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Monday, March 21, 2011

On my mind

I am not going to get into the politics of what's going on in Libya. You can hear/read about that just about anywhere and I don't intend to delve into that insanity. However, regarding the ruler of Libya, I have one simple question:

Why the hell can't the media collaborate and come up with a consensus on how to spell the idiot's name???

I am a proofreader. I like accuracy and consistency; these things bring peace to my little world. And yet, I have seen, in no particular order:


It's one person, people. How can one person have so damn many spellings of the same name? No wonder the guy's a megalomaniac.

Yes, these are the sorts of things I ponder on an extremely rainy Monday morning. I guess I'm stalling, as I don't want to go to the gym and drive in the downpour. Yesterday, driving home from John's, the rain was coming down so hard, my windshield wipers on full speed couldn't keep up with it. The streets were flooded and I started to hydroplane more than once. Then on the freeway, I felt myself going into a skid, and the panic went buzzing up my arms and legs. Fortunately, I regained control.

I love rain. But I love it indoors where I'm safe and warm.

Oh, and here you go:

Thought I'd toss in another "Nutless" photo, just for the heck of it. This is a spanking-oriented blog, after all.


  1. I get your point, Erica. I don't think anybody KNOWS how to spell the bonehead's name. Oh well...

    I am glad you didn't skid into real trouble. It rained here, but not that hard and the electicity stayed on though the windy part of it and decided to brown out yesterday and the go out totally. It I was not about to wake up my neighbor to get the generator going. It got down to 55deg in the house! But I was warm and toasty under the covers.

    Have fun with NG tonight!

  2. O0PS! To a proof reader, my post is, um, well... I just blame it on the keyboard. :-D

  3. (Climbing up on my soap box)

    Okay, now you've got me going...

    When did they change Peking to Beijing? Or Bombay to Mumbai? Is there an International City Naming Authority? Do they release memos?

    One day I'm on a conference call a few years ago and we're talking about a project in Mumbai. The discussion goes on and on and on and finally I ask, "Um, where is this Mumbai anyway?" There's a pause. Finally someone sarcastically says, "You know, the largest city in India?"

    WTF? Will Hong Kong become Haungh-kon or Toronto become Tauraughnto?

  4. Yeah, and Siam became Thailand. Burma became something I can't remember right now. Names have changed with change in the "guvment." Oh well...

  5. OH, and Persia became Iran.

  6. Istanbul was Constantinople... Sorry, couldn't resist that one ;)

    Erica, have you watched the West Wing? There was a great quote on the pilot episode in which the white house chief of staff called the New York Times to complain that they had spelled a name wrong in their crossword puzzle. It was either this name, or one inspired by it :) So it seems the controversy had raged for a number of years.

  7. Hello my Erica i agree nobody can seem to spell the block head's name correctly hehehe LOL. I am glad that your ok and made it home safe from this crazy weather :-) I LOVE YOUR PIC, I wish it was me over his knee. i heard there is lot's of radiation in CA, i am worried about you hope your going to be ok and safe. there is alway's something bad going on no one ever hears good news anymore on the news, that's why i don't watch it much it's too depressing :-( Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  8. OMG... I'd say that's much worse than trying to spell Hannukkah/Hanukkah/Hanukah/Hanuka! One of the news blogs I've read here lately.. says there are 112 ways to spell his name!

    CAN YOU IMAGINE .. a librarian at the Library of Congress.. and the MARC record cataloging being done on just his name??

    Hey.. here is my absolute FAVORITE line someone said..
    "I don't care how his name is spelled as long as it starts with .. THE LATE".

    "THANK GOD FOR "NG" (easy to spell) AND MONDAYS!"

  9. ps... LOVE THAT PIC! Is part 3 up yet?? :-)

  10. William Shakespeare spelt his own name several different ways, not uncommon at that time. countries often change their names as a way of shedding a past. Hence the British Empire title of Bombay becoming Mumbai (which is Hindi for telephone call centre). But it is time to have accepted international names for countries and cities. Why Florence when the Italians have called it Firenze, and so on. I won't mention the confederate flag .......

  11. @JadeLyn,

    Not to worry about so called "high" levels of radiation out here in CA. They are making a big deal over nothing. We have far more radiation from the sun and radon from the ground than we do from Japan. It's the media hype again and I can tell you that Erica is just fine and will be having fun with NG tonight.

    You can rest easy that nothing bad is happening here or in S CA except maybe the weather. LOL And it isn't too bad where I live. I have seen worse.

  12. We had quite a bit of rain as well, a little bit unusual for this time of the year, but then I love sound of rain, makes me curl up in a small bundle - best sleep ever.

    The name/spelling thing?
    Come to South Africa - things that I once could say have now been changed to words I can scarcely pronounce, never mind spell.
    Eastern Transvaal = Mpumalanga.
    Some off ramp on the highway = Malibongwe.
    And it carries on and on...(GRIN)

    Common question in my conversations now: "Eh where? What was it called before?"

    Love the photo, although the look on his face will make me run a mile!



  13. Hi Erica,

    You are one of very few people I can wish a happy Monday without so much as a drop of sarcasm. :)

    Arabic, like Hebrew, is a phonetic language. Different people can transliterate the same sounds in different ways. As with Hanukkah, none of the variations is wrong.

    For practical reasons, an editor or publication must choose one form (most common, most recognizable, used by that person) and be consistent.

    In any case, I love your photos!


  14. Erica,

    I think if I saw Steve's face as it is in that picture, I would run, too. LOL Great shot.

  15. Bobbie Jo -- well, I made it to the gym, albeit through quite the circuitous route. The street I usually take was closed due to flooding. Crazy stuff.

    Craig -- being the traveler you are, that especially must drive you crazy. And what the heck was wrong with Czechoslovakia that they had to rename it the Czech Republic?

    Em -- I never got into the West Wing. But it's nice to know there's a TV writer out there who's as a**l retentive as I am. :-)

    Jade -- don't you worry. People are fretting about radiation even though all the officials, even the president, have assured them that the levels are negligible. We haven't got enough bad news, apparently -- folks have to make stuff up! (rolling eyes)

    Zelle -- yeah, blow the mofo's head off and it won't matter anymore how his stupid name is spelled. :-D Nope, part 3 isn't up yet, but should be soon, I reckon!

    NC -- I agree! Napoli is so much prettier than Naples.

    Raven -- I guess people from South Africa might look at us and say something like, "How the @#$% do you pronounce Albuquerque?"

    Bonnie -- thanks! Yup, Mondays are a happy day for me, aren't they... :-)

  16. It sure is piss-poor spelling guidance for the world to discern. Pick one and stick with it damn it! :)

    What's with these psycho dictators that leaves journalists/government undecided? The spelling is as bad as the verbalizing of some of the names. Saddam was either like SADdam or SODdam.

    The gym obviously wonders for your great-looking bum, so kudos to your for plowing through the workouts like it or not.

  17. Kelly -- yeah... is it Add-olph or Ay-dolph? I've heard both. Bit of trivia: Harpo Marx was born Adolph in the 1890s, but he later changed his name to Arthur, for obvious reasons.

  18. On names, I had a chemistry prof who put his name on the board. Crossfield. In German, it would be Crossfeldt. Oh, and his first name? Imagine you are on a troop train in WWII and your first name is: Adolf! Oops! Well, the guys took to calling him Al. He told us to NEVER call him Adolf. I don't know why he didn't change it.

  19. The reason Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic is REALLY simple. Slovakia became an independent country.

  20. David -- oh. Duh. You can tell I'm a bit geographically challenged, no?

  21. How wonderful to see Erica's most deserving bottom under the hairbrush. Goes to show, SOME things are still right with the world! (lol) Here's hoping this evening brings more--MUCH more!--of the same! WIll be staying tuned to find out for sure...

    Nothing has yet topped (word intentional) the strapping of a month or two ago. That will stand the test of time as a true classic, across all the categories: beautiful derriere, appropriate instrument of correction, repartee, and results.

  22. MB -- oh yes... much more this evening. :-)

    I am hoping we'll be shooting some more footage. SOMEONE needs to buy more videotape for his camera... HINT!

  23. Sometimes attributed to Thomas Jefferson is "I have nothing but contempt for anyone who can spell a word only one way."

  24. OBB -- well then, whoever it is would have had great admiration for K. Daffy.

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