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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well now... what have we here?

Yesterday in my bedroom, I caught sight of something peeking out from underneath the bed. I knelt down to take a look.

Well, looky here. Recognize this?

Not familiar? Hmmm.

Recognize it now?

Thought you might. It's ST's paddle, one he made with his own two hands. Not super-thick/thuddy like the frat style I hate, but it packs a wallop nonetheless.

So. Let's ponder upon how angelic I am. I could have kept quiet about this and let him wonder. Let him discover it's missing but not say a word. Perhaps he dropped it out of his bag somewhere. Perhaps there's been a rash of theft in Encino, a kinky burglary ring stealing spanking implements. Or perhaps I accidentally mistook it for a piece of scrap lumber (you know, those turn up in my bedroom all the time) and tossed it into John's fireplace.

But noooo. I am here admitting to the world that I found it, that I'm keeping it safe for him next Monday. I think I should be rewarded for my honesty. Don't you?

On another topic...

Feeling a bit blech today. Fallout from yesterday, I guess. On the plus side, I had a lovely lunch with Mija at Canter's Deli -- we sat for three hours and yakked away. But on the minus side, I feel like I lost a friend yesterday, due to circumstances completely beyond my control. Scene drama, one I'm not involved in, but a friend is, and I got unintentionally and unwillingly sucked into the vortex.

John said I did nothing wrong. I know, intellectually, that I didn't, but it feels like I did. I hate it when people are angry at me, won't talk to me. It kicks in all those old rejection/abandonment issues that have dogged me since the early days when my mother would punish me by ignoring me and refusing to speak to me. I'd chase after her and cry, begging her to talk to me. Stupid, stupid old crap. But it's real.

The down side of being involved in any community. Wherever there are people, there is drama. This is why I choose solitude so often.

Plus, John had a horrendous day at work yesterday and vented to me. Naturally, I wish I could fix things and make it all better for him, and I can't. I hate that he's so stressed out. But I remembered this morning that this time last year, he was deathly ill, and now, at least he is healthy and robust, albeit exhausted. Perspective. Could be worse.

Days like this, I really do wish I had some work to do. Occupy my nattering brain on something productive.

Sorry for meandering. I will feel better after I go kick some butt at the gym. It's about 100 degrees outside... at least my A/C is working.


  1. Lost paddles are like lost socks... some
    times ya just never find em... (heh-heh)

    I'm intermittently catchin online time here at Kate's Kondo in Chicago (arrived after Midnight on Monday) - so technically Tues.. and now, I'm doing laundry.. and getting ready to head out to my buddy Morgan's to have dinner and pick up my brand new special order London Tanner implement (that I may or may not regret!!!) -- (I like to toss the wood paddles into the fireplace .. and replace them with 'warm' leather) hahaA!

  2. Sorry you felt like you got caught up in some kind of drama... even if inadvertently it is no fun. I hate being put on the defensive to have to explain stuff.. (sighs)

  3. Zelle! I've missed you!!! :-)

    You've got some fun, fun times ahead, lucky girl.


    I get to play with "SS" tomorrow.. after we go eat Indian food (which I will be dining LIGHTLY on).. otherwise.. I'll be one sick pup OTK!

    CCM SPANKO PARTY in 3 wks!

    I'm dying to see your videos from Spanking Court!

  5. Woohoooooooo!

    I'm dying to see them too! Must... have... patience...

  6. A few years ago I ordered a paddle from Kitty's exotic paddles. She sent it, but I never got it. Some kinky mailman must have taken it, lol. Kitty made me a replacement paddle, which is quite beautiful, but I tend to prefer leather over wood. :-)

    I had a terrible time this morning getting up the motivation to go to the gym, but i did go finally and rewarded myself with lunch. I feel much better now, and I'm sure you will too after working out.

  7. Dana -- Kitty's paddles really are artwork.

    On Wednesdays, my post-gym reward is a full night of favorite TV shows: the ABC comedy lineup (Modern Family, etc.) and the Law & Order SVU.

  8. I had a great time yesterday too. We have to go back for pickles though -- maybe even sometime when John and Paul can join us.

    I'm feeling a bit let down myself today. A combination, I think, of all the happy socializing yesterday, not having calligraphy class this week and the god damn heat.

    But mostly I'm remembering what fun it was to sit and talk with you. Hang in there.

  9. Mija -- and George and Ringo too! :-) It was lovely... and yes, next time, pickles.

    Blech... sorry you're blue. Can you believe this heat? It's October, for Chrissake.

  10. Hi Erica, I think you deserve a reward for finding the wooden paddle and for being honest hehehe, Tell ST you want a hundred dollars for keeping it safe if that doe's not work throw it in the fire place hehehe LOL :-) I have a feeling if you ever threw it in the fire place ST would make your butt feel like a fire place.Sorry about the drama i hate when someone drags me into something that is not my fault as well :-( Wish John's work was less stressful for him :-( WOW it's 100 degree's in Encino, it's chilly here.Love you,big hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO I MISSED YOU ZELLE HAPPY YOUR BACK

  11. Jade -- I wouldn't REALLY throw it in the fireplace. That would be too disrespectful, even for me! :-D

  12. You did the honorable thing mentioning the paddle discovery. So you deserve exemption from it's wrath next week.

    So great that John's healthy again, even if his job is stressful. Any chance he can change his job, company?

    Now that Zelle's back maybe you can get distracted from whatever scene drama's plaguing you.

  13. I have to say I admire your honesty and, yes, definitely, ST should reward you. The best way I can think of is a box of See's dark chocolate. :-) Yum, yum.

    Sorry to hear you have been drug into someone elses issues and then not be talked to. It irritates me to think you have to go through that.

    Glad you had a great lunch with Mija and that Zelle is finally back.

  14. Kelly -- John's work is going to be stressful, no matter where he goes, unfortunately. Because he always has to be the Bad Guy. At least he makes a lot of money for his trouble.

    Bobbie Jo -- actually, I prefer milk, but See's dark is good too. :-D

  15. You should absolutely be rewarded for your honesty in recovering the paddle. Lemme know how that works out for you. ;-) Hope you and John both feel better.

  16. Lea -- yeah, I'm not going to count on that. :-D

  17. Surely you should be rewarded. Good girl!
    I trust ST knows how to properly do so.

    Hope other things settle in due time.

  18. I'm sure ST will reward you handsomely for your honesty:)

    Sorry to hear you and John are down. Hope your gym session perked you up and tomorrow it's the start of the weekend.


  19. MrJ -- yes, he does. :-)

    Ronnie -- hmmmmm. I do hope you're right. :-)

  20. I'd have just kicked it further under the bed....

  21. Karyn -- a good temporary solution, but my giggling would give me away.

  22. You should be rewarded, maybe chocolate?

  23. Jean -- that's always a failsafe. :-)