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Monday, October 17, 2011

Two-fer: Monday fun and birthday greetings

So, you guys remember how last week, I discovered ST's paddle peeking out from under the bed, and I fessed up to finding it rather than letting him think he lost it?

He came in tonight, claiming I hid it from him and I kicked it under the bed! Well, I never! I most certainly did not. Really, I didn't. So I protested, and then he backed down, saying, "You're right. I apologize. You're such a good girl, I shouldn't spank you at all."

Yeah. Right.

As you can imagine, that didn't last very long. He couldn't stand it.

We've been playing in the bedroom lately, since my next-door neighbor moved out and so the bedroom on the other side of the wall is temporarily empty. I must say, it's nice to be able to make a bit of noise and not shove my face into a pillow all the time.

But you know, he still didn't believe that I was so accommodating, announcing to the world that I'd found his paddle.

"I was just trying to be nice!" I squawked. And you know what he had the nerve to say to that? "Oh, please. I've never known you to be nice!"

HUMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHH! Excuse me?? Me, not nice? I am a fucking living doll, dammit.

I even went and got him a glass of water, bringing it in and saying, "Here you are, Your Majesty."

He liked that, and suggested I lengthen the honorific to Lord God Your Majesty. I counter-suggested something he didn't like, for whatever reason, and we were off and running.

That's just an expression. There was no running. Although my legs were pumping.

He barely used his hand tonight -- said it was hurting him. Good thing he had a bag of toys, huh? Right?

Yeah. Wheee. (rolling eyes)

I wish, just once, I could keep some color for more than a minute or two. It looks like he barely patted me, doesn't it? I guarantee you, he did a lot more than that. Lucky me. :-)

Thank you, sweetie. You cheered me up a great deal tonight.


Earlier this year, I met and played with The Villain for the first time, here in my apartment. I knew he was involved with Dana Kane, but she and I hadn't met, nor had we had any correspondence. So I thought it was mighty cool of her to be OK with his coming over to play with me, a stranger. Believe me, I do not take that for granted. I know it's kind of ridiculous -- me, a threat to anyone? really?? -- but in the past, I've dealt with jealousy/insecurity that bordered on the psychotic, so I am hyper-cautious.

So after he left, I wrote her a note on FetLife, just to say hello and thank you for letting me "borrow" V for the afternoon. I was respectful and even used a proper honorific. Later, she wrote back, saying "Please, just call me Dana" and that they were both overjoyed when they could find someone sane to play with. (Sane?? Me? uhhhh... ok) She then added, "He came home grinning like the Cheshire Cat, so thank you."

Damn, I thought. I think I'm really going to like this woman. And I did, the minute I met her in person, in May. When I went to shake her hand and she gave me a great big hug.

So, I'm a little early 'cause it's not quite October 18 yet, but,


Wishing you lots of love and special attention and cake and presents and anything else your heart desires, you gorgeous woman. :-)

Glad you all enjoyed the "Hollywood insider" post. I'll try to come up with a few more of those.


  1. Dana is such a lovely woman! Happy birthday to her! Her expression of thanks to you for making her partner come home happy is inspiring: I wish more people had that attitude :)

    I don't want to know who The Villain was playing with before if you're "the sane one" though! :P

  2. Alex -- I wish it too! The scene (hell, the world) would be a happier place.

    And HUMPPHH to you, brat. :-Þ

  3. Terrific account of your night Erica. i am amazed at how fast you lose the color on your bottom.

    Also, that was a really nice note about Dana Kane.


  4. I am so glad you had a good, fun time with ST. It is very nice that Dana Kane was happy about V playing with you. It is too bad there aren't more people in the world that are as decent.

  5. Erica,

    Thank you so, so much for the birthday wishes! I'm looking forward to many years of friendship.


  6. Hi Erica, I am VERY happy you had a spanking fun good time with ST :-)I thought it was funny when you called ST Your Majesty hehehe LOL.I am also happy that you have a GREAT friendship with Dana and V :-)Love you,sending you big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANA

  7. 'My hand hurts!' 'My arm is tired!' Wah wah wah. Man up, you bunch of babies! You don't stop when we holler that our butt hurts. (And if that attitude gets me a spanking from hubby, so be it!)

  8. joey -- it's kinda scary, really. Someone once asked me, afterward, "Are you HUMAN??" LOL

    Bobbie Jo -- I am the same way about John playing with other women. I don't get the possessive mentality, but societal dictates, you know...

    Dana -- my pleasure, birthday girl!

    Jade -- perhaps I should get him a crown. :-)

  9. Karyn -- I know, right? Suck it up, boys. We hurt way more than you do. ;-)

  10. Good for you,seems like you have genuine friendship with Dana.

    And how about The AUDACITY of ST to accuse you of deceptive behavior! :)

  11. Kelly -- ah well. At least he does let certain things pass. After one really hard stroke, I screeched, "Son of a BITCH!" Somehow, he knew I wasn't calling HIM one, I was just hollering something to holler.

  12. Me, not nice? I am a fucking living doll, dammit.

    Haha. I was SOOO going to say that. Erica Scott: fucking living doll. :)

    And happy birthday to Dana, whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting, but who sounds absolutely lovely.



  13. And I think I totally messed up that whom/who thing up above, so please disregard as I haven't a clue what it's supposed to be. :P

  14. Pink -- you know what? That who/m thing screws me up every time.

    SO glad someone recognizes my true personality. (snicker)

  15. Happy birthday to Dana! I'm on the opposite end of the coloring scale. My bottom inspired it's own color- Real-lea Purple. Lol. I wish I was on middle ground. Some remaining redness but not bruised to hell from a hand, but also showing that something happened so people don't think they can go so hard on you. Eh, what can you do?

  16. Lea -- Ha! Real-lea Purple!

    Yeah, I look perfectly pristine afterward and people think it doesn't hurt... but it does. I used to bruise like you, though.