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Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday greetings

No ST tonight after all; he didn't feel well. I suppose if I had to skip a Monday with him, it worked out well that it's a Monday after an intense thrashing on Saturday. But I missed him anyway. Feel better soon, sweetie.

Since I can't do a scene writeup, I'm going to take this time to wish a happy birthday to two wonderful men.

First up -- tomorrow, October 4, is Danny Chrighton's birthday. Wish I could see him and give him a big birthday hug and a smooch (and take his birthday spanking). So many fond memories... like here, the two of us being silly:

And of course, I can't let any birthday of his go by without trotting this one back out... :-D

(snickering) Ah, good times. Happy birthday, darlin'. Is there such a thing as a bacon birthday cake?

And the next day, October 5, is none other than my beloved's birthday.

I won't see him until Friday, but we'll celebrate this weekend. Already planning to take him to one of our favorite restaurants and bake him his favorite scratch brownies. :-)  He never lets me buy him presents, so I have to get creative. Attention on him makes John uncomfortable (a trait his girlfriend does not share). One time I had a big bunch of balloons delivered to his office, figuring everyone would see and then make a fuss over him. He told me, "That was so sweet of you, thank you and I love you. Now please, promise me you'll never do that again." (sigh)

When Danny lived here, we'd have a double b-day celebration. Damn, I miss that crazy man.

Who else has an October birthday? (I know at least one other person...)

Love you guys! Enjoy your special days.


  1. Can I tell on someone else for having an October birthday? Please please please?

  2. Mija -- by all means! Birthdays are for attention, the more the better! :-D

  3. Heartiest happy birthday wishes to of the finest (and luckiest) men on the planet!

  4. Wishing your sweetheart the best birthday wishes from the bottom of my heart! You two have such a great thing. We are both very lucky women!

  5. Happy birthday to Danny and John.

    Erica...YOU look smokin hot and buff in your workout clothes! The gym LOVES you. :)

  6. Is there such a thing as a bacon birthday cake? Of course there is: here and here.

  7. Hi Erica, I hope ST feels better soon :-( HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANNY AND JOHN they are so VERY handsome and you are VERY BEAUTIFUL Erica :-)I Love your pic's they are so CUTE.Happy that you got the birthday card that i sent for John :-)I know he will like it.UGH i feel TERRIBLE :-( Have a nice day Love you big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  8. Dave -- I think I'm the lucky one. :-)

    Dana -- aren't we, though!

    Kelly -- ha! thank you. :-)

    Hermione -- oh, good lord. I hadda ask. LOL! I think I'm going to be sick.

    Jade -- yes, I will give it to him this Friday, and thank you. :-)

  9. Oh good. Since you insist -- the lovely Adele Haze has an October birthday. The 12th I believe.

  10. Ah, OK. I met her last year at FMS. She's adorable. :-)

  11. Happy birthday to Danny and John! I know a few guys who loathe any acknowledgement of their b-days, one who won't even tell me when his is! My mother's b-day is the day after mine so I always got short changed on my b-day and had to share celebrations, etc. That may be part of why I'm fabulous at remembering everyone else's and always doing something for friends. Never decorate a guy's car though. Sheesh...

  12. Lea -- I love birthdays, both my own and others'. Everyone gets to have one day a year that's just for them! (OK, so they share it with a billion other people, but you know what I mean.) But some find them to be anathema. Want to give John a stroke? Arrange for a restaurant to bring him a piece of cake and sing "happy birthday."

  13. Two gorgeous looking guys. Happy belated birthday to Danny and a big happy birthday hug for John.

    Enjoy your weekend together Erica.


  14. Ronnie -- I think they're kinda cute too, but I may be biased. :-)

  15. Dear Erica, October 5th is the most common Birthday in the USA. If you calculate backwards, not 9 months, but the 38-40 weeks of a pregnancy, it fall on New Year's Eve!
    Fun Fact #2,321.

    The Turk

  16. Turk -- really? How cool! Guess we know what John's parents were up to on New Year's Eve, 1957...

  17. Aw, thanks, Erica... so fun to see those pictures again. I can still feel the cool, gooey chocolate cake on my face, and then you licking it off. And you claim you don't like rich sauces, or me pouring Hollandaise sauce all over you on your couch, or bacon martinis, or nude dirtbike riding in the snow. Pshaw, Laverne!
    Or maybe you just like my face, or perhaps chocolate. Who knows.
    Muchas Smooches!

  18. Danny -- ah, I've missed your sick sense of humor. :-) And I like both chocolate AND your face.