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Sunday, November 2, 2014


It's been 10 days. I'm still nowhere near ready for a full-face picture -- I'm still swollen as hell, my neck is a mess and the right side of my face is still lopsided. And I can't do a freaking thing with my hair. I still have stitches behind my ears and up into the hairline, and it's pretty awkward trying to style one's hair when one's scalp is partially numb.


I'm sleeping remarkably well, considering I hate sleeping on my back and I can't use my earplugs. I haven't taken any Advil today and my appetite is much better. And I have my first "after" picture for you.

This is a crappy selfie with the camera in reverse mode, which makes for truly awful photo quality. But you can still get a general idea.

With this, all I altered was the exposure and color a bit, but no touching up of wrinkling or softening or anything else. Notice at rest, my mouth is now straight across. Of course, I'm still hugely swollen, so that will relax after a bit.

Still, in case you need a refresher, here's a similar shot from just a week ago:


This coming Wednesday, all stitches come out. I've been told that I will be "presentable" in about a month. John and I went out for lunch yesterday, but I wore sunglasses and a hoodie. 

I know I'm feeling a bit better. Before I got into the shower this morning, John gave me one quick swat. My reaction? Not "ow," not "don't." I blurted "yes" and stuck my butt out for more. He looked at me, a bit surprised, and gave me a few more. "Harder," I said. "You're bad! You're not supposed to be doing this yet," he scolded. "Get in the shower." Damn... Maybe I'll get Steve to give me a few next time he comes to visit. I can't go OTK or lie face down, but we can improvise. 

John was soooo good to me this weekend; again, he bought me wonderful treats and spent time with me, fussing over me and being very sweet. Kinda hated to see him go home, but he had things to do. 

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! 


  1. Looking good Erica! I'm so glad you're happy. Actually the swelling makes you look round-cheeked and youthful :) Can't wait to hear that you're all healed up and comfy again!

  2. Nice pic! If that's only ten days out, once things settle down all the way you're going to look amazing!

  3. Looks good. All the best for a speedy recovery.

  4. Pandora -- thanks, lovie! Yes, I can't wait to tell you guys that I'm all back to normal.

    Jen -- oh gawd, I sure hope so. :-)

    Chief -- thanks!

  5. You've always look beautiful to me. Glad this will help you see it too!


  6. otkd -- aw, you're so sweet. Miss you!

  7. Wow. I'm wanting to write something else, but wow. I love the smooth contours of your face, chin, and neck. Now when we do see frowning we know that a rant is coming!! Continued speedy healing to you.


    p.s. Wow!

  8. This looks like a success story.

    Halloween was fun but for rare Saturday night in, I was disappointed the TV stations abandoned the movies right after the 31st. :(

  9. Pam -- welllllll... I have a feeling my face might settle back down a little, once the swelling is gone. But I'm so happy to not see that damned wattle anymore. :-)

    Kelly -- Saturday night TV, as a general rule, kinda sucks. John and I were watching repeats of Big Bang Theory. Although I did find a nice documentary on the career of Robin Williams on PBS.

  10. You look great, Erica. You're very brave for going through with the surgery and I hope you'll be back in action soon.

  11. Anonymous -- me too! Thank you.

  12. Hi Erica -- That pic looks AWESOME :-) I will be happy when you are completely healed.You are always beautiful and amazing.You are NOT a BITCH face :-( My dad's girlfriend is though LOL :-) You go girl for still wanting to get spanked, I would too.John is so sweet :-) Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean

  13. Jade -- yes, he really, really is. ♥ And yes, I looked pretty bitchy when I wasn't smiling! But not anymore. :-)

  14. Steps forward!
    You may have to get used to novel responses to your smile ;-)) LOL

  15. Erica, what a difference! You are even more beautiful than before! Glad to hear your spanking mojo is back.


  16. Wow. Looking good! Glad you are feeling more like yourself.

  17. I have resting bitch face I think. At least I do when I'm mad... Wow, I am so out of the loop! I didn't even know you had done this and can I say the after looks AMAZING? Although I don't think that was a true before!! I always thought you pretty :) I hope you heal up fast and aren't in pain.

  18. MrJ -- right now, I can't smile very much; my face is swollen and it won't move! But I'm hoping to get my big grin back soon.

    Hermione -- it's back, but there's little I can do about it right now! (sigh)

    Kyrel -- thank you. :-)

    KB -- getting there.

    Natasha -- I'm not really in pain; more discomfort. Everything is swollen and tight. The stitches still hurt, but I'm getting those out Wednesday. :-)

  19. :-) I thought you looked beautiful before and now you look even more gorgeous, Erica! I'm glad your recovery is going well.

  20. Jay -- thanks, sweetie. I will be so happy to get all those stitches out. After that, maybe I can finally do something with my hair!


  21. Very lovely! You're looking better and better, and I'm delighted to hear you're feeling so much better! I betcha all the tourists were trying to figure out who was the sunglasses-and-hoodie celebrity.

  22. Your candidness is a challenge and a goal for all of us - well, at least for me. While I refuse to accept your self-definition in the "before" picture, the after is positively great. aka Jon

  23. Wow! I can't believe that's you so soon after surgery! YS and I are both wishing you a speedy recovery. <3

  24. Wolfie -- nahhhh... it was mostly kids there for Saturday lunch with the parents. Noisy, but oblivious. :-)

    Jon -- well, ya know, I didn't make up the term "resting bitch face," but when I saw it, I had to admit it was wonderfully accurate! :-)

    Al -- thanks!

    Beth -- thanks, and to YS too! ♥

  25. Just feel better and recover please

  26. Very nice . It will take time , but im sure you will be pleased with the end result. Just dont be like Phillis Diller , she had so many face lifts , the cleft in her chin was her belly button ! chuckles ( hope that makes u smile )

  27. D -- no, don't worry. After what I'm going through with this one, I never, ever want to do it again!