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Monday, September 10, 2012

One of those days...

It was going to be a busy morning/early afternoon. Mr. D was coming over at 3:00, and I wanted to get a workout in, finish some work, straighten up the place, wash my hair, etc.

My new client gave me a batch of work last week. I like these people, but they are kind of unusual. Their jobs are brief (they send a bunch at a time), but their methods of operation are more time-consuming than the actual proofreading! First, they want you to print out all the jobs and mark them up the old-fashioned way. Next, you go into their electronic files and make all the corrections, check the formatting, etc. They have a complex, two-sided Work Order form that you have to print out and fill out for each individual job (for example, this latest batch had 10 jobs). And finally, you have to take the hard copies to the P.O. and send them back Priority Mail.

I was prepared to send everything off tomorrow. But my contact wrote to me this morning and was hoping to get them earlier. Oh, damn.

So, hustle hustle hustle. I left for the gym, and about halfway there, got stuck in gridlock in the street. I don't know if there was an accident or road construction, but the cars were not moving. People were doing U-turns and going back the other way. I thought I'd tough it out, but when I'd moved one block in 15 minutes, I thought, "Screw this," and turned around. Drove back home and went to the laundry room in my apartment building, where there's a treadmill, a few weights and some other equipment. I worked out for nearly two hours and then raced back up to my apartment.

Shower, wash hair, dress, blow out my hair, clean the bathroom. Sat down to double-check all the jobs, type out my invoice, and then fill out 10 work order forms. At 2:00, I was ready to dash back out to the Post Office, which I did post-haste.

Got home at 2:20, put on some makeup, and ran around the apartment straightening up, making the bed, refilling the water pitcher, and all the other odds and ends. At 2:50, I was done, completely ready. WHEW.

Aaaaaand then Mr. D called to postpone.

(heavy sigh)

It was for a very good reason; there was an emergency with his elderly neighbor, whom he's been sorta looking out for. I hope he will be all right.

He suggested coming over tomorrow. I would like that. Because on Wednesday, he is leaving for a vacation, and I won't see him next week. So if I don't see him tomorrow, then it will be a whole month. And that would suck.

So please hold a good thought that he makes it. Meanwhile, tonight's play report has been postponed, hopefully not for more than 24 hours.

Bottoms, don't you hate it when you're all dressed up/made up/geared up to play, and then it doesn't happen? All that pent-up energy! I swear, it's as bad as orgasm denial. (Not that I've ever experienced that. Because if any man told me I'm not allowed to orgasm, I'd tell him to go fornicate himself.)


  1. How frustrating for you, Erica! I totally know what you mean about being ready to go. Though I know the nature of emergencies, it's too bad you didn't get more notice... rushing around adds so much to the stress!

    I hope he can relieve some of that stress for you tomorrow!


  2. SC -- yeah, it was one of those things where he walked into his neighbor's house and found him on the floor. :-( But I just talked to him, the neighbor is better, and he's coming over tomorrow for sure!

  3. Wide grin on my face after reading your comments on orgasm denial. Bacall and I have like thoughts. It's a reason to live.

    That Mr. D cares for his neighbor speaks well of him.

    Hope I did not make too many errors in this comment. Writing to you is like writing for my 5th grade English teacher. Scary. (grin)

  4. How quickly you have gone from a first meeting to being sorry that he can't come over.

    I have been told I'm not getting a punishment spanking after all, right then and there, as punishment for being too stubborn or not listening or resisting too much. That was always much worse than just taking the spanking in the first place.

    Have fun tomorrow!

  5. Because if any man told me I'm not allowed to orgasm, I'd tell him to go fornicate himself.) Love it, very funny.

    Enjoy your evening Erica.


  6. Erica,

    I agree about expecting a spanking and not getting one. Hopefully, the spanking tonight will be really special.

    Orgasm denial is not my thing either.


    PS And, your readers have Erica Scott play report anxiety.

  7. OBB -- really?? Your 5th grade teacher?? Oh my god... (sigh)

    Ana -- I agree, spanking denial is worse. Just DO it already.

    Ronnie -- I know, I'm a bit emphatic about some things. (SOME things?) But damned if anyone is going to tell me I can't have one of the most pleasurable (and non-caloric) things in the world. :-)

    joey -- well, it won't be tonight; it will be in about an hour! (gulp)

  8. Hi Erica -- I am happy your getting spanked tonight :-)Mr.D is a Good man to help his elderly neighbor :-)I am glad his neighbor is doing better that is great news :-)Have fun with Mr.D i can't wait to read about it.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  9. Yes. He's a very kind man to look out for his neighbor.

    As sporadic as my spankings occur, I am VERY grateful no play sessions have ever been canceled or postponed. As for shoots, well THAT's a different animal all together.

    Enjoy your "get together". And ooh, how about doing 40 post spanking lunges per leg tomorrow! :) :)

  10. Jade -- yes, it's very kind of him. He's like that. John would do it too. I can't say that I would.

    Kelly -- (snort) How about NOT doing those? You OK with that? :-Þ Hmmm... I've only had one shoot postponed -- because my co-star sprained his wrist!

  11. I hope his neighbor is alright. That's nice of him to watch out for him. Having things cancelled is the WORST. It was clearly for good reason, but it really sucks when you are all ready to go. Really, really sucks. It's like a stood up for a date feeling. (Yeah, I've experienced both.)

  12. Lea -- yes, his neighbor will be OK. He got the family involved and they're taking care of things. I agree, last-minute cancellations are the pits. You know you can't bitch because they are for a valid reason, but you sure as hell want to anyway!

  13. I've been on that "all dressed up, then nowhere to go" boat... and talk about that SINKING feeling! ugh. LUCKILY.. you did not have to wait long for that reprieve! (heehee)

  14. Zelle -- it SUCKS! I remember one top had to cancel because of a last-minute car breakdown. I swear, I wanted to drive all the way to his place, pick him up, bring him back to mine, play and then take him back!