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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let the clips begin

New Guy started sending me our scene in clips this evening. He asked me if I was OK, how I was doing today and how I felt watching the clips. I told him I was better than OK, and the clips make me very proud of both of us.

I thought about waiting until I had all the clips and then posting them all at once so I wouldn't leave people hanging, but guess what -- I can't wait. So I'm posting the first three tonight.

It doesn't get any more real than this, folks. This is a side of myself I normally don't show, and now I'm baring it for the masses. It's not my usual fun and sassy stuff. So if you choose not to watch, it's all right. But if you do, I hope it pushes the right buttons for you. You're not going to see anything gross or extreme, I promise. Just strict.

The first scene is the pre-spanking lecture:

And the spanking begins...

Spanking and scolding continue...

More soon -- stay tuned.


  1. Oh man... a totally different Erica we're seeing here! That man so adores you, and he shows that by expressing his disappointment in the way you handled your last encounter. The more I listened, the more I knew he was SO RIGHT. Being experienced and having good instincts as you and I do.. we sometimes forget we have less experienced people reading what we do in our blogs because those that usually comment are people that are long time in the scene, and many we know personally. NG made some VERY valid points.. and all of those points got ingratiated into your bottom. Yeee-ouch! But, alas.. it's supposed to ouch!

    I could tell the moment you let out that "Yes Sir".. that wasn't even asked for.. that all this started to resonate with you.

    Such a great lesson. (and on a side note.. "NG looks freakin HOT!").. okay.. this is serious.. so that's all the digressing I'm doing! ;-)

  2. I'm impressed. This is a real spanking, not one of those silly games one too often sees. I winced a few times.

  3. You have the most honest Blog around. An very intimate look at your life.

    I suppose that since so many read your Blog, that you must be a proponent of safety.

  4. From my perspective as a pro sub (or is that bottom in the USA?), I totally support one important aspect about your decision - your instinct. NG and others dismiss this, but your instinct told you the balance of risk.
    In my world you get little to go on before seeing a new visitor. But for me instinct has proved to be a powerful protector. Most of the gentlemen who visit me are regular callers, but I must see at least 25 guys a year who I do not know. Certainly, I refuse to see guys, where my instinct warned me not to, but in all the years I have been a pro sub there has never been what one would call a 'dangerous incident'.
    And... You have experienced something else, that special excitement when one does not know where the punishment is going. Tops who we get to know must become just a bit predictable, even NG. What a gentleman! While giving you a thrashing, he apologised for the high stroke.

  5. Hello my Erica i cried along with you when i watched this :-( I Love both side's of you, it's ok not to be bratty all the time,There are time's when we have to be serious and take a real punishment session, it's not just about spanking's for fun it's about real discipline as well :-) I can tell that NG care's about you VERY much, his scolding was EXCELLENT, I liked the way he explained why what you did was wrong and why he was spanking you, i know it made you think cause i sure did, and i wasn't the one getting spanked it was you. You took your spanking VERY well you are so brave. I would of cried my eye's out that strap must of really hurt OUCH. By the way NG looked so HOT :-) I am looking forward to your next clip's cause these were AWESOME. Your the GREATEST, I Love You, big hugs to you from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. I have to agree with NG , You were out of line , knew better and took a risk . Its wonderfull it worked out and that you have good instincts , however we all know those can be wrong . What I saw here was a erica that knew she had sound discipline comming and knew she deserved every bit of it. I would say that the lesson was learned and that mistake wont be made again anytime soon .

    My lil one has a ( 3 ) date rule , MINIMUM .

    She has broken that rule once and ended up much the same way , over a pillow pile and bawling .

    Safety first . If I were NG / John when this was over you would be posting a followup helping new ones to see and understand the danger of what you did . An "essay" post as it were .

    I will say that I saw a side of erica that I like and have more respect for now . :-)

  7. Erica,

    It was kind of hard for me to watch this, not because he was hitting you hard, but it was the whole tone. When he said it was not about you having other partners, but the safty issue, he was right. That is something that is important in this activity. There are tops out there who are, should I say, on the brutal side and want to "break you" as one idiot grabbed Pixie and said he was going to do to her. I hope you don't meet anyone who wants to try that with you.

    I am looking forward to the rest of the video and I am learning from it, too, so I am glad NG insisted you post it. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share with all of us. Thank you.

  8. Zelle -- when I invoke the "S" word without any sort of prompt, you know I'm in an altogether different head space.

    Uber-Tops demand titles and honorifics. Real tops -- real MEN -- simply earn them. :-)

    e.e. -- it was indeed real. What made it special for me was that it was strict without crossing over into brutal and battered territory, which I cannot stand.

    OBB -- thank you. I admit, I hadn't considered having any sort of influence on my readers. This is new for me, later in life... my words and actions really mattering. I grew up and spent my youth feeling rather inconsequential.

    NC -- wasn't that lovely? A kind word in the midst of the punishment lets everyone see that the top is a compassionate being, not a brutal automaton.

    I don't think anyone was dismissing my instincts, per se. I guess the point was that protocols are there for a reason, and the concern was born of caring. :-) I understand what you're saying, though. This is your work and you have to rely on your gut a lot of the time. Instinct IS valid. But caution has its place as well.

    Jade -- that was his mean belt, too! He has two -- the other one is wider and thinner, but this one is narrower and thick. (sniff)

    Alan -- thank you. When it's over, it's over. No essays. I think posting these clips will suffice nicely. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- I already have encountered the "breakers," unfortunately. It's almost inevitable if one spends a certain amount of time in this scene. However, they served their purpose -- they helped me hone my instincts further, and they made me appreciate the good men even more.

  9. Erica,
    I can so relate to the nervous smile at the beginning of a lecture...what I read in your body language is so familiar...your palms are sweaty, you think to yourself, oh he could not possibly be as disappointed in me as he seems, can't he see this is no big deal..and as the lecture goes on you realize just exactly how he sees it and your whole attitude, demeanor and perspective makes a sudden shift..
    You know, I considered when I read your posting about Villain just how your New Guy would take it..and as we can all see now..not well...indeed he does care for your safety and well being.
    Seeing these clips are actually interesting to me, as my mentor has recently suggested filming one of my discipline spankings as a sort of go to guide, a reminder...though I am uncertain it would help.
    By the way, you do have a lovely bum, love.
    And there are no words worse than "I am disappointed in you", are there?

  10. Emily -- those words hurt more than any implement, I think.

    I believe part of what made this video so real was the fact that I did NOT know he was going to film our scene. I was completely thrown when he walked in with the camera. If I'd known in advance, I would have been able to wrap my head around it first, and the results may have been different. Or not. But I'm glad he didn't tell me.

  11. You two are a gorgeous spanking duo.

    I have to admit although I believe in your judgement ability and never criticized your decision, NG's comment that you can influence your readers was stated so logically that he left no room for argument.

    Man, that hand spanking was a force to be reckoned with. I found out last week that sound bare bottom hand spankings can sting every bit as much as implements.

    My God, how you're able to stay in position is amazing. The hardest challenge for a bottom as far as I'm concerned is when the spanking gets more intense and the top says, "Stick that bottom out!" I WANT to do it both to please my top and to live up to the challenge. How hard was that for you? Were you tempted to reach back and rub?

  12. Thank you for sharing this, Erica. You're a very special woman for doing so.

  13. Wow, listening to that scolding made MY stomach flip. Lol. I feel for you. Watching this it is evident that he really cares for you and that is really nice to see. Thank you for sharing.

  14. NG is good. He is very good. And I watched only the first clip, the scolding. You are a fortunate girl, Erica. Hope you're feeling better. :-)


  15. Kelly -- I learned early on to keep my hands out of the way, because they can get clobbered. The only time I reach back is when I'm doing a shoot, because people like to see the hand getting pinned to the side. And yeah... holding position is a challenge, to put it mildly!

    Serving B -- (blush) Thank you.

    Lea -- did you see how squirmy I was? You should have seen him fixing me with the eye off camera... LOL!

    Devlin -- I feel great. :-) And yes, I am one heck of a fortunate girl.

  16. That was courageous and very helpful to post the videos and show the whole community your punishment. It's really a notch above most of what we see.

    While I take Naughty Catherine's point that instincts are critical to protect you, they are simply no substitute for going through the vetting process. It's so tempting to throw caution to the wind that even the best instincts will not always protect you. In fact, you said, "I already have encountered the 'breakers,' unfortunately." How did they get through your radar? Even with thorough research it's easy for it to go wrong.

    So, putting this up where people can see it helps enormously to remind everyone about this issue. I give you a lot of credit for doing that.

  17. Rich -- thank you. There are more clips to come, but I haven't gotten them yet. Soon, I hope.

    How did the bad guys get through my radar? Valid question. Believe it or not, these were men I played with DESPITE my gut telling me not to. Why? Various reasons... pressure at parties. A friend's boyfriend. All very different situations, but one thing in common: My instincts didn't fail me. I just didn't listen to them. Fortunately, I can count the bad scenes over 15 years on my two hands and have fingers left over. And I learned from all of them.

  18. Erica,

    I think it took a lot of guts to put this up for us to see even if NG wanted you to. I agree with Rich. It is very different from a lot of others. For one thing, you had a very caring man taking care of you in more ways than one and also I just know it will help others who are new and also some of the (sorry for the term lol) "old hats" who may think they have everything down pat. Nobody has that kind of knowledge.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  19. Powerful and poignant.

  20. Lorraine -- thank you. I just put up the remainder.

  21. Thank you for posting such a real video. I could almost feel those strokes along with you and I'm very impressed that you could stay in position so well. I was going to suggest my G watch but I think he smacks quite hard enough already :)

  22. TBG -- yes, I don't want to give the tops out there any ideas! :-)

  23. Erica,
    Thank you for sharing. As I was watching this very thorough spanking the only thing I could think about was the way NG says sorry. I was giggling and wincing all at the same time.

  24. DC -- trust me, that makes me giggle too. :-D

  25. Here I am - late again as usual! I was listening to the lecture with my head down I have to admit. Cringing - because I know that I do the most idiotic things at time - which seemed like not such a bad idea when I did them.

    And because I know that two of them are written down - and retribution is coming. Only in four months time - but when I get onto that plane to the UK for my visit - I am going to be so excited, but knowing full well, I have done something that he HATES.

    And I could hear myself in your voice - you KNOW that is was wrong, but still trying to justifiy with a heart that is sinking faster than a stone in water.

    That belt...(I truly hope he never reads these comments) - but a belt scares the living daylights out of me.

    Putting these clips up are very brave. Like so many has said before me, he really cares.

    Okay, and I had to admit - had a giggle at yourlib comment when he asked you whether you asked for it. Now that is something I would do...and suffer the same consequences that you did.

    Lots of hugs


  26. Raven -- you have four months to think about this? Oh, myyyyy.

    (smiling) I held back most of my smartass comments, believe me... but one or two had to slip through, of course!