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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interesting question

While wandering through the blogosphere last night, I happened upon a post by Ronnie about watching ourselves being spanked in a mirror. She asked if bottoms have done so and how they feel about it. I commented that I don't like it; it makes me squirmy and I want to duck my head or close my eyes. Ronnie then asked me if I was happy to watch my spanking videos with other people. I thought I'd reply to that here, rather than hijacking her blog.

Watching myself on video with others is a whole different ball game from when I'm watching by myself. The nifty catch-all answer is "It depends on the video, and who is watching with me." But that's not very satisfying, is it.

I realize this seems like a topic restricted to the "pros," but really, it isn't. Not in this age of Spanking Tube and Clips 4 Sale and the plethora of amateur content out there. Any spankos can turn on a cell phone or a video camera and then put the results up on the Net. So for anyone who has done this, do you watch yourself with others present? How does it feel for you?

My reactions are mixed; there are parts I enjoy. Believe it or not, what I like most is my sass and zingers -- watching/hearing those with others present makes me giggle. I love their reactions, their shocked gasps. "Oh, you did NOT just say that." It's fun. And I do like the wide-angle action shots, because they look lively and showcase both the top and the bottom (me).

What do I hate? I'm sure you know where this is going. Yup... the close-ups. The "money shots." I know in porn, that term means something else entirely, but in spanking video, it's the peekaboo shots. The straight-on camera angle that makes me feel like I'm in a gynecologist's/proctologist's office. Come on, y'all. Shoot a little off to the side, will ya? If I'm watching with gal pals, I'm especially squirmy during those moments. I mean, I don't think my girlfriends want to know me that intimately. If I'm watching with John or someone I've played with, I figured they've seen it all anyway. But still... it's weird to watch. Let's be honest; some people's privates are prettier than others'. I don't happen to think mine are.

Being thin and compact has its disadvantages in this instance. I can slam my legs tightly closed and keep them that way, and it won't matter. Everything still shows. Yeeeesh.

Silly things will make me feel self-conscious. I will often kick wildly on camera, and once, when watching Stand Corrected with a friend, she commented that I looked like I was swimming. Whenever my kicking got particularly vigorous, she'd laugh and say, "Swim, Erica, swim!" I know she meant absolutely no ridicule with that, but it felt a little uncomfortable nonetheless. Not sure why.

I have to remember that I'm the only one watching who is picking my body and face apart. Others are seeing me overall and enjoying the performance.

I wrote about this in my book, but it fits in perfectly here: That uber-surreal moment when I was watching Spank Thy Neighbor for the first time, with my co-star on my left and John on my right... and that scene came on. OhhhhKay. I could hear Ralph trying not to chuckle, and John huffing "Well, now." When we filmed that, I shut out the cameras and disappeared into my head. But watching it, there was no place for me to go! :-D

So, the answer to Ronnie's question is the ever-popular Yes and No. It's exciting and titillating in part, but a bit skeevy in others. Of course, in my case, it's not that much of an issue. It's not I like I have people over every day to watch my video library. I'm simply not that social. :-)


  1. Hi Erica, As for me i never saw myself being spanked in the mirror before but i wouldn't mind being in a video cause it would be fun and i can be VERY bratty when i get in my moods hehehe LOL.I Love watching you in video's cause your BEAUTIFUL,FUNNY,And i Love your wit and your come backs are hilarous :-)I have something to tell you later i will email you like always.Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN :-)

  2. Interesting. You know, I don't like the straight on shot, either. I think it is much more provocative when you only see part of the bottom in different positions. Besides, it doesn't have to be straight on to see the nice, red blush after a spanking.

    As for watching myself getting spanked in a mirror? No. That would detract from the spanking itself. I want to focus on the experience and feel it. Not watch it.

  3. Jade -- thank you, dear.

    Bobbie Jo -- yeah, I don't care to watch that angle even when it's someone else. It's so in your face, if you'll pardon the expression.

  4. In defense of the spanking "money shot" angle:

    First of all, thank you so much for sharing, Erica. I've been a fan long enough to know what "that scene" is at the end of Spank Thy Neighbor, but just recently discovered the world of spanking blogs, and have enjoyed yours quite a bit.

    This is the 1st time I felt compelled to comment though. I enjoy the straight on "spanking money shot" and it's not just because I'm a man and visual. (Although I don't think I've ever seen a pudendum I disliked, yours is plenty cute by the way.) Your sharing the fact that you're embarrassed by showing it is endearing, and if anything, and hate to say this, but it makes it even hotter knowing that you're embarrassed by it.

    I think of the appeal of spanking as having several elements, and embarrassment is one of them, for me at least.

    Bear with me here for an analogy that's the best way I can explain it. the appeal of spankings is kind of like a hamburger.

    Let's say the meat = pain. Probably one of the most important ingredients, to be sure, but it's not steak. Pain in and of itself isn't appealing... no such thing as shinkickingtube or needletube... needs something more.
    Let's say buns = sex appeal (seems to fit for me)
    onions = emotional reaction that may or may not induce tears (seems to fit)
    cheese = submission
    pickles = punishment aspect of a spanking

    Hopefully you get the idea... and embarrassment is at least lettuce for me. Not saying that the whole video should be about the lettuce, and some people might not want lettuce. But you admitting your embarrassment about the peek-a-boo shot is some nice green, wet lettuce. (no innuendo intended) To me at least. For a long time part of the special appeal of Shadow Lane videos was that they pushed boundaries and were "sexier" including scenes like that when others didn't.

    Showing their naughty bits like that probably doesn't appeal to all women, but then again, neither does, uhm... having their buns toasted.

    Just thought I'd share a different perspective, and thanks again for providing this blog, not to mention years of enjoyment from your videos.

  5. I actually watched 2 of my spankings in a mirror and enjoyed that. Doing so provided a slight distraction from the building sear in my rear. I didn't look the whole time though. I was too busy thinking of my next smart-assed comments.

    I prefer to watch spanking videos by myself. Just a guilty please I suppose. As for the money shot, I've watched so many videos where this was emphasized, I actually feel desensitized to it. Not my #1 area of interest but if that's what sells...

  6. Ummm, that would be guilty pleasure. :)

  7. Dusty -- (laughing) Shinkickingtube?? You're funny. I do hope I compel you to comment more often.

    Hmmmm. Interesting analogy, I'll give you that.

    Kelly -- I think my mirror discomfort is about my face, with which I've always had an uneasy relationship. When my face is screwed up and grimacing, my eyes scrunching, I don't particularly want to watch that!

  8. Erica, thanks for the insight as most of us will never be on that side of the camera. I run the risk of having my Man Card revoked but when I see videos or photos I don't need to see the gynecological views of a woman's different avenues. I do love watching her bottom turn pink then red, and I also love seeing the expressions on her face since when I am spanking Season OTK I don't get that view. But, no, I don't need the peek-a-boo shot.

    Perhaps my most favorite parts of your videos is your dialog, which I assume for the most part is improvised. At various times you have me nodding my head, shaking my head, laughing and harumphing. I don't react that way to most mainstream movies. With Miss Scott we must always fasten our seat belts because it's going to be a bumpy night, and that is a good thing. :-)

  9. Michael -- Man Card? LOL! Thanks for the compliments on my dialog. Love the All About Eve reference. :-D (dating myself, yes)

  10. Speaking as one man, money shots are a distraction to me. When taking pictures, I try to avoid them and if one is taken I delete it.

  11. I dislike seeing gyno-shots too, whether in videos or stills. Partly it's the realization that that's what my husband has to look at when he spanks me. I also love your quips and banter while you are being spanked. That's far more entertaining than the spanking. I admire you for being able to bare all for the cameras.


  12. Erica - I wouldn't have minded you highjacking my blog:)

    You do look good in your videos and the banter great. I admire you for being able to do them I would never have the nerve.

    Same here about gyno-shots hate them and get quite embarrassed with some that I have to turn off.

    Thanks for answering and the mention.


  13. OBB -- I really didn't expect to see any men speak up with that opinion, and now you're the second. Interesting!

    Hermione -- I don't want to presume, but I suspect Ron really, really likes what he has to look at. :-) It's funny... lots of you are saying you like my banter, but I've also heard that I "talk too much." So there you go -- can't please everyone.

    Ronnie -- nope, blog hijacking is rude rude rude. Thanks for providing me with a blog topic!

  14. I'll happily watch myself in the mirror. But I still have not watched myself on video and we've taken a few of them. I just can't shatter my self-perception like that, I guess. ;)



  15. Pink -- really? You've taped yourself but haven't watched? See, that would make me crazy -- I'd HAVE to see! But I know of others who hate to watch themselves, so I guess it's not unusual.

  16. I don't like looking at myself that much in general so wouldn't want to be spanked in front of a mirror or on video. I don't even like the top looking at my face and expressions that much. If there was a mirror in front of me he'd be able to see when I'm giggling! No, that just won't do.

  17. Lea -- I agree. My tops would be able to see me mimicking them. :-D

  18. Like a "do I look fat in these pants?" kind of question there is no win in responding to this post. ;-)

  19. Craig -- not true. The question was asked to me, and I answered it with my viewpoint as the person being watched. I was curious what others thought, especially those who have watched themselves and had others watching them.