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Monday, March 7, 2011

Belting in the boudoir

New Guy's visit this evening had two purposes. Besides the usual, I had recruited him for a favor: to take some artsy, shadowy boudoir photos with me in a filmy nightie. Why? I'm not telling -- it's a surprise. :-)  You'll find out soon.

So we experimented with the lights, candles, flash, no flash, and he snapped away.

Kinda neat, huh? When we were done, I was ready to put my regular clothes back on, but for some reason, he said nooooo, I was fine just the way I was. And since I wasn't wearing any panties, warmup sort of fell by the wayside.

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, I had no pain tolerance? Tonight was just the opposite -- I was insatiable. Fortunately, he never seems to get tired of spanking me, so when I'm in that mode, things work out very well.

He was strict, though. I could not get away with anything tonight. Even sounds. "What was that??" "Nothing! I just grumbled." "Well, don't. No grumbling allowed."

So I tried to stay quiet, but another sound escaped after he started up with the strap. "That sounded like whining! No whining either; that's as bad as grumbling!"

Oh, come on. I started to protest, but he cut me off. "No grumbling, no whining, and no complaining!"

I couldn't help myself. "And no breathing, and no thinking..."

WHACK!!! "And no smart-ass remarks, either! Do you understand?" Uh... yeah, I kinda saw it his way after a while.

He pushed me off his lap. "Get on the bed, on your hands and knees." Strapping/belting position... aaaggggh. And John was watching!

Lennon, that is. :-)

I wasn't allowed to lie on the pillows until after a long strapping, and I had to count the last 15 and say, "I will not grumble."

He asked if that got through to me -- I answered, "Well, it's starting to." Clearly, we weren't done yet.

More with the strap, his belt, the tawse, and then 10 with the paddle. Then we were done.

Well, for a little while, anyway. We had Round 2 a little later. :-) That went on for a fair amount of time, until he really let me have it, giving me a flurry that nearly sent me through the ceiling. As I struggled to regain some composure, I gasped, "That was intense!" He snuggled close to me and whispered into my neck, "Was it good intense?"

And I whispered back, "Yes, you bastard."

I never learn. Told you I was insatiable. :-D

But very, very happy.

Dramas and traumas are banished once again. I have one of the bestest tops in the world.


  1. Wow! That's a sexy photo!

    I'm glad you got a spanking that helped clear your mind, even if it's only for a little while -- although hopefully longer! I think it's great that you and New Guy are so compatible. Your play always seems so much fun.

    Can't wait to find out what "surprise" you have in store!

    Btw, somewhat irrelevant -- but it's a bizarre experience to see my behind staring back at me from your links section. :P

  2. >> I was ready to put my regular clothes back on, but for some reason, he said nooooo, I was fine just the way I was. <<

    Well duh! Change from that slinky boudoir ensemble into more coverage?? NOT! He's a smart Top too! (heehee)

    I'm glad you got to ride the highs and lows of that "no grumbling, whining, complaining, smart assed remarks" roller coaster!

    More than a "guitar gently weeps" when you two "come together" for a meeting of the minds. You seem to have had the "ticket to ride!" a long time tonight! I do enjoy reading about how you "shake it up baby, and.. twist and shout"! And how he only leaves you able TO say.. "Obla Di Obla Da"!

    You're such a Mon"Day Tripper"! LOL

  3. Erica,

    I figured last night would be a good night for you. Both you and NG had fun. That is what it is all about to me...having fun. The fun times help us in sooooo many ways.

  4. Beth -- yeah, how about that photo of yours! (grinning) New Guy and I do have fun -- we laugh a lot.

    Zelle -- yes, and It Won't Be Long until next Monday. Meanwhile, on Tuesdays, I Feel Fine. ;-)

    Bobbie Jo -- the fun times do make up for a lot. One needs balance.

  5. Yes indeed, I'm liking the top picture (taken by the top)with its sexy lighting, and the following pictures of the sexy lit bottom.

    (Proving, Zelle, tht if you got a back beat, you can't lose it!)

    Many thanks!!

  6. Dave -- any ol' time you use it! Thanks, darlin'. :-)

  7. Hello my Erica i agree the first pic is VERY sexy and the other pics are COOL as well :-) i am happy that you and NG had fun you deserve all the good things life has to offer and more :-)I can't wait to see what surprise you have for all of us i bet it's AWESOME. i laughed so hard when you whispered YES YOU BASTARD hehehe your so funny. LOL and BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  8. Jade -- :-) Glad you enjoyed!

  9. Erica,


    I'm glad to see and hear that the "Iron Maiden" is back! (And I don't mean the rock group or the torture rack of old. Actually, I don't know what I mean, so just go with it!)

    I really loved the "Yes, you bastard" part. Nice touch! Ya gotta keep NG on his toes and you on your stomach? (Somehow that didn't come out quite right!)

    So what's the big secrete with the artsy, shadowy boudoir pics? I'm dying of curiosity! Show us the candle photos; they had to be romantic, perhaps in a painful way? You're not into wax dripping, are you? That can be hot for some!

  10. AP -- nooooo, no wax for me. The candles were for background lighting only. I took some at John's house too. All I will say is the photos were for someone else ... and I will let that person tell when they're ready. :-)

  11. Nearly ready. And thanks. ;-) (I'm delighted with how the session went, by the way.)

  12. It's ready, and it looks terrific. Go for it.

  13. Erica, you give sexy a whole new meaning! Your picture on the cover of Dev's new book is seductive and slinky and suggestive...just like you!

  14. Oh, super sexy photo, Erica!

    I just love the chemistry between you and Craig. (And I covet that strap in the picture.)

    You're on a book cover?! Awesome! I'm going to go take a peek.



  15. Dev -- Done! :-D

    Scarlet -- thank you so much! That's very sweet of you.

    Pink -- thanks, sweetie! I do believe you meant New Guy, although Craig and I had wonderful chemistry as well. :-D Yup, I'm on the cover of Devlin's new book!

  16. This got Chrossed!
    I think Chross has excellent taste.

  17. Poppy -- he does indeed, 'cause he Chrossed you too! :-)

  18. Finally, have some time to read blogs again. Loved this post, and congratulations on being Chrossed!



  19. Raven -- thanks, and you too! :-)