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Friday, September 7, 2012

Shadow Lane 2012 -- some pictures

I've posted a few of these on FetLife, but not everyone is on there, so I will share them here as well.

This is from Friday night; I'm between Sarah Gregory and Princess Kelley. Aren't they cute?

Sarah and me on Saturday night, rocking our blue dresses:

The naked flogging. I'm on the far left, then Kelley, Mila and Sarah:

The pillow fight. L-R is Stevie, Lilibrat, Sarah and Kelley, with me lying in the center and Mila enthusiastically wielding the pillow above us:

Last but definitely not least, my extremely rude (but honest!) reaction to Lea's multi-colored Peeps on a Stick:

So I survived the wedding rehearsal dinner -- sort of. The event itself was OK, but on my way in, I took a spectacular fall. John's sister's house has hardwood floors and there are several single, shallow steps throughout (read: booby traps). I walked in from the bright sunshine in my sunglasses and proceeded to stumble on one of those steps from the living room into the dining room. I didn't want to fall on my face, so I sort of twisted on my way down and landed backward, with most of my weight on my left palm and hyperextending my elbow. John's sister made a huge fuss, which was nice of her, but I was so thoroughly embarrassed (not to mention hurting), I wished she would stop. The father of the groom insisted on massaging my elbow (he did ask first), which felt nice, but also extremely weird. I forgot about it last night, but when I woke up this morning, I felt the aftermath of that fall in a big way. My elbow hurts and I think I tweaked my back a bit too. Ugh. And of course, single-minded as I am, all I could think was, "So glad this didn't happen before last weekend!"

John, being the godfather as well as the uncle, felt obligated to not only provide all the champagne for the reception, but to buy a gift from the registry and give the couple some cash. (sigh) When he told me that he was going to tell M & R that the gifts were from both of us, I said, "Honey, that's nice of you and I appreciate it, but I wish you wouldn't. You should take all the credit; I didn't contribute anything." And he answered, "Maybe not in money, but you're there for everything and you put up with them." He gets it. He knows. Makes it all a little bit easier, knowing that he gets it. Not a lot easier, you understand. But a little. :-)

Feeling the party drop, for sure. I'm so grateful I get to see Mr. D this coming Monday.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Cute pics!

    OWWW! You may have to stay away from the gym for a few days.

    As rough as it is dealing with John's family and how they use him, I bet he's VERY grateful to have you there for support.

  2. Kelly -- I have to say, he brings some of that usage onto himself. I overheard him saying to the groom last night, "If you guys need anything -- ANYTHING -- you know who to call." I groaned inwardly.

  3. Thank you for the peeps reaction. Don't tell Lea I said that.

    John is John, si? Profligate but sweet :)

  4. Emen -- I do believe you just told her. ;-)

  5. Erica, I must say this in all honesty. You are the 'nicest piece of ASS', in that photo. But don't mention this to anyone, because all the other ladies might get jealous. Talking about weddings. When are you going to get under the HUPKA. So that I can dance at your spanking nuptuals.

  6. Six -- I do believe you just mentioned it! (thank you for the compliment) As for when I'm getting married (I think you meant "chuppa"?), how about never? Does never work for you? :-D

  7. John is such a great guy. Every woman should be so lucky. I dunno where you find these wonderful men, Erica, but I think you've found more in your life than most women.

    The pictures are awesome. I especially like that first one with You, Kelly and Sarah. The three of you are adorable. And I love the pink shirt in the pillow fight photo that appears to read OTK in Greek letters. Awesome stuff!

  8. Anonymous -- finding John, and many of my play partners and friends, was indeed lucky and wonderful, Wish I could parlay that luck into winning the lottery (the money kind!) :-)

    I agree, the Greek OTK shirts are priceless.

  9. Hi Erica - You girl's are just too CUTE :-)I Love the pic's.The pic of you and the peep's on a stick are priceless HAHAHAHAHA LOL.John is a GREAT man :-)I wish his family wasn't so mean to him and they shouldn't take advantage of his generousity :-( So sorry yoy fell and got hurt :-( hope you feel better soon.The OTK Greek shirt is AWESOME :-)Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  10. Jade -- they are very nice to him when they want something! (sigh) Don't worry, I'm OK. Just a little sore.

  11. John is a great guy!! He made me feel very welcome at the PJ party. The both of you are very lucky to have each other.

    Thank you for sharing the photos. I love the look on your face holding the peeps.


  12. joey -- I noticed you two chatting it up! He almost never plays at these things, so he really enjoys talking with people.

  13. I have been reading other accounts of the Shadow Lane party but these picture are great. I was a somewhat giddy about our FetLife conversation, I confess that I danced around a little bit, Just a little bit. I will try to contain myself in the future



  14. Well, first of all, I'm sensitive to falls and injured arms, so please be sure you're really all right and that there's nothing that'll come back to haunt you later!!

    But on to the fun stuff-- your Shadow Lane Reports are always ALMOST as much fun as actually being there, and I love those pictures! The Pillow Fight could go up at that more vanilla social networking place!

    And of course, all the myriad things that make John John is why you love him, but you know that.

  15. I love the pictures too! It's almost as good as being there.


  16. Emanuele -- I do wish I had gotten some spanking action shots. I noticed a lot of others on FetLife had them.

    Wolfie -- your poor arm! I hope you're feeling better. My elbow is sore, but I think it will be fine. It's minor discomfort.

    Hermione -- glad you enjoyed. :-)

  17. Great pics! Besides the ones of you with the Peeps, I didn't take any during the party either except for one of my Saturday dress and a few of The Strip. Glad you made it through all the wedding junk!

  18. Some lovely and very sexy photos there. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Hey sweetie,
    If Sarah hasn't already sent you all the pics (which it looks like she might have) send me your email and I will get them to you. Love youuu!!!!!

  20. PS. to anyone asking about the Greek OTK shirts- I make them and am going to be selling them online soon on my site. :) I am so glad everyone liked them so much. And I am so mad I forgot to give you one Erica! Next time for sure!

  21. Awh, looks like y'all had SO much fun! I'm so happy for all of you! I so wish I could go to spanko parties, but my health must come first (le sigh) ... maybe one day once I'm able to be around alcohol without the temptation taking over, I'll be able to return, but for now I guess I must live vicariously! Wonderful post, as always, Erica. I'm so grateful to know you! <3


  22. Lea -- NOW I've made it through all the wedding junk, as the wedding itself was yesterday. YES! So glad it's over! :-D

    Craig -- thank YOU.

    Kelley -- YOU make those! How cool! The one picture I seem to be missing is the one with you and me alone from Friday night.

    Debs -- love you! I applaud you for putting your sobriety first. And it does get easier. Last night I was at a wedding with a ton of drinking, and John's bro was there -- about 20 years sober. :-) He reached a point where it was simply not an option.

  23. Some nice pics, I was kind of jealous at not being there this year but was in Philadelphia spanking 4 girls for my site just after Labor day weekend (which I recently featured on my blog) - so all was not lost. Hope you guys met up with Paul & Lucy from Northern, I haven't caught up with them just yet for their take on the events.

    Hope to make it next year :)

  24. Chief -- well, you were having fun yourself, sounds like. :-) Yes, we did see Paul and Lucy there. They and their friends bring a special joy to the parties; they're so enthusiastic and fun!