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Thursday, March 14, 2013

OT: Things that amuse me

Most of you know what I think of the 21st-century phenomenon of being glued to one's cell phone. Having gotten my first smart phone last year, I do understand the addiction somewhat. But I think there are times when one needs to detach from the damn thing for an hour or two.

Case in point: the gym. You're there, presumably, to exercise. Not to sit on the equipment that others are waiting for while you text. Not to conduct a conference call on the treadmill, walking 1.5 miles an hour. Not to stand in the middle of a packed exercise class, shouting into your phone to be heard over the music and the instructor's count.

I figured the one place where people couldn't text is in a class. You're holding weights a lot of the time, so you don't have free hands. After last week, I can no longer say that.

About halfway through last week's class, we finished the standing work and then lay on our mats to do floor work (leg lifts, sit-ups, etc.). A young woman next to me started texting while we were doing leg work, busily pumping one leg and then the other while she tapped at her phone, never breaking stride. I marveled at this, since I suck at multi-tasking.

Then the instructor had us go into a forearm plank. Ah, I thought. Surely she can't text now. For those who aren't familiar with a plank, it's when you prop yourself up on your forearms and your toes, with your body in one long, straight line (the plank). It looks like this:

If you think it looks easy, it isn't. Assuming the position is easy, but holding it for a minute or more requires core strength to keep your body rigid like that. Your butt wants to drop down, or thrust upward.

Anyway, I watched as this woman got into position, and, with her phone lying on the mat in front of her hands, continued tap-tap-tapping onto the screen. I couldn't help it; I burst out laughing. She looked up and smiled, and I said, "I wish I had a camera right now."

After class, she told me she texts because it distracts her from the pain of the exercise. Well, whatever works. If I'd tried to text while exercising, I'd end up in traction.

Speaking of planks, I'm reminded of years ago, when I was crushing on my personal trainer, and we were doing planks in one of his classes. I hadn't quite mastered the form yet, and he called out, "Erica, much as I love looking at it, get your butt out of the air. You're not a TV aerial."

LOL -- and what a dated reference that is, huh?


  1. Well, when I do planks I actually have my iPhone in front of me on the mat in a very similar position--but that's to use the stop watch feature!

  2. I think if I was to even try the plank, I would likely fall to the floor and end up in traction. LOL I will try it sometime. Maybe even today. Or maybe not.

  3. Nice fun post, well done.

  4. Craig -- as I recall, you (or you used to) do planks with weights on your back! (shudder)

    Bobbie Jo -- I'm thinking you'll lean toward maybe not. :-)

    Ron -- thanks.

  5. Did you ever try texting against pain while, well, somebody else was exercising?

  6. I have a bitch of a time trying to do them at home since I have all hardwood flooring. I tend to slip downward, of course MOST people wear tennis shoes when they exercise. LOL!!

    At the gym with my best friend I laugh because when we're on the Arc Trainers she can talk to me, text and read her Facebook feed and still manage to burn some calories. I prefer 100% focus on my calorie burning because I find I actually burn LESS if I'm engaged in conversation-I guess I unintentionally slow my pace due to distraction.

  7. MrJ -- Ha! Texting, no. But years ago, a top had me posting to a spanking forum on his laptop while he was, uh, exercising. Like I said, I can't multi-task. All I typed was gibberish.

    Kelly -- don't you have a mat? There's no way I could do those on a hardwood floor. And I can't chat with others while exercising, either. (Big surprise, there)

  8. Hi Erica -- I agree this is a fun post :-)I probably would be in traction if i tried doing the plank, hehehe LOL.Try texting while you are OTK that would be fun,I know an awkward position would be getting caned and trying to text somebody,I bet no one has tried that yet :-) LOL Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  9. Jade -- I think I'll let someone else try that. :-)

  10. When I go to the gym my phone goes into the locker. Anybody who wants to call me can do it another time.


  11. Erica, not to be funny, but the only planks I know. SPANKS. Thanks, for amusing us, while you're huffing, and puffing, at the your Gym. XXX luv ya.

  12. John -- my kinda guy!

    Six -- I don't huff and puff, I gently exert myself. ;-)

    1. Erica, I thought when you having SEX. you GENTLE EXERT yourelf. Yes, life can be full of pleasureable moments.

  13. That's funny. I'm a big texter but touch screens are a bitch. When there were still keys to feel and type on, I could text without even looking down. I could do it easily at my desk at work and rarely had a typo.

  14. That's hilarious, Erica! I wouldn't manage to combine exercising and texting, but it must have been a funny sight. :-)

  15. Lea -- I bought my Droid last year and it still has a physical keyboard. I am putting off having to deal with touch screens as long as possible!

    Kaelah -- it really was. It was like a poster for "signs of the times."