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Friday, March 18, 2011

The best of intentions...

I had plans for today, I really did. I was going to take a test a potential client sent me, do some editing, some odds and ends around here before I left for the weekend, etc. Yesterday I'd been a busy bee, not stopping until 11:00 PM, so I figured I'd continue the trend today.

Then the most profound fatigue struck me.

I was so drowsy, I couldn't think. I couldn't move. I didn't even want to sit up at the computer. So I went to lie down. And of course, I fell asleep.

So much for my productive afternoon. Meh. I hate it when that happens.

Oh well. Still managed to get the most important things done today and I got Chrossed to boot, so it wasn't a complete waste. :-)  Congratulations to everyone who was listed today.

On my mind... y'know, I'm well aware that anything posted on the Internet is available for the taking. I know people assume that risk anytime they hit "Submit" with their photo files. But I'd still like to think (perhaps naive on my part?) that there's enough mutual respect out there that if you "borrow" a picture of someone else, you'll credit them. Personally, I find it flattering if anyone likes my pictures enough to use them. But I like them to say where they found it.

Just today, I discovered a guy's profile on FetLife with 50-odd pictures of women's red/spanked bottoms. He didn't credit any of them, just captioned them with stuff like, "Want this? Contact me!" One of the photos was mine. I don't know this man from a hole in the wall.

Then, I saw a beautiful photo on a blog site, with a woman describing the adventure she had that led to said photo. Only... that's not her. I know it isn't. Because it's a photo of a good friend of mine, from a few years back -- she's no longer in the industry. It's quite the stunning picture and I've seen it posted around in several places. But I've never seen anyone else claim it as their own. That upsets me. But no, I'm not going to say anything. It's not my picture, and it's not my place.

Come on, people. We all know better than to do stuff like this, right? :-( 

Enough of that. On the positive side, Part 2 of "Nutless" is up on the Northern Spanking site. Oh, and it's going to rain this weekend! (Yes, I know, I'm certifiable. But you know how I love rain.)

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Erica,

    Do you like snow? I have about 6" of it right now! 6" in 3 1/2 hours. I wonder how much I will have by morning. :-) I like rain, too, sometimes.

  2. Oh Erica! You know the rain falls mainly on the plain.. not on your parade! (grinz)

    Okay.. my sides hurts! YOUR FAULT! LOL .. As I just watched part 2 of "Nutless".. and once again was rollin' on the floor at your witty repartee with Stephen. He damn sure held his own with the zingers right back atcha too! Can't wait until part 3 goes up! That part your playing is one Stephen should have gotten you! ROFLMAO!!!!

    ...damn you're funny as hell! Not to mention, you look great at the same time!

  3. Sleep is a most beautiful luxury these days. I just finished approx 10 hrs straight as opposed to my usual 5 1/2 per night.

    As for non crediting photos...about a year ago is when I first explored internet websites for spanking partners, videos, etc. For now my main spanker partner preference is with another female. I quickly established some contacts and one certifiable fruitcake sent me a pic (at the time I didn't recognize the spankee)who turned out to be a VERY well known spanking producer from the CA area. This whack job described "her sub" as a young college aged woman. The pose was shot with her facing a corner so guessing age range was not possible.
    She also emailed a pic stolen from another VERY well known CA female spanking producer's website "preparing" me for the type of spanking she had in mind for me.

    It's always great to stop by here because at least we know we'll always get the truth...and nothing BUTT the truth... :)

  4. Bobbie Jo -- I have no experience with snow, except when I went to CT. I think I prefer rain.

    Zelle -- thank you, darlin'. Stephen and I are a good match, aren't we! He actually had ME speechless a couple of times. :-D

    Kelly -- yes, you'll get a lot of craziness here, but absolutely the truth, for sure! :-)

  5. Erica.. I just found out Stephen and our other buddy on FET -> "KrampusUK" are coming to BBW with my buddy from Ireland "Cailin" (Colleen)!

  6. Zelle -- **SOB** Not fair not fair NOT FAIR! Dammit! I wanna go!

  7. If you fly in.. I'll pick ya up.. and even let ya room with me! Now there's incentive!

  8. Hello my Erica i am VERY sorry for missing your blog on friday :-( i really must have had alot on my mind to miss it, i NEVER miss it. i agree with you that the model's in the pic's should get the credit not anyone else that's not fair. YOUR THE GREATEST LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  9. Oopsie...I commented on that photo. I couldn't keep quiet. Just read your post and am now wondering if I was wrong to do so.

    Am I a bitch?

    Maybe, sometimes. I guess I like being one when it's called for. Horrendous to take credit for something that's not yours.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  10. This seems to happen to you every now and then. WTF? What is it with people thinking they can appropriate whatever they please and create the illusion (if not outright lie) that it's their own content?

  11. I don't think you would care much for snow, then. It is fun, sometimes, but other times it is a pain. I got 9 1/2" and a lot of it is gone already because it is raining. I will say it can be beautiful when it is falling, especially the big flakes.

    They were talking about the "Supermoon" and we didn't get to see it. I did see one such moon up here and it was absolutley beautiful. There was snow on the ground and the moon was so bright you could almost read by it. I got up to see it at midnight and the sight was awesome.

  12. Zelle -- honey, I appreciate the thought, but that doesn't help John. :-) The flights are expensive for the two of us AND there's the party tickets too. But it's moot anyway... the party is sold out! (sigh)

    Jade -- you didn't miss it; you read it now! :-)

    Pink -- are you a bitch? No! I can't blame you. It's really not right.

    Craig -- damned if I know. I don't get it. They'll fool some, certainly. But others will know.

    Bobbie Jo -- we saw a little of the super moon on Friday. But by last night, the clouds covered it up.