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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shadow Lane 2012 -- Sunday

It's Wednesday already. Reality and post-party drop are settling in, and I don't like them one bit. I have a pile of work to do, which normally would be a good thing, but I'm still so distracted and foggy-brained. Yesterday I lost my checkbook. I also thought I'd left my phone charger in Vegas, since I couldn't find it anywhere, so I ran out to buy a new one. Today, I used my hair dryer and discovered that somehow in my suitcase, my phone charger had wrapped itself around the dryer cord. And tomorrow, I have to go to John's niece's wedding rehearsal dinner, and the wedding itself on Saturday. I'd rather have root canal (which, incidentally, poor John needs again). Real life sucks! I wanna go back to SpankyLand!

But I still have Sunday to cover, before I forget important details. Perhaps reminiscing will bring back some of the elation.

We didn't get to bed until 4:30-ish, so 9:45 AM felt like the crack of dawn to me. But there's no way I'd miss one of Strict Dave's CP Court sessions. So we showered and dressed, I bought some coffee and we headed to suite 960 at 10:45 (we came early to get a good seat, and ended up being the first ones there). People starting piling in after that and soon the suite was standing room only. Court was hilarious as always; I think this was our fourth time. Dave is a hilarious judge and the charges people come up with are a riot.

After Court, John and I headed to Cafe Siena once again, this time with M and T&S joining us. Dave had invited us to join a big group heading to the strip for lunch at a tapas place, but we declined, much as we would enjoy hanging with them. John and I don't like the strip, and I don't particularly care for tapas. Plus, I was light-headed with hunger by this point and needed to eat right away, and the tapas lunch would have been a long drive and a long wait.

Lunch was low-key and fun; the four of us talked and talked and we were there until about 2:30, I think. Nothing else that we knew of was going on in the afternoon, which was just as well, since John and I needed sleep desperately. We crashed back in our room and slept until 6:00.

I felt bad, because I awoke to a text from Lizzie, saying there had been a little surprise gathering for Craig at 4:00 (his birthday is later this month), and we'd slept through it. But we got to hang out with them after all -- when we walked out of room around 7:00-ish to go to dinner, the door across the hall opened and out walked Craig and Lizzie! We'd had no idea they were across from us. They were headed for the Mexican restaurant in the hotel, which is exactly where we'd planned to go. Jada joined us and the five of us had a nice dinner with a lot of laughs.

Later, it was time for the Disciplinary Arts Pajama Party, given by Kyle and Stevie in the Tuscany Suite. Joe & Ten had decided to take the night off, which was well deserved after three straight nights of entertaining us. I put on a pair of light-blue baby-doll PJs -- another first, since I see women in PJs in the room parties all the time, but have never worn them myself. Very comfy! People were arriving en masse and soon the entire suite was packed.

Lea approached me, holding something and saying she wanted to see my expression of disgust. I did not disappoint her when I saw what she had: Multi-colored Peeps on a stick! LOL! In fact, she took a couple of pictures of me making faces over that thing. (Hint hint, Lea!)

I was chatting away with a couple who were new to SL (TailGator and GatorBait on FetLife) when I felt hands on my shoulders; it was Michael. I was so happy to see him, since I thought he'd left already and I hadn't had a chance to say goodbye. He said he'd decided to stay an extra day, and now he was going to grab me before the evening got away from both of us. I didn't object to that in the least. :-)

We went into the bedroom, but the bed was occupied with an F/F caning scene with a large crowd watching. So, enterprising man that he is, Michael took me into the large luxury bathroom, with a huge bathtub, even huger shower, and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the city. There was a bit of water in the tub, but he grabbed a towel, mopped it up and then had me stand right in the tub and bend over, hands on the rim. We could see ourselves reflected in all the windows and mirrors from all sides.

At first the scene was playful and silly, with Michael bellowing, "I'm spanking Erica Scott in the bathroom!" and me giggling my head off. But in a while, he stood me upright, wrapped one arm around me and had me lean into it, and he absolutely whaled on me as we stood. I felt my legs go rubbery and I leaned into him harder, dropping my head, feeling the spaciness take over. People started gathering at the entry of the bathroom, watching us -- I was vaguely aware of them, but I couldn't tell who any of them were.

After several flurries, Michael sat on the edge of the tub and pulled me down into his lap. He whispered to me, "We're not quite done, are we?" and I murmured back, "No. Is the bed free yet?" "Let's go see," he said. "I want to finish you off."

He took my hand and we went back into the bedroom; the caning scene was over, but they were still on the bed doing aftercare. So we went to the big overstuffed chair in the corner and Michael piled it with pillows, then pulled up another chair and piled that with more pillows. I laid across the pillow pile and it was like a makeshift bed. There, we finished our scene -- just a lot more hand spanking, but it was so fast and intense and hard, and I let go, moaning and crying out, loving it.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my favorite scene of the weekend.

We wandered back into the main room, where I went to get a drink. I have to mention the spread Kyle and Stevie put out -- we could have skipped dinner and eaten there! They had sandwiches, salads, veggies and dip, fruit, chips, chocolates, cake -- and alcohol. Lots and lots and lots of alcohol. (sodas and water too, for the non-imbibers) There was an orange-y liqueur that looked (and tasted) exactly like the Kinky Liqueur I love, so I had that mixed with Diet Coke.

There was a "brat pillow fight" scheduled at midnight, and I figured lots of women would show up for that, just as they had for the naked flogging on Friday. John even went back to our room to get a pillow for me. I was looking forward to it and went to the bedroom when Kyle called us in. But I almost ducked back out when I realized there was only five other women besides myself: Lilibrat, Stevie, Mila, Sarah and Kelley. All in their 20s... I had a flashback to that old childhood puzzle, "Which one of these does not belong?" But it was too late to back out now, and when Kyle signaled us to begin, I threw myself in bravely. It turned out to be great fun, and I think I held my own pretty well! Kyle took photos from Sarah's camera -- she told me she'd send me all the pictures, so I just have to be patient and wait until she settles in back home and gets to that.

It's not a party weekend without a spanking from Joe, and we had an exuberant scene, front and center, in the main room. It's become a "his hand vs. my butt" friendly competition between us, and each time I am reminded of just how strong his hand is! However, he admitted his right hand was giving out, so I yelled, "Oh, come on, Joe, don't be a sissy!" That did it; he yanked me up, spun me around and flipped me over the opposite way, and started afresh with his left hand. No fair! We finally called it a draw, though. :-)

Felt myself fading a little bit after that, so I wandered back into the bedroom and lay on the bed, relaxing for a while, waiting for my second wind to kick in and chatting with Richard Windsor. John and M came in and M lay next to me, curling up. Then Ten came in and threw herself across both of us, promptly spilling the remaining drips of red wine in her cup all over one of the pillows. I swear, that woman is trouble!  This prompted us to start cheerily (and loudly) singing, "Spill the wine, spank that girl!!" Somehow, the three of us ended up in a girl pile, legs and arms entwined, and Richard took a picture of us (thank you, Rich!). Unfortunately, it came out kinda blurry, but I have to post it anyway. (I even have M's special permission!)

Yes, we are silly girls.

Edit -- 7:35. Dammit! I knew I'd blank out on something, and I sure did. My apologies to Craig!

I hadn't played with Craig in a very long time, so I was happy to see him and Lizzie show up at the suite. When he approached and asked if I was ready, I most certainly was. We found a space on the bed and had a nice OTK scene. Another strong hand! I'd forgotten just how strong. At the end when he was holding me close with both arms, I felt something thudding on my bottom. Huh?? Did Craig grow a third arm? I heard people laughing and turned my head -- it was John, swatting me with a bunny slipper he'd found on the bed! "You suck!" I screeched, which made everyone laugh harder.

(end of edit)

My final scene of the weekend was with Kyle, yet another one with whom I'd never played (not really counting the few belt licks during the strapping free-for-all on Saturday). I'd been talking with NwgtyNan and Spankotom when he approached and asked if I'd like to play. He was very proper and polite -- he even asked John if it was OK to play with me, to which John answered in his typical wry fashion, "Please... I don't care!" Humpph.

Can I just say right here that Kyle Johnson has a hand of @#$%ing iron? Holy moly, he's strong! We played in the main room with many watching us, so we bantered a lot and made a fun scene out of it. He stopped for a while, talking to others, until I finally yelled, "Hey! Down HERE!" He sincerely apologized for neglecting the task at hand (har) and continued with vigor, saying his mind had temporarily been elsewhere. I answered, "Yeah, because your head is up your ass!"

A hush and a ripple of "oooohs" commenced.

Heavy flurry of swats. "What did you say?"

"I said, your head is up your ass!"

Heavier. "Where is my head?"

"Up your ass!"

Even heavier. Jesus Christ... "Are you sure? Where's my head?"

I was faltering by now. "Uh... um... somewhere in the vicinity of your posterior?"

"Better," he said. "OK, now we're going lower each time." Oh, crap.

Super hard flurry on the sweet spot. Any lower and it would be thighs -- no way!! "So, Erica, where's my head?"

"Ah... it's... uh...." I stammered, unwilling to concede.

"I'll give you a hint -- shoulder region?"

I knew I was done. Reluctantly, I answered, "Your head is on your neck."

"OK! Good! Now let's just drive that point home, shall we?" @#$%!!!!! I got another barrage anyway! Damned tops!

I was toast after that, and I curled up with John on the couch, where we watched the end of a very long and intense OTK scene with Mike (Spank33 on FetLife) and Heather Green. It was one of those mesmerizing scenes where you wonder how she's absorbing it all, but you know she is and she's loving it, too. Afterward, Mike discovered that there were little blood blisters on his palm and between his fingers. Would you believe that dear girl, spanked as she was, actually went to fetch a bag of ice for his hand??

We talked for while, but I could feel myself fading, and finally, we decided it was time to call it a night and a weekend. We made the rounds, both in this room and then up in 960, saying our goodbyes and collecting all our final hugs. Did as much packing as possible before we hit the bed, where I slept like I'd been drugged.

Another party over. John and I are determined to make it to Boardwalk Badness next April, because there is no way I'm waiting another whole year between parties. I just can't. I need these gatherings. I need these wonderful friends.

Thank you, Tony, Eve, and Butch. Thank you to all who so generously opened your suites to us. Thank you to everyone who played with me, laughed with me, hugged me. You have no idea how much you all mean to me. I hope everyone had a great time, and I hope the newbies are happy that they are no longer newbies and will come back.

I promise I'll have a picture post once I get more of them. For now, it's off to the gym with me. (blech... don't wanna!)


  1. How aggravating to deal w the checkbook/phone charger fiasco.

    It sure seems like you had the time of your life last weekend. I'm really glad you got to reunite with friends and meet new ones. I love hearing recants about super hard hand spankings. It's an inspiration to a smart ass like me to take it up a notch next spanking. :)

    Lea sounds adorable. :)Those Peeps MUST have been cute. LOL!

  2. The PJ party was fun. All of the ladies looked great in various sleep wear.

    Spankos know how to have fun.


  3. Kelly -- yeah, they're cute. They're just not fit for human consumption. :-Þ

    joey -- don't we, though!

  4. Erica, I'm so impressed you've managed three blog posts on the weekend already! I'm still trying to corral my thoughts into some semblance of order ;)

    I've really enjoyed reading about what went on elsewhere, since it's impossible to be everywhere at once!

  5. Em -- believe me, it was out of necessity! If I wait too long, I forget stuff. As it is, I probably forgot stuff anyway. :-)

  6. Hi Erica -- OMG i can't stop laughing :-)what you said to Kyle was so funny hehehe LOL,YOUR HEAD IS UP YOUR ASS,GOOD ONE ERICA :-)The PJ party and pillow fight sound's so much fun.I enjoyed these party update's of your's you did a FABULOUS job :-)much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  7. Hi

    What an amazing weekend I have really enjoyed reading about it. I did not mean to be forward or too familiar with my last comment but I couldn't help noticing that you seemed to compare yourself with the younger party goers. What I called you just felt so right to me, besides I stole the line from Game of Thrones so It wasn't even original.


  8. It is always so good to see you!

    I have to admit, I'm baffled when you talk about being self conscious at these parties. You're Erica freakin' Scott! Everyone I talk to is in awe of you.

    I've got the drop, too. It sucks.

  9. I don't even know what to say other than I'm totally honored! I have to add back that spanking you is the most amazing combination of fun and intensity that I experienced over the weekend. Usually its one or the other and with you, I always get both. Erica, I'm so honored to be your friend and flattered that you made comment in your blog. My only goal was to see you smile when its over. I love to subspace you. I just love it! Thank you for letting me into your world! :-) Michael

  10. Jade -- yeah, it might have been funny, but I sure paid for it! :-D

    Emanuele -- you weren't forward at all. You're right, I do that comparison thing far too much. It's hard not to, sometimes!

    Sophie!! I didn't get to talk to you enough this weekend. I hope you had a great party, sweet girl.

    Michael -- so glad you dropped by. :-) You really did bring a lot of joy to my weekend. I hope you went home with joyous memories as well.

  11. I will send you the Peeps pictures right away! I meant to ask before, do you mind if I post them when I get around to my Sunday recap?

    It sounds like the weekend was quite a whirlwind! It's funny how these parties are sort of like working vacations. It takes so much energy and effort to keep up with what's going on where, meeting people, trying to talk to all the friends you don't see often, getting in play with this one and that, and attempting to get some damn sleep.

    No matter what it seems like you always miss something or someone. There's just not enough time! It goes so fast with so much going on. Going back to work this week SUCKED. I'm physically exhausted and emotionally drained. But I'd do it all over again!

  12. E, Thank you soooo much for these posts! G & I haven't been to a Shadow Lane party in probably 5 years and it's so great to live vicariously through your fantastic writings (while sitting comfortably, dammit). Great to see names of a few people I still know and I love the pic of you and John. Your scene with Michael was phenomenal and a reminder also of how much I miss our snarky banter at parties past and IM dish on aol after. "Spill the wine, spank that girl" - loved it! Keep on rockin' gal pal! xoxo ellieO

  13. Lea -- no, I don't mind at all. You're so right; these weekends are sooo much fun, but they're a lot of work too! So much to do, so little time, so many friends, so so so so NOT enough weekend!

    EllieO -- Oh, I miss you! I still remember you passing me that naughty note while I was OTK and how I completely lost it and frustrated the top! :-D And how about "It is the yeast, and Juliet is the bun"? You always cracked me up!

  14. Hope you found your chequebook Erica.

    Sounds like you had fantastic fun and an amazing weekend. Thanks for sharing Erica.

    I don't think I would be able to keep up.


  15. Blood blisters! Ouch.

    Sounds like you did indeed get into lots of trouble. Tsk. ;)

  16. It sounds like a very full and very productive last day! It's no wonder all your wires (cords, rather) got crossed! Get some rest!


  17. One word... "WOW!" - Now THAT'S how to work a damn a party! How you put so much in to one of those is beyond me! (oh wait.. I go to parties.. nevermind!) LOL -- Can't wait to see you in April at Boardwalk.. at least that's one I think I can get to! LOL -- oh, I saw that pillow fight pic somewhere! Not sure who's profile on Fet had it.. but you should check the "usual" culprits! LOL

  18. Ronnie -- nope, didn't find it. Fortunately, it didn't have too many checks left in it. I had to call to cancel them.

    Ana -- yup, I've caused a couple of those in my day. :-D

    SC -- oh, I did. Believe me. I was comatose Monday and Tuesday.

    Zelle -- yeah, I have a couple of them up on Fet, and Sarah has one too. Are you coming to BBW?? Yes! We're going to try to make it as well.

  19. Another great party report and a sexy, adorable photo!

  20. Craig -- thanks! I wish it weren't blurry, but oh well. Still love it.