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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shadow Lane 2012 -- Friday

I was up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 AM, washing my hair and packing everything I'd gathered the night before. I'd had to park our rental car around the corner because there was no space on my block, so I walked there to move the car and the first thing I noticed was the envelope on the windshield. WTF? I was parked properly! The ticket claimed something about registration, so I looked at the sticker on the license plate. Sure enough -- "June 2012." Oh, swell.

Turned out it was easily fixed, fortunately. I called Enterprise at 7:30 when they opened, and they told me to come by and pick up a 2013 sticker. So I packed up the car and headed over there. It was a relief -- I was going to be stressed out about being pulled over all the way to Vegas, and all the way back too. It's what I do.

I went to John's, he loaded his stuff and we were on the road by 9:00. It was a smooth drive, no traffic jams, and we arrived at the Suncoast around 2:00. At registration, the first guest we saw was Marie, who came running across the room and launched herself into my arms like a bullet.

Once we got to our room, we discovered that neither one of our keys worked. (groan) I left John sitting there among our piles of bags and went back down to registration. In this short trip, I saw several more friends, including my buddies Fineous (he of the fabulous floggers) and Michael (Inspectherhide on FetLife). Michael grabbed me up into a huge hug, lifting me off the carpet and squeezing me for dear life in midair. As I'd mentioned, I love the hugs as much as the spankings at these parties. :-)

We unpacked and then crashed for a while. I was too keyed up to get a proper nap, but I dozed on and off until it was time to get up and dress. Finally, the vendor fair, and mass quantities of greetings! This is where I want to name a bunch of names, but I know I'll forget someone or another and then feel bad about it. I'll state ahead of time: Please, anyone I accidentally forget to mention, don't be offended. Remind me and I'll rectify any and all omissions!

So great to finally meet Lea, Joey and SpankCake! I've had so much online interaction with them, and it's always fun to match names with faces at last. And of course, had to have my hug fixes from Beth, PTL, Sarah Gregory, Joe (Dr. Lectr), Ten, our dear longtime friend M, Tall&Strict (his handle on FetLife; he's also known as Ralph Marvell), Jersey John, Tony T., Alex Reynolds (who introduced me to the lovely Heather Green and Mila Kohl), Sandy and Rad, Lance Del Toro (back after a five-year absence) Tom from SF, Craig and Lizzie, Jada, Sophie and Djinn, Fireman Chris and Serenity, all the beloved Brits (Paul, Stephen, beautiful Lucy and Caroline), Jules, Mike and Miranda from SSNY, Benman, Richard Windsor, and the list goes on and on. There was a buffet of hors d'oeuvres, but honestly, I found none of it appealing (except for the fruit), so I ate little. Too excited to eat anyway!

Lovely Sarah Gregory had a vendor table along with Princess Kelley, whom I had not met before, so I made my way over there to greet her. Good lord, that girl is cute! Several photos were taken (Sarah and me, Kelley and me, the three of us); that's the first of the pics I'm waiting for. Dear sweet Kelley said that she wished she could get a picture of me with Keith Jones, since, she bubbled, "I love the two of you; your videos are my childhood!" Sarah burst out laughing, and I dramatically turned and slammed my head into the wall. OK, she's only 23, so it wasn't that long ago. Still, it was one of my many Methusaleh moments this weekend!

That evening after the vendor fair, there were several suite parties happening. The Brits were having Spankolympics, but sadly, we didn't make it to that room -- we were bouncing between 1031 (Joe and Ten) and 960 (Tom). My first scene of the weekend was with Michael, who made quite a show of snatching my hand and yelling across the room to John (and everyone else), "OK, John, I'm going to spank your girlfriend Erica Scott in the bedroom now!" LOL! We had a lovely energetic scene on the bed with several others watching, but, as usual when I'm into a scene, I lost awareness of them. And I got a special treat: When we were done, he asked me if I wanted some "Michael aftercare." I said yes, and he laid me out on the bed, got some lotion and took off my shoes. Then he gave me a wonderful, thorough foot massage. That's not something that usually happens at a spanking party, and it was delicious. :-)

My second scene was private, with Djinn. Loooove playing with him! In fact, when he said it was over, I actually asked for a little more. Yes, I'm greedy.

Both suites were hopping with people and as always, I talked and laughed until I went hoarse. Friday night is a bit of a blur and I'll probably remember more details after I post this. But a major highlight of that evening was the Naked Flogging scene.

Last year in Joe & Ten's suite, a spontaneous group flogging had happened, with several women stripping naked and I believe three tops flogging them in rotation. It was such a big hit, they decided to make it an annual event and had announced it in the room party threads and brochure. I was torn. I really, really wanted to join this. But I have never stripped completely naked at a Shadow Lane party before, in front of everyone. And I'd be among women half my age (and younger).

When I went to the bedroom, there were already five women on the bed, the max amount it could hold. A large crowd had gathered, watching Joe, ColoDom and Fineous work their magic. I thought, OK, guess it wasn't meant to be. But after a few minutes, the women on the bed started "tagging out"; they'd exit the scene and tag someone else in. On the far left was L of G & L, a couple we've known for many years. G asked me if I wanted to join in. I said yes, and he answered that he'd tag L out as soon as I took my clothes off. OK, what the hell. I was in. I stripped and took L's place. At that point, I believe I was on the bed with Kelley, Sarah, Mila and Spank4fun. (I might have gotten a little extra courage from the glass of Kinky Liqueur that Sarah brought me from her room!)

What a great scene, and what a treat to feel the talents of three flogging experts! I think Ten took some pictures (second of the pics I'm waiting for).

The only awkward moment? Getting back up and crossing the room to put my clothes back on. It's far easier to take them off than to put them back on!

What else, what else... oh, I had a quick scene with Lance, my first ever with him. I've known him for years, but somehow, we never connected. What fun! He commented that this was the first time he'd ever seen me so quiet during a spanking, but hey, it was about 2:30 AM and I was practically comatose. But I loved it.

If anything else monumental happened on Friday night that I'm completely glazing over, please remind me!

I don't know how people go without sleep at these things, but I sure can't. John and I finally got to bed around 3:00, and I was practically delirious. But it was only Friday night. Still two more full days and evenings to go -- we were just getting started! Lots more to look forward to. :-)

To be continued...


  1. Just a wild guess here the Erica Scott Sass-o-meter was operating at max capacity for the previous 4 days! :)

  2. Kelly -- uhhhhhhhhh... maybe :-)

  3. Hi Erica - I Love your report it ROCKS and so do you :-)The party sound's AWESOME,You had a blast and i am so happy for you.I know you were sassy your good at that and so am i HEHEHE LOL :-)Can't wait to read more.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  4. Jade -- there were be more, I promise.

  5. Erica,

    I heard about the naked flogging, it must have been fun.

    Joe and Ten are wonderful. They had a terrific party every night and were very gracious to all the guests.


  6. joey -- how funny; I just this second finished commenting on YOUR blog! :-) Yes, the flogging was delightful. Especially sensual, since the three men each had their own style.

  7. The flogging sounds really interesting. I did not stop in any of those parties on Friday but there was a lot going on. Someone said they've never seen as many open suite parties as this time had. I don't have any previous visits to compare to, but things sure stayed busy. Meeting you was the highlight of my Friday night. :-)

  8. Lea -- Tom (960) and a couple of others have always had open suite parties, but Joe and Ten really upped the game when they started with theirs last year.

  9. Erica! It was SO great meeting you! I'm glad I was able to introduce myself on Friday, allowing us the weekend to get to know each other a better! :)


  10. Dear God! What fun! Great report (as usual!)
    I DO HOPE you remembered to eat something more than fruit though! :-)

  11. SC -- me toooo!

    Zelle -- there were also some very greasy chicken wings, that had about one bite of actual chicken on them once I pulled off the skin. But at least I got a few bites of protein. :-)

  12. OMG I love you!!! You are so my new favorite person! And I adore our pictures together. Meeting you was absolutely a huge highlight of the party for me. You just made my night Friday too. :) Sorry about the childhood comment, but hey! What can I say? I'm a huge fan! :) I appreciate you not freaking out too much at my fangirl screaming :)

  13. Craig -- glad you liked.

    Kelley -- LOL; it was cute, and so are you!

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