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Friday, September 14, 2012

Utter Cluelessness

No, I don't have a CHoS today. Just revisiting an ongoing situation with a man who is so clueless, he has me baffled.

You guys remember the guy from -- when was it, months ago? A year ago? Longer? -- who contacted me, we emailed, we talked on the phone. I was considering meeting with him when he emailed me a dick pic and some unpleasantly harsh words. When I didn't respond, he wrote again, saying "I guess you're not ready for a man like me." He had that right. And I figured that was the end of it.

As you know, it wasn't. This guy still views my profile on Alt, on a regular basis. For a long time, it was every day. Now it's dwindled to about once a week. He had written to me twice more, months apart, asking if I was "ready yet." I never replied.

This week, he wrote to me again. I'd updated my photos a bit.

Glad you updated your pics.. are you ready for a good spank session text me

He'd attached another photo. This time, he's playing baseball, holding a bat and wearing a sleeveless jersey so I can see his sculpted arms. Is this supposed to impress me?

Once again, I didn't answer. But here's what I'd love to write to him:

Thanks for the new picture. Not to worry, I haven't forgotten how attractive you are. I also haven't forgotten that you refused to meet with me publicly, you sent me a picture of your cock when you knew I didn't want that, and you said you'd enjoy "brutalizing my ass." Riddle me this: If you're such a studly prize and God's gift to the ladies, why are you bothering with a woman who clearly wants nothing to do with you?

Really, it makes me shake my head, trying to clear the picture. It's both amusing and annoying. He thinks he's so effing handsome that I'll conveniently forget everything and melt when I see his picture? Good grief. I'm shallow, but I'm not stupid. :-)

Ah well. As always, men like this make me appreciate the good ones all the more.

And speaking of good men... Mine is caught up in an insane cycle at his job and has been putting in 12- to 15-hour days this week. And tonight, he has to pull an all-nighter, doing a pipe inspection. So, it's home for me tonight. He will come home in the morning, sleep a bit, and then he's supposed to meet with his aunt and cousin, as they're coming out from Long Beach to visit his mother. I will go meet with him for that. Yes, if you figured I'd really, really rather skip that, you guessed correctly. But I'll go, because it will make John happy. He's had a crap week; it won't kill me. And after that, he more than likely is heading back out to O.C. to work again.

You can imagine how worried I've been about him. Sleep deprivation and work stress/pressure is a combination primed for disaster. Especially with a man in his 50s with a bad heart. However, he has promised me over and over that he'll be OK, he'll take naps, he'll be careful. I can only keep my fingers crossed that he'll get through the weekend in one piece, and then next week he'll be able to take a couple of days off to rest.

So, unless something changes, I'm pretty much on my own this weekend, and no Mr. D on Monday, either. At least I have some work to do (yay!) and I can catch up on all the odds and ends of my To Do list.

Hey, maybe I'll text Mr. Studly and see if he's available. Kidding! I'm just KIDDING!! :-D

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Erica,

    I hope that John takes care of himself. I have worked 24/7 and paid the price. He is one in a million so take care of him.

    Mr. Studly. LOL. What a jerk. I saw the perfect picture for him on the back of a Toyota. It showed a gal with a kiss mark on her butt. She was pointing at it with a smirk on her face.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Hi Erica -- I remember that CREEP that wrote to you, He sound's mean and disgusting,he is VERY cruel wanting to brutalize your ass.I am all for a good spanking but he want's to draw blood from your ass :-( I agree he is annoying you cause he can't find no other women cause he is a big creep.I hope John take's it easy too.I am happy that you get to see John tomorrow for a little while anyway :-)John work's in Orange County? Wish i lived near you we could hang out :-)Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  3. The "stud" who's so relentless sounds like the assholes I've encountered in the bar scene over the years. THEY are interested so therefore, they feel they can wear us down and "conquer" us eventually. I've found it ridiculous, slightly amusing and MOSTLY irritating. LOL!

    I could NEVER perform the level of work John is doing. I just don't have that ambition in me. I don't like what I do for starters, so I want to put each day to bed ASAP. I prefer part time over full/over time any day even if I have reduced income.

    I'm glad your new job is interesting enough even if a bit disorganized from your preferred style.

  4. It's so revealing to see what people think is "impressive"...a declaration to what qualities they want their partners to hold in high esteem.

    John is going to be doing a pipe inspection...heh heh heh :)

    If you want company next week...Yogurtland!


  5. joey -- he is indeed. :-)

    Jade -- yes, John works in O.C. He stays there during the week so he doesn't have to make that awful commute every day.

    Kelly -- you and me both. John is one of the most work-driven people I've ever met, and I can't comprehend it at all. Yes, he makes very good money and has great benefits, but what good is it all when you're too busy and exhausted to live your life? (sigh)

  6. SC -- not MY pipes, you perv. :-) Oooh, Yogurtland! That does sound good. The damned heat continues and continues...

  7. Forgive my crudeness, Erica...

    Send him a picture of whatever body part you like, and I bet Mr. Studly will be at your door within an hour. :D

  8. Ana -- HA! Considering he expected me to come straight to his house without any sort of prior public meeting, I sure as hell don't want him knowing MY address. (Heaven help me if I ever want a spanking that badly!)

  9. Yes, I remember this guy. Well, you certainly are worth better than that and, IMHO, if he's such a hotshot, what's with the constant inquiries? You're certainly worth the work, but really...

  10. Craig -- I know, right? Why all the bother? I think he's obsessed because he's not used to being turned down, the poor dear.

  11. Erica, I think he probably gets turned down all the time.

  12. Mick -- you think so? Maybe not at first, but then his personality overshadows his looks!

  13. He is certainly a jerk and I'm being nice. I guess I can call him an alpha hotel and leave it at that. LOL

  14. Bobbie Jo -- it took me a minute, but I know what you meant by alpha hotel. ;-)

  15. Erica, I hope John will be alright, and start taking it easy a bit more... Sounds weird, but one of my favorite things about the SL parties has been hanging out and conversations with John, one of the most interesting, enjoyable people ever.

    I've always been glad that he never found out about our torrid affair when I moved in with you that year, because that would have been a little awkward, right? Phew!

  16. I can't believe that guy is still contacting you! Clearly he doesn't take rejection well. Have you thought about writing back just to say "No, I don't wish to get together" or do you not want to engage him? I hope all goes well with John. I hate my work and do it as little as possible. People with a strong work ethic confuse me. Lol.

  17. Does this guy not know you have a blog? It seems like he should be hiding in embarrassment rather than strutting his (meager) stuff.

    Hope John takes it easy. I'm with Lea on the "as little work as possible" front. I don't want to set a bad precedent. :)


  18. Danny -- Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Whatsamatter with you? We were so good about keeping that a secret!

    That's a very lovely thing to say about John; I will make sure to tell him. :-)

    Lea -- I don't want to give him the satisfaction of any sort of response. I suppose if there comes a time when he flat-out says, "Why aren't you answering me??", then I'll remind him why. But otherwise, I'm keeping mum.

    Pink -- I'm with you and Lea on that. I never wanted to be a slave to a job. Or a slave to anything, for that matter. ;-)