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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shadow Lane 2012 -- Saturday

Two blogs in one day, but I figured I'd better keep up with this before I forget details.

I didn't sleep well Friday night, but I almost never do, since I'm still keyed up from all the activity of the day. Saturday late morning after John dragged me out of bed, we showered, dressed and headed down to Cafe Siena for lunch, where we were joined by Michael and then T&S. I don't think John and I have ever had a meal at the Suncoast by ourselves; we always find someone in our party to eat with us, which is part of the fun. We lingered a long time at the table, sharing stories and laughs, and then it was time to head for the SSNY room party, which was in progress.

What a riot! The room was packed. I didn't play at this gathering, but I did a lot of talking. John and I ended up in the kitchen area with Jules, Beth, Miranda and a couple of others (sorry, brain fade on who they were). Jules and Miranda had us in stitches and tears, telling horror stories of sessions, and I was able to add a couple of my own stories from my days at Passive Arts. Later, we all crowded into one of the bedrooms to watch some of the SSNY videos.

Then it was nap time. I woke up around six and went to shower, wash hair, make up and so forth. I was wearing a new dress, one I'd spent a whopping $18 on, with black fishnets and pumps. Of course, John helped me with the garters (and with straightening my seams). My hair cooperated and blew into nice big waves.

As usual, I loved the buffet. Healthy stuff! Salmon, chicken, veggies, wheat rolls... yum. (OK, there was beef and pasta and mashed potatoes and a lot of other stuff too, but I bypassed those.) I kept getting up during dinner to go greet people and ooh and aah over the other women's dresses. Sarah and Kelley were taking pictures again, so I jumped in and got several more shots. (Yup, waiting for those, too!) Did a lot of talking again, although it was harder to talk with the music blasting.

Hey, I got a picture -- M took this of John and me. It's a bit overexposed and it's on a bit of a tilt, but I like it anyway:

Here's where I confess that I had one of my insecurity attacks, during this dinner. I'm not sure what was going on, but a part of it was the dancing. I love it, but I don't think I'm all that good at it and when I watch the cute young girls dancing with all their great moves, I feel like a stiff old fossil. John was a sweetie and danced several slow dances with me, but no one else asked. (John insists that was because people saw me with him and didn't want to intervene, but who knows.) After a while, I got tired of putting on a smiling face and shouting over the noise -- I felt tired and overwhelmed and knew I needed a break before we headed to the suite parties, so John and I went back to our room for about 20 minutes or so, to just lie on the bed and relax for a bit. "Damn it," I said to him. "I look forward to these parties so much, I want to be here, I can't wait to be here. Now here I am, so why do I feel like crying?" "Because these parties are hard on you; they're fun, but they stress you out, too," he answered. Yeah. I guess. Nevertheless, I pulled myself together and we ventured forth into the night. John's pep talk helped. "Act like who you are. You're Erica Scott." My sweetheart. ♥

As we did the night before, we bounced back and forth between Joe & Ten's suite and Tom's. Joe & Ten had gotten a ginormous sheet cake for Shadow Lane's 21st birthday (they started having parties 21 years ago), and there were plenty of snacks and drinks in both rooms. If I'm recalling correctly, my first scene that evening was with Tony from FetLife, another one with whom I'd never played before. He's fun!

At midnight, Joe's room had a group belting -- women lined up at the window with several men strapping them. Naturally, yours truly the belt lover had to get in on that one! I got licks from Kyle Johnson and from Bob the DJ, then Strict Dave came in and took a turn with me. He ramped things up quite a bit, first strapping me, then wrapping the belt around my hips and using it to yank me toward him, swat me hard then swing me forward again. And then, as a grand finale, he put one foot on top of the bed, picked me up and tossed me over his leg, holding me firmly in place as I was airborne with arms and legs flailing, and strapped me there! Daaaaamn! Brief, but very intense! I felt rather disoriented when he let me down, but I was grinning my face off. After that, Bob asked if I'd like some more of his belt while lying down -- of course, I said yes!

But wait, there's more. Shortly after that, Fineous came in with his two floggers, and offered to do another scene with me. Wow! Lucky me, getting flogged by Fineous twice! I stripped off everything but my thong and got back onto the bed, where he proceeded to flog me into oblivion. I love that man.

While John chatted with Joe and Ten, I had a nice talk with SpankCakes. We found out that we're practically neighbors -- we live on the same street! She's several blocks north of me, but still. How wild is that? Both John and I really liked her a lot; she's smart and funny and I see more parties in her future. :-) Shortly thereafter, we wandered over to Tom's suite to see what was going on in there. It was hopping as well.

I had two more scenes there (I think??). One was with Strict Dave, who'd said I deserved a "good girl spanking" for a nice comment I'd made about his CP Court on FetLife. Now, to be honest, most of the time I simply don't get the concept of a GG spanking. I mean, what's the point? :-) But in this case, with a lot of soreness building up from prior scenes, it sounded like it could be rather nice. And yes, it certainly was. He kept it interesting and sensual, interspersing swats with massage and light fingertip caresses, keeping it light but throwing in a sharper swat now and then. He talked with me throughout and I melted into it, relaxing and enjoying. Then he covered me with the bed quilt and used his belt over that, which was quite the different sensation -- the quilt muffled the sting, but I still felt the impact. How he was able to see my bottom and hit it perfectly with a quilt over it, I don't know, but he did. He's one talented player. At the end, he asked if I'd like some belt strikes without the quilt; y'all know what my answer was to that. :-)

After a nice chat with Djinn, my final spanking of the night was with G, right before Tom closed his suite for the evening. So we all trooped back to Joe and Ten's, where John and I stayed until about 3:30. There was a nice little core crowd of us, just kicking back and talking. It was hard to tear myself away, but I knew I needed sleep. Besides, we had to get up semi-early so we could get to Dave's CP Court the next morning. So reluctantly, we said our good-nights.

Still have Sunday to cover...


  1. One day, I'd like to give you a proper adult spanking, but that takes time, privacy, and a quiet enviornment, not during the ruckus of a suite party.

  2. Erica!!! I wish you had joined in the dancing! True story, when I was little I would never - EVER - EVER - dance in front of people. It was literally the worst thing in the world someone could ask me to do. As I got older, and particularly when I found a group of girlfriends who were supportive and loving instead of backbiting and snipey and jealous, I got more comfortable with it. Now you can't freakin' stop me, I gotta dance, and if someone has a problem with it that's THEIR issue, not mine. None of it means I'm a GOOD dancer. Nobody's a good dancer at these things. You just move your body around to the beat, because it's freeing and feels good!

    Of course, it's not for everyone. But it sounds as though you wanted to be out there. Next time, I hope it's OK if I grab you and we dance. We closed the party out on the dance floor and I think it was my most fun moment of the weekend because it was so goofy and so lacking in self-consciousness!

    And of all people to be worrying about perception... you're one hot mama. Enjoy it :D

  3. Bob -- but I'm not a proper adult! ;-) Seriously... I know what you mean. Thank you for your wonderful work at the party, as always.

    Heather -- I love you, woman! Actually, I did join the group of girls for a while. But after a couple of songs I didn't recognize (and not knowing how to do ANY of their moves), I kinda slunk off and thought, "What the @#$% were you thinking??" (sigh) But yes, you can grab me. I need that incentive!

  4. Seen from France, these "Convention spanking" always seem very "surprising". Nobody here knows how to create meetings of that kind. There is a small group in the South of France trying to do so, but nothing similar like a large hotel booked for three days and thousand of people comming from all the country as if it was a Democrate (or Republican) Convention ...

    Erica, congratulations... I love the way you have to tell what happened from day to day, as if you were writing a diary.

    I would probably come to America once, to meet my virtual American friends of the US world of spanking in an Shadow Lane meeting. But I feel - by reading - that it works like a kind of "club" where everyone knows each other. So, I guess it is not easy to include in the midle of people already familiar with each other...

    Or even impossible.

  5. Stan/E. -- it really isn't impossible, I promise. Yes, there are several of us who already know each other. But there are also new people coming every time; everyone is new at some point. There were lots of newbies this party and from what I've read so far, they had a blast! :-)

  6. Lovely Girl

    I have been looking forward to reading about Shadow Lanes 21st Las Vegas party. It sounds like you had a blast. I can imagine the after effects. Happily tired but not worn out with a smile on your face, slightly sore, nearly satisfied but not sated, would you like a snack?



  7. Erica,

    First of all, your dress was stunning at the party. Also, you looked terrific on the dance floor, you are a very good looking couple.

    Lea and I were overwhelmed by how friendly you were to the both of us at the banquet. You came to our table and welcomed us to SL. I cannot tell you how much your gesture of kindness meant to us. You are a very sweet and lovely lady!

    You are so right about SC, she is very special. And, I agree with you about how gracious and sociable Joe and Ten were to everyone that visited their suite.


  8. Erica,

    You are an absolutely beautiful woman! Next time, I'm grabbing you and dragging you out. I'm so so so self-conscious all the time and I always think I'm a terrible dancer, but I've come to realize that when you're with your friends and having fun, no one's thinking, "Oh, she looks awful," all they can see is that you're having a fantastic time. I didn't recognize half those songs either! :P

  9. Emanuele -- well, I WAS worn out on Monday, but now it has diminished to happily tired. :-) And yes, the snacks are imperative! That's why we keep them in our hotel room. When we come back from an evening of spanking hilarity, I'm ravenous.

    joey -- you're sweet yourself. And it was my pleasure to welcome both of you. I'd been looking forward to it!

    Beth -- oh, Christ. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was playing, and a group of the young'uns was saying they didn't know how to dance to it. It was from the '80s, not the '40s! I felt so freaking old!! LOL (and you looked damn cute out there)

  10. Thank you Erica, for describing for us 'armchair dancer's', Shadow Lanes fabulous spanking parties. You gave it quite a whirl, with your comments. In my younger days on the dance floor I was called the 'Cha Cha kid;. Now days, I might getaway with doing the 'Horrific Hora' By the way here's wishing you the best for the upcoming Jewish New Year 5773.

  11. WOW Erica i Love your pic :-)You and John look WONDERFUL :-)What a fun and EXCITING party.I enjoyed reading this so much :-)Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  12. Six -- oh gawd, the Hora. I'm sorry, but NO ONE looks good dancing the hora! LOL

    Jade -- just posted Sunday!

  13. That dress was only $18? You looked fabulous! And it was so nice of you to come say hello again. I was just looking around the room overwhelmed by how many people there were and when the dancing started, I went back to the room. I didn't attend my own prom, don't care to dance 10 years later either. Lol.

  14. Lea -- $17.80, to be exact (plus tax). And guess what -- I didn't go to my prom either!

  15. Erica, I might differ with you. Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Jo Lo, might bring the 'house down', doing the 'Horrific Hora'. For they are truly terrific tornado of dancers.

  16. Bearing witness to the strapping that left you "hanging", I have to say that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen! We must grab a froyo lunch soon... before the weather cools too much!


  17. WooHoo! Another spank-filled day!! AND .. you got food! Without food.. you will meltdown! I'm so glad you got something to eat!

    Sounds like all those play sessions were awesome! AND DAYUM! Must be nice to get nekkid and not be able to tell you from the 23 yr olds!! -- That dress by the way.. GOOD FIND! :-) -- Oh.. One thing I don't like at parties.. is when the music is so loud you can't hear yourself think. I love it in the background.. and not too low.. but it's worse when I can't hold a conversation with someone without ending up with the old raspy voice the next day. Then again, I do know that many men think that Stevie Nicks sounding voices are damn sexy!! :)

  18. SC -- Yogurtland, baby!

    Zelle -- oh yes, the Saturday buffet more than made up for the Friday hors d'oeuvres! :-) It does get pretty loud in the ballroom on Saturday night. If you're dancing and playing, it's OK, but if you're trying to talk, forget it!