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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


They are replacing the carpet in the apartment above me.

For the past 2 1/2 hours, there has been loud hammering, thudding and banging, so hard that it rattles my windows and echoes throughout my rooms. It sounds at times like the ceiling is going to cave in on me.

Any other day, I would be climbing the walls. I hate loud noises. I detest intrusions from the outside world into my peaceful abode. I'd be edgy, nervous, and angry.

But today is Tuesday. Today, I passively listen to it, let it roll off me, think "This too shall pass." The pleasant sting and burn in my hindquarters and the slow, syrupy flow of my blood keeps me in a calmer, accepting place.

Shortly, I will go out and run errands. When I come back, it will be blissfully quiet once again.

Forgot to mention this from last night: Throughout our session, NG kept asking me if this was doing me any good. Stubbornly, I refused to give him the answer he wanted.

But when it was over, when I could finally speak again, I looked into his face and said, "Yes." To his puzzled look, I added, "Yes, you do me lots and LOTS of good."

And see, it's lasting, too. :-)


  1. "Oblivion?" How about,
    Obli-dee, Obli-di, my, she's warm!
    La,la,la, her bottom's warm!!


  2. I'm glad you're still feeling wonderful!

  3. oh my god - roflmao... (snorts!) .. talk about suckin' up to your TOP! First you go from waxing poetic... "slow, syrupy flow of my blood"... to the sugary sweet words that couldn't drip any slower off your chin had you been gettin' ready to make maple syrup as you so eloquently and subliminally just sucked up to NG - so you have tons of reserves for when you need it when he arrives next Monday to tan your "hindquarters" .. (HINDQUARTERS? What are ya prime beef now!)

    God I love a good RUN-ON sentence! lololol

  4. Hello my Erica i hate lot's of loud noise and sound's too. i am happy that your having a good day :-) and Zelle you are so freakin funny hehehe LOL. on this lovely day I hope you treated yourself to some ice cream or frozen yogurt with lot's of YUMMY chocolate on top with some chocolate chip's, damn me talking about this make's me want one hehehe i am such a naughty girl :-) i Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. Dave -- hey, birthday boy! Indeed it is. :-D

    Beth -- I am... and now it's blessedly quiet here. Nap time!

    Zelle -- oh, sucking up, my foot. :-Þ I give that man more noise and sass when he's here; gotta make sure I say something nice once in a while, don't I? (grinning)

    Jade -- no yogurt today; I was too cold. But soon!

  6. Hmmm. Warmth and then some. Nice if the warmth goes with quiet. I don't like a lot of noise either. When my late DH was on O2, we had the concentrator going and he would have the TV on loud enough for him to hear it. Yep. Noise city. I would still rather have him and the noise than be without him.

    But banging and crashing? Eh! Glad you have peace and quiet again.

  7. Bobbie Jo -- yeah, it was quite the racket. And I HATE the waiting and wondering if I'm going to have a quiet new neighbor. But the manager likes me, so I know he'll try his best. :-)

  8. Hi Erica,

    Sorry to hear about all that damn noise above you. It would drive me crazy too!

    And, yes, spankings have a way of making us feel better. Isn't that strange?

    Anyway, have a good time with your errands!

  9. AP -- errands were routine and tedious stuff, but they got me out of the racket! :-) All is lovely and quiet now.

  10. It is great when a manager likes you. That helps. I hope the new people will be quiet, nice neighbors.

  11. Oh, nothing makes a girl feel calmer than warm "hindquarters". (BTW, I admire your use of that boring is it to always say bottom or cheeks or butt or ass? I want to make words up now.)

  12. You do have my sympathy with the noice factor. I swear I live next to the loudest household in South Africa.

    Normally the sound of kids voices do not bother me at all, it is actually nice, but every morning at about 6, my neighbour sets his kids free - to wake up the whole neighbourhood, including weekends.

    Currently we are not on speaking terms though, Monday was a public holiday in SA, and after listening to his kids yelling "Daddyyyy!!" for about 5 minutes shortly after 6 in the morning, I made a phone call, and did ask him rather politely if he could please ANSWER his kids, and also offered him a number of a good shop selling hearing aids.

    Have to add though, the silence currently reigning is absolutely wonderful.



  13. Pink -- (giggling) I'm not sure what possessed me to use that word today. Perhaps I was indeed waxing poetic!

    Raven -- oh, gawd. I'm sorry. I have had my share of Neighbors From Hell over the years, so I understand!

  14. Probably NG moving in upstairs so he can keep you on a shorter leash . ;-)

  15. Alan -- HA! Well, that would be convenient, wouldn't it... :-D

  16. Erica becomes philosophical with a hint of Zen. I am trying to imagine a retreat run by you and NG. Hmmmmm. ;)

  17. Poppy -- there would be no retreating from his hand, certainly! :-)

  18. No, but there will be retreating from everything else right into his hand! LOL

  19. The noise would not have been conducive to me accepting a spanking very well.
    It would do the opposite for me.
    I need silence. Just our own sounds.
    Your so lucky you have an escape like that from the tortures of the noise.

  20. Miranda -- well, all that racket didn't happen during the spanking, thank goodness. It was the next day. I was just so damn relaxed from the spanking, though, that I didn't care! :-D