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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend tidbits

It was a fun belated-birthday weekend with John. Last night we went to one of our old favorite restaurants and had a fabulous meal (and John had a 22-ounce Fisher Amber Ale, which made him a bit tipsy). Then we went to our all-time favorite coffeehouse for that famous German chocolate cake I've mentioned a few dozen times.

What luck -- they had one piece left! They have shelves and shelves of spectacular treats, but still, the German chocolate cake is special. So we took our giant slab of cake and our coffees into the bookstore area. Upon sitting at a table, we noticed a small bulletin board on the wall near the New Age-y bookstore's doorway. Above it was a sign reading: "Have you recently done something for the very first time? If so, what was it? Tell us!" Slips of paper, a pen and thumbtacks were provided.

We read some of the slips that were already tacked up. "Today I went on a tour of a college for the first time." "Just tried Indian food." "Tried the chocolate peanut butter cake." "I planted some legume seeds." "I nursed a sick cat."

YAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNN! Really? These are the best firsts people could come up with?

John said, "Oh, you really need to shake things up a little. Write something about one of your recent shoots." At first I demurred, but he kept goading me, then grabbed one of the sheets and the pen and plunked it down in front of me.

Blame it on the massive sugar rush. I wrote, "Last week, I cried on camera for the first time at a professional spanking video shoot. It was really intense... and fun." And I tacked it up among the others.

Yes, I'm so mature. We sat at our table, giggling like kids. Every time we'd calm down and start talking, John would glance over at the board and we'd start snickering again. I wonder how long my note will remain up there.

In other news: ST is recovered and ready for tomorrow. He'll be over earlier than usual, since he has the day off. I too am fully recovered and looking forward to seeing him!

One of the videos I shot for Sarah Gregory and Paul last January is now up on her site. It's called Reading, Writing and Rulers, and you can see the synopsis and some photos on her home page here. Sarah is the Student From Hell and I am her teacher. Paul is the old-fashioned principal who pops his cork when he overhears us arguing in the classroom.

I now have nine 5-star reviews for my book on Amazon! :-D  This is so cool -- thank you, my reviewers!  Please please please... if you have read my book and you like it, please do stop by the Amazon page and write a little something. Every review helps its marketing appeal. And thank you again to those who have featured it on their blogs as well.

Guess that's it for tonight. Oh, and happy birthday to John Lennon, who would have been 71 today.


  1. Hi Erica, I am so happy that you and John had a WONDERFUL and Fun weekend :-) I am glad that you got to shake things up a little by putting your little note on the bulletin board hehehe, i think what you put up on it was the BEST,I agree that the other notes that were up there were VERY boring it would make me yawn too hehehe, Happy that ST has recovered and you get to see him tomorrow night YAY :-)I am going to check out your pics on Sarah's site. Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  2. Wow, John Lennon at 71, that would be something... he'd be tweeting about how wacky Yoko had gotten and the lack of decent acid, and partying with Beck.

  3. That's so great about your book reviews! I promise I will be buying a copy very soon! Just gotta get through this weekend.

    John 71, eh? Wow...did you see that Paul got married again?


  4. Jade -- thanks, hon.

    Danny -- Yoko is nearly 80! When did that happen?

    Sarah -- yup, saw that. I do hope he made a better choice this time!

  5. Great sense of humor on yours and John's part. Love it! It would be interesting to know how long that note stayed up there. LOL

    I am so glad you had a good time this last weekend.

  6. Bobbie Jo -- truth be told, John says even more outrageous things than I do, sometimes. He plays the innocent very well.

  7. Hey girl! Didn't know you had written a book! (Boy, am I out of the loop.) Just went to Amazon and ordered it (and you have 10 five star reviews, by the way). Look forward to reading it.

  8. I'm glad you had a good weekend. I love that you had the guts to put that blurb up there. :)

    Please tell John that I wished him a happy (belated) birthday.

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the note you put on the wall. I heard on the radio that John and Yoko's son, Sean, also shares his birthday and turned 36 today. But you probably already knew that, you are The Beatles trivia master. ;-)

  10. Karyn -- hey stranger! Well, you know, I didn't announce it on Facebook. Don't think they'd appreciate it there. :-D

    Beth -- it simply had to be done.

    Lea -- yup, I did know that. And now, Paul McCartney's anniversary will be October 9 as well (if this marriage lasts!).

  11. That's a wee bit of EH, so it's not really fair...

  12. Craig -- OK, I thought and thought, but my brain isn't cooperating. EH?