, i wish I could have seen that!" Well, you can.

Immediately, Kelley tweeted a photo, Joe posted one on FetLife, and I knew I was in for the ribbing of my life. Sure enough, a scant two minutes after the fact, ColoDom turned to John and said (loudly), "So, how long has Erica had these lesbian tendencies?" Oh, for sweet fuck's sake. :-Þ

She really clobbered me, too! (I think it had something to do with all the encouragement people were yelling.) Even better still, it was free! I didn't have to buy a shot.

We left shortly thereafter, stopping in the souvenir shop so John could buy me an "I got spanked at the Hofbrauhaus, Las Vegas" t-shirt. 

That night, a bunch of us were going to dinner at the hotel's steakhouse. This place was really nice, so I showered again, washed my hair and put a dress and high heels on. We were all meeting at J & T's suite, since the reservation was for 8:00. I was glad I'd dressed up, because all the other ladies did too!

L to R: Cali, Ten, OTKdesire, Lost Kitten, me, Kelley and Miss Lisa. And of course, we had to follow OTKd's example:

This time it's me, Cali, K, Ten, Kelley and OTKd.

We all trooped down to the steakhouse -- beautiful place! We had our own private room, with a banquet table set for 18. Unfortunately, there were 25 of us. Whoops. The management hastily scrambled to set up another table, but it had to be in another room. A few people were already seated and the rest of us hung back, trying to be polite and not demand the big table. But then I thought, screw it. I'm going to be selfish. We so seldom go to these events and I don't want to miss a thing. So I marched in and took at seat, and then others followed. John and I were seated across from K and Philly62, and Whooperine was right next to John at the head of the table, so we had great table neighbors.

What a great dinner. We toasted to the "50 Freaks" and to "chosen family" (amen to that), and K started flirting outrageously with our waiter, a very cute young guy named Lawrence, who was completely feeding into it. Pretty soon she was acting toppy with him and insisting that he come to our party, and he played along. I announced, "Lawrence will be known from this point forward as  'K's bitch.' " Yes, he heard that. When he asked us if he wanted dessert, K answered, "I want YOU!" His reply? "Good; I'm on the menu."

Would you believe K actually went to Lawrence's boss and asked if he could come join us in our suite?? We thought at first that he'd said yes, but later found out that he said no, it wasn't allowed. Damn. Lawrence was willing to do it, it seemed! He'd even asked K if she'd wait for him while he went to change his clothes.

My sweetie and me at dinner:

Then it was back to the suite for lots more partying. I'd been hearing and reading quite a while about Ellee and her hubby (Yoggsothoth on FetLife), but had never met them before -- until tonight. I liked them both immediately -- they are cute as hell, and so outgoing and friendly! I was chatting with Sweet Enticement, Beth and YS, and mentioned that I had been curious about "thigh turkeys" ever since I saw pictures of them on Beth's and Alex's blogs (YS and Malignus are famous for giving them -- a single hard slap to the front of the thigh, leaving a hand-print that somewhat resembles a turkey). One thing led to another and I found myself on the couch, with Beth and SE holding my hands and YS demonstrating the art on my own thighs. He took careful aim, counted to three, and WHACK!!!! on my right thigh, and then repeat on my left. It stung fiercely, but after the initial shock, the warmth and tingling was actually kind of neat. Bright red prints showed up, too. I still have the imprint of his thumb on my right thigh. Since now YS and I were old buddies, he asked me to play, so we did a quick OTK scene. That was fun; he too has quite the formidable hand!

The rest of the evening is blurring. I know I had a nice long flogging from Fineous (no party is complete without that). For a while, there was a rotation of women on the bed (we maxed out at five of us in a row), with Mr. Rob and Joe joining Fineous, but I outstayed everyone (yes, I'm greedy) and Fineous finished me off. Most of us were naked save for panties, and Ten took the opportunity to molest my breasts once again (as well as everyone else's on the bed!). :-)

I did an OTK scene with Philly62. He was so nice -- on Friday evening, I'd gotten thirsty and went looking in the bar area for a bottle of water, but it was all gone. Philly62 saw me and asked what I wanted, and I said I'd been hoping for water, but no dice. A few minutes later, he came over to me and handed me a bottle of ice-cold water; he'd gone out and bought it for me! Then later, Whooperine came up to me and said, "I still have to have a talk with you, don't I?" Indeed he did, so we went off into one of the bedrooms and had a fun scene. He was sweet; he massaged and kneaded my cheeks as well as spanking them, and we talked a great deal too. Another one I wish I'd played with sooner than this, but better late than never.

It was a nice surprise when Eve, Tony and Butch of Shadow Lane joined us for a while. Tony pretended he was working a video camera when he saw all of us floggees on the bed. Wish someone had taken a picture of that, but alas.

Knowing that Strict Dave was doing Punishment Court the next morning. we reluctantly decided to call it a night around 2:30-3:00. I keep thinking I've forgotten a scene or two, but this turned out to be such a long-ass installment, I'm going to cut it off here and cover Sunday (as well as anything I've forgotten) in part 4.


  1. Thank you Erica for the update. What a cool idea, a swat ant a shot.

    Miss Lisa gave me my first adult spanking! She is an awesome top.

    Thanks for sharing so many terrific details of the weekend. I am so jealous.

    I am looking forward to Part IV.


  2. Joey -- come to think of it, now I'm wondering if someone else picked up the tab on my shot, even though I didn't drink one! LOL

  3. Hi Erica -- I Loved the clip of you getting a swat with the big paddle that was AWESOME :-)You and John look GREAT in your dinner pic.I can't wait to read part 4 :-)thank's for sharing.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  4. Jade -- I will probably post part 4 later tonight. :-)

  5. Very happy pictures - not freaky at all ;-)
    Thanks for sharing in word and image.

  6. I'm sorry I missed you for most of this day. It was my "special" day with YS and ellee, which you'll read all about as soon as I get the time. Sounds like you had an awesome one, though! <3 <3 <3

  7. Alex -- part of the beauty of this weekend was the freedom. Being the loner I am, I tend not to develop such intense closeness with fellow partygoers, and I realize what I'm missing when I see you and Ellee and YS, and Beth and Stacy, and so many others, sharing. I'm just happy that I can at least be a small part of it. :-)

  8. Just glad you are having such a wonderful are just so pretty as well, nice bottom.


  9. I've heard of that restaurant strictly from reading spanking blogs. That whole story and video is too funny! And there's nothing that ends a night like a nice flogging.

  10. Lea -- it was expensive! My salad with a few strips of chicken in it was $18! But it was worth it. You don't go there for the food, but for the experience. :-)

  11. I just hope people don't believe that it's the same in the real German Hofbräuhaus! ;-) Not to say that we haven't got a good number of nice kinky people here in Germany. :-)

  12. Kaelah -- LOL! Yes, you know the original; I'll bet this place would look rather silly and clichéd to you! But you know, Vegas has to put an exaggerated spin on everything.

  13. Excellent posting of the incident of the pub. You behaved in a way that seems to be the person you are--no posing. I have said it before, but you are not reticent to be who you really are. You seem not to suppress even our natural fear of aging. You are elegant in the here and now--not in some bygone past.

    As a result, note the respect you have won simply by eloquently but yet spontaneously sharing your entire personality.

    With so many others, I continue to wish you the best.

  14. Anonymous -- thank you for these kind words. I try to be who I am -- not everyone likes me, but at least if they do like me, it's for my real self. :-)