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Monday, March 14, 2011

Madame Sophia was right

Who the hell is Madame Sophia? Beats me (no pun intended). All I know is I got email from New Guy this morning, saying that Madame Sophia looked into her crystal ball and saw my future -- a lot of red, many tears, and retribution for naughtiness. Oh, and I owed her $50.

Oh, puh-leeeze. Why should I pay $50 for information I already knew? :-)

But... tears? Was I going to go there? I didn't feel like I needed to, really. Nothing was weighing heavily on me. But I knew I wanted to play hard.

So I dressed in clothing that fairly screamed "SPANK ME!": cherry-red capris and red-and-white panties with red lace trim. Red clothing to tops is like a red flag to a bull. They feel challenged by it, driven to match the color (or at least come close).

I don't know why I bother, though. With NG, my bottom doesn't stay clothed very long. But at least he noticed my sartorial selections and complimented them.

I didn't stay OTK very long, either. He kept talking about getting his point across -- what point, I asked. He said he didn't know, but he had one. (oh, brother) A few minutes later, he asked, "So, am I getting my non-existent point across?" I giggled.

"Oh, you have a point, all right."


"Yeah, it's on top of your head."

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, it was off to the ottoman.

Still didn't feel any tears coming, though. He pulled out all the usual artillery (although I noticed he was wearing a different belt this time, and that one stung much more fiercely than the one he's used before), and slowly ramped things up, building up to harder and faster flurries. Spankees, ever find yourself shrieking in protest, and yet raising your bottom up for more even as you scream? That was me. And he delivered. Until he stopped.

Something happened that has occurred a couple of times before with other tops, and I have no idea how. There was no cut, no break in my skin. And yet, a drop of blood welled up, in the right-hand sweet spot. He blotted it off and commented on it.

Oh nooooo, I thought. Is he going to stop? I don't want him to stop!

"I'll make sure to avoid this spot," he said, as if he'd read my mind. "But I'm not going to avoid all the others. Am I?" I knew he was checking in for my OK to continue. "No, you are not," I assured him.

My attitude shifted after that; I was in a more vulnerable state. He picked up on it, and his demeanor changed as well -- he went right into strict mode. He scolded more, struck harder. And suddenly, there they were... tears. I was weeping out loud, and I still didn't want him to stop. "You're getting just what you need and deserve. Aren't you!" he said. "Yes," I sobbed, "yes, yes, yes!"

I cried all the way through the rest of the strapping and the 15 final strokes with the paddle. It took me a long time to come down this time, and he was patient and kind, soothing me with lotion and bringing me tissues. Whispering that I did really well. I felt light and clean and very, very safe.

Finally, I was ready to get up, so I pushed myself backwards onto my feet. I started to stand... "Don't move! Hold that."

Fortunately, he did let me stand back up after he got the shot. Such benevolence. :-)

When it was time for him to leave, I looked around; my living room looked like a war zone with all his implements strewn everywhere. And of course, as he picked up his weaponry, he said he had to make sure, before he packed them away, that they were "still working."


Resigned, I leaned up against the counter and he yanked my panties back down. One by one as he put each toy away, he gave me a few smacks with it. "Yup, that still works." "Yeah, that seems to be in order." "OK, still functioning."

You can tell what I thought of this.

But I kept my lip zipped. I'd already earned a quick but ferocious Round Two earlier by calling him a moron. I may be a brat, but I ain't no stupid brat. :-)

I really didn't know I needed to cry. But I guess Madame Sophia knew.

Amazing how it just keeps getting better...


  1. Hello my Erica i am still awake so i thought i would comment now :-) your pic's are VERY COOL, the last pic made me laugh hehehe. I MAY BE A BRAT BUT I AIN'T NO STUPID BRAT, HEHEHE YOU GO GIRL i totally agree and well put. i think i need to ask Madame Sophia if there is a spanking in my future i sure the hell hope so :-) i wrote you space is acting up so i hope you got my email. I have cried tear's before when i got spanked, when my mom used the belt on me the first time it was VERY stingy but then i liked the feel of it. I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  2. You may have better luck with an-
    "8 Ball"..

    Madam Sophia-->snorts! LOL

  3. I've had that strange thing happen too, with a small, mysterious drop of blood. Unfortunately, D stops altogether when that happens. He takes the "no blood" boundary very literally. :P

    That Madame Sophia is a smart woman. Looks like you owe her 50 bucks.

  4. Erica,

    Once when my therapist (he violated client/therapist boundaries) spanked me, he drew a small drop of blood. I wasn't marked either. But it stopped me dead in my tracks and that was the end of any spanking from him. Kind of scared me.

    I love the last picture!! So typically Erica. LOL Was it really that hard to keep your mouth shut? ;-D

  5. Hi Erica...Just passing through Model Mayhem I found your profile, and that led me here. And I just had to let you know that I think you're very beautiful. Have a great life and many happy spankings, and thanks for helping to beautify the world.

  6. Jade -- I did get your MySpace message, hon. I answered it kinda late, so I hope you got it.

    Zelle -- ROFLMAO! Oh, you are too much!

    Pink -- yeah, it's happened two or three times to me before, no reason whatsoever, no break in the skin. I know he would have stopped if I asked him to, but he very carefully avoided that spot from then on! :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- that therapist needs to be horsewhipped, to be blunt. Yes, it's pretty hard for me to shut up, even though I know better. But he reallllllly let me have it after the "moron" crack, so I knew I'd better zip it! :-)

    Anonymous -- how very sweet of you; thank you! :-D My profile JUST got approved there late yesterday. I'm amazed at the flood of messages I'm getting. Must be newbie syndrome, I guess!

  7. Hm, what? Oh, sorry, now I'll have to go back and read this again to comment, because while my eyes were still traveling down the page, I was still thinking of Erica in cherry-red capris and red and white panties.

    OK, there we go! Y'know, that's actually a pretty good idea, checking the equipment post-use, given your reputation for wear-and-tear on valuable sporting goods. I'm surprised nobody else has thought of it before!

    But all seriousness aside, NG's communication skills are very impressive!

    Thanks again for sharing the evening!!

  8. Dave -- "valuable sporting goods"?? Le snort.

    Yeah... he reads me well. I'm in the best of hands, lucky me. :-)

  9. "Red clothing to tops is like a red flag to a bull."

    ROFL! Oh my god, I'm crying here. Thanks for another entertaining post. :-)

  10. Lea -- it's true, you know! "I'm going to spank you until your bottom is as red as your dress/shirt/panties/umbrella/whatever the hell is around that's red." I'm telling you, it's their personal challenge. :-D

  11. I am so happy for you, I know just how that kind of need feels and I am glad that NG is the kind of guy that steps up to the plate.
    I bet you slept super well that night.
    (I am a teeny bit jealous. I hope I may be forgiven for that.)

  12. Poppy -- of course you may. And yes, I slept as if I'd been drugged.

    Thanks for dropping by -- I've gotten so (relatively) few comments on this entry, I was afraid I'd freaked people out!

  13. It is a silly busy time methinks. We have less comments too at the moment.

  14. Erica,

    Just so you know, you didn't freak me out. :-) I have been busy the last few days and I did a real "wing-ding" on myself on Sunday. Turned my ankle and if there had been a video of me keeping from falling, it would have been hilarious. Went to the chiros today (yes I have two)and got put back together.

    I am glad you have a top that reads you so well. NG just seems to know what you need and that is great for both of you because you both have fun.

    You know it was trying to snow a while ago? Then it hailed and now it is sleeting. Imagine. Rain, hail, snow, and sleet all in lest than an hour. Sheesh!

  15. Congrats on this blog being CHROSS'd Erica!

  16. Zelle -- woohooo! Thanks! :-)