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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For those who were wondering...

...why I was taking boudoir photos -- the answer is on Devlin O'Neill's current blog, right here. Yes, my friend and one-time co-star has written another book, and he asked yours truly to model for the cover art.

No sarcasm here -- I was truly honored. I mean, let's be honest, shall we? It is not every day that a 53-year-old woman is asked to pose for the cover of an erotic novel. Considering that his novel before this one (I think?) had a cover photo of this gorgeous girl we all know, I took his request as a high compliment indeed and told him I'd do my very best to create what he envisioned. I also told him that if what I sent him didn't quite fill the bill, then please, please go with someone else; I would take no offense. It was his book and he had the right to have it exactly the way he wanted. Devlin graciously assured me that I'd be perfect. (blushing)

So I recruited both John and New Guy to help me. When I was at John's last weekend, we took some shots in his bedroom in front of the window. As NG and I had done on Monday, John and I experimented with lighting, flash, candles, etc. We took it seriously, but had fun with it too.

Then last Monday, as you already know, I had NG shoot some photos in my own bedroom. I figured it would be a good idea to have two different scenarios and two different nighties. After I had a nice set from each shoot, I sent Devlin everything and hoped for the best. He and Poppy both wrote to me, full of lovely compliments, and he said it was down to a choice between one of John's and one of NG's. Ultimately, they went with John's. Blogger isn't letting me upload the cover file (it's a .tif file and they only allow .jpg, .gif and .png), so here's the original photo:

By the way, John really enjoyed doing the shoot... especially after I did this:

Oh, come on. Can't a girl flash her own boyfriend? The fact that he chose to snap a photo of it is his bad, certainly not mine. :-D

(Isn't that sticker a hoot? I found it in a photo-enhancing program called Picnik.)

So thank you, Devlin. And thank you, Poppy, for the beautiful cover design. I am really so tickled by this! I wish you smashing success with the book sales.

And of course, thanks to John and NG for all their help. You guys are the bestest! :-)


  1. Hi Erica,

    The first photo is pensive, moody, and mysterious; it causes me to wonder why the young woman is searching the city skyline for what? Love, a brief glimpse of herself, a lost moment in time, a vague memory of a distant romance now almost forgotten?

    The second photo...well...let's just say it's a tad overexposed!

    You're 53? I had you pegged for about thrity-eightish or something? Wow you look good, my dear!

  2. Beautiful shot Erica!
    It so thought provoking because it's so evocative!!

    That second shot.. is what makes me wanna kick the snot outta producers that only want 20-somethings for their spanking videos.. (good lord.. give me a break!)

  3. I love the photo that was chosen! Oh, and I definitely agree with the above comment about how great you look!

  4. Hello my Erica YAY WAY TO GO GIRL. I am so happy for you this is AWESOME LOL :-) I agree you look GREAT. the pics are VERY COOL. the heart sticker is so funny hehehe. i think you should be on the cover of every spanking magazine and book, YOU ROCK :-) LOL and BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  5. AP -- and here I thought I tastefully covered up the overexposure! :-D. Thirty-eightish? Thank you VERY much indeed!

    Zelle -- yeah, whaddayagonna do. (shrugging) Such is life. But I'm not done yet, dammit. :-)

    LB -- (beaming) Thanks!

    Jade -- EVERY book? No, honey, that would get boring. But thank you. :-)

  6. A great choice for Devs book cover. I love the pictures Erica, your look fantastic so damn gorgeous.


  7. I think you're watching and waiting for someone to come home, and you know you're in trouble. It's the romantic in me. ;-)

    Thanks again, Erica.

  8. Hooray for Erica!

    You needn't use the phrase "53-year-old woman" because elegance is timeless. This is a truly magnificent photo. It shows just a little but says quite a lot. It's worth far more than the proverbial thousand words.

    Big hugs,

  9. You may be 53 but you have the body of a 23 year old. Still beautiful. xoxo

  10. Erica, lovely photos! Now that the secret's out I hope you'll share some more of the runners up :)

  11. Erica, what a lovely photo of a woman who is lovely, both inside and out. John outdid himself!


  12. Erica, what a lovely photo of a truly lovely woman. As Annapurna and Zelle have already said, it is pensive and evocative, and really sets a mood. John did a great job - made all the easier with such a beautiful model - and no surprise Dev and Poppy are so happy with the results. Would it be possible to see some of the shots NG took? Since he worked so hard on it perhaps we could get a peek at his work.

    Oh, and LOVE the cheeky flash photo. So typical Erica. :)

  13. I think you are looking out of the window and dreaming. I think you are hoping.
    You are stunning- sheesh, just once, just briefly to look like you.
    Thank you so, so much. Dev and I have both been giddy with excitement about you agreeing to do this.

  14. Ronnie -- thank you! :-)

    Devlin -- others are saying that they get the same image, so I guess your vision is shared!

    Bonnie -- well, you know, I said it as kind of a reality check. In our youth-crazed society, most women my age simply don't get to do this stuff. I have to pinch myself sometimes. :-)

    I loved the "elegance with attitude" comment you made on Dev's blog. Thank you!

    OFG -- LOL... John says 25; I'll have to tell him someone thinks even younger!

    Em -- I had a hard time keeping quiet about this, believe me! But I wanted Dev to have the first announcement.

    Hermione -- John claims he doesn't have a good eye for these things, but I beg to differ! :-)

    Michael -- you're so sweet. Actually, one of NG's shots is on Monday's blog, up at the top. He did a very good job.

    Poppy -- you are so welcome; you both sent my ego soaring, you know. :-)

  15. I love your perfectly pouting puckered peaches! ;)

  16. Kat -- ROFLMAO! Yup, just when I'd forgotten about that FetLife moron, you resurrected him...

  17. Erica,

    I have to say I like that picture very much. It has a "longing" flavor to it and evokes a somewhat forboding mood, also. "He's coming, and I don't know what to do. Just waiting." You are in very good shape, lady! Good for you!

  18. Bobbie Jo -- thanks! I guess working out has its benefits, no matter how much I hate it. :-)

  19. Living proof that spanking websites with age limits are losing some beautiful potential models.

  20. Kelly -- too bad they don't make glasses for short-sightedness. :-)

  21. They did a fantastic job, Erica. And you, of course, look gorgeous. Congratulations on the honor! I'm sure that combined with Devlin's writing prowess, your photo will certainly boost sales. :)

  22. Pink -- thanks! That's what I'm hoping for. :-)

  23. Damn those stickers are always right in the wrong place !!!
    Or is it " Wrong in the right place "

    I have to agree , you look great !

  24. Erica,

    I actually love to work out. I was doing very well at the gym on a regular basis until I got waylaid by a PE. No exercise for six months! ARG! As soon as my doctor told me I coud go to the river, I was off and running. Problem was, I have not been able to get back to the gym regularly since. I keep thinking about it and maybe I just need a little incentive. Think so? LOL

  25. Erica motivated me to work out more with that picture.
    Sadly, I also need a big strong man to come and go through my fridge and kitchen to get all the sugar and bad fats out.

  26. Off topic...but I hope you are presently safe and dry with the tsunami headed to the West Coast.

  27. Alan -- thanks. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- my incentive is my boundless vanity. (sigh)

    Poppy -- guess what? I LOVE sugar! No one takes my chocolate away. But I admit, I don't eat the fats. No cheese, no butter, no mayo, no fried stuff. But I don't like any of that anyway.

    Kelly -- not to worry. The beaches here are closed, but I don't live anywhere near them and neither does John. What a horrible thing.

  28. Breathtaking. Evocative. Sensual. The cover photo appeals to all the senses, in some strange and wonderful way; you can feel the night air, hear the quiet sounds of the dark, and smell subtle fragrances. The figure of the woman makes you want to know her.

    Then suddenly the second photo and WHATTHA, Hoooooley Moley, ROFL WaHOO!

    A splendid job. Browsers will come screeching to a halt at this cover and should win Dev any number of new fans!

    And if you buy FIVE O'Neill books, the bonus is the second photo with the peel-off sticker??
    Well, okay, just a thought...

  29. It is a stunning photo, Erica! Love the book cover, between you, NG, John, Dev and Poppy - you are a formidable team!



  30. Raven -- and here I thought I was a lousy team player! :-D

  31. Dave -- oops, missed you! ROFL on your "bonus" idea... but noooo, I don't think so!