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Friday, November 14, 2014

Three weeks in...

... and we tried it again. Playing, that is. This time, armed with the knowledge that I couldn't take as much, we did much better.

The standing and leaning in the doorway bit really didn't work. It was uncomfortable for me, awkward for him, and generally unsatisfying. So we scratched that and pondered on what else we could try. I still can't lie flat (my head needs to be propped up a bit) and I cannot lie on my stomach with my face down. So traditional OTK or on the bed is out.

Wandering around my apartment, Steve's eye fell on the old beanbag chair in my bedroom. Yes, I still have one of those. Bought it years ago when they were trendy, and never got around to tossing it. These days, I just put a decorative pillow on it and use it as a receptacle for shed clothing before I eventually hang it back up. "How about if you bend over this and then brace yourself with your arms on the other side, so that your head stays up?" he suggested. I gave that a shot, and sure enough, it was quite comfortable. I had to make sure I kept my head up and didn't let it dangle or rest down on my arms, but otherwise, it was very relaxed.

Just a nice, slow, gently escalating hand spanking this time. He took his time, giving me thorough coverage and spreading the warmth and color evenly. He claimed he was an artist and my bottom was his canvas. "I love painting," he declared. I suggested that perhaps I should put little numbers all over my butt so he could follow them. That didn't go over too well.

No implements this time. I figured why push it -- this felt just right, and there would be plenty of time in the future to get back to the heavier stuff. Right now, I was content with the sting and the warmth of his hand.

When I flipped onto my back to sprawl on the beanbag for a while as I came down, he wanted to get a shot of my face. I was hesitant, but said OK. He set the camera timer so we could get something sweet. So... here I am, three weeks in.

This is mostly untouched. I did two things: 1. I put the little overlay heart over some icky scabby stuff you don't need to see, and 2. I used the "shine reduction" tool, because I am using heavy-duty emollient cream and it makes my face shinier than Kim Kardashian's ass.

Oh, and if you've been off the Internet all this week and don't get that reference, here's that little viral treat for you:

No words. Well, OK, I have words. But I probably shouldn't say them. 

Anyway. You get my point. I didn't doctor the photo overmuch, just those two things.

Yesterday, I bitched on Twitter that I felt like I was living with the Seven Dwarfs of Post-Surgery: Scabby, Crabby, Weepy, Puffy, Yucky, Painful and Gross. Yeah, I know, I know, I have to be patient and positive. However, those traits are not part of my makeup. Allow me one paragraph so I can blow off some complaining, and then I'll stop, I promise.

I know I'm getting better, even though I can't really see it because I look at myself every day. Steve and John both have seen me directly after, then after a week, then two weeks, and they both say they see a big difference each time. Me? All I see is my right eyebrow that still doesn't move, my scabby neck and scalp, my numb face and ears, and my hair in the sink and in the bathtub drain. Fascinating stuff you learn about surgery recovery -- apparently, the shock to the system from surgery (or a bad injury, or illness, or even pregnancy) can cause your hair to go into a resting phase and it thins out. You don't go bald or anything like that, and it all grows back, but when you're going through it, it's a bit scary. Plus, I still can't style my hair, because I can't use the blow dryer on my still-healing scalp. The Internet lied. They said the first two weeks are the worst, which they were, certainly. They say you'll feel more like yourself and be able to resume a lot of your normal activity after two weeks, and that was true as well. But they didn't mention how grotesque you'll feel, after those first couple of weeks during which you're kind of out of it, when that long healing process is evolving and you're going through all kinds of ugly.

(sigh) OK, enough. Good news -- I worked out twice this week. Gently. Nothing aerobic. But I did some weights and a couple of walks. I'm sleeping very well. I'm down to one dose of Advil per day, usually at night. I'm eating well and taking all kinds of vitamins.

This. Too. Shall. Pass. And it will be worth it, dammit.

Thanks to everyone who participated and stopped by during our LOL9 Days! It was lovely to see all your posts, and your comments to me. I would say we had quite the success. I'll wait for Hermione to let us know the final stats.

Have a great weekend, y'all. 


  1. Awe, Erica, you are absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you were able to enjoy playing this week. (Hugs) :-)

  2. Erica you are looking fantastic! Glad your play worked out for you this week!

  3. Jay -- thanks, sweetie. Hugs back!

    KB -- thanks, me too! It really felt good.

  4. Erica, you look amazing with no make-up. How do you do it? My family tells me to tame the beast I am in the morning (before make-up) they need a cup of coffee and a hand-mirror. Here's to many more beautiful untouched photos of you, and to healing so you can get spankings on your pretty li'l bottom.

  5. Audrey -- ha! Thank you, gorgeous! Well, right now, because of the swelling, my face is pulled nice and tight, so every wrinkle is smoothed out and even the bags under my eyes have temporarily disappeared. :-) I am very pale and hope to wear a bit of makeup soon, but I'm not pushing it.

  6. You look so happy on that second picture - I think I can see from the first one why. ;-)

  7. MrJ -- yeah, that's a no-brainer, isn't it. :-)

  8. I LOLed at your Kim Kardashian joke. I'm glad you're making progress in your healing. I hope we can get together sometime soon! :D

  9. I looked at your face with the kerchief and said Wow! Then I spent a few moments trying to remember who you remind me of. She is a young, talented, professional woman who is a pillar of our AA group. I'm guessing she's about 30. You look that age too. Very pretty; what a wonderful beginning of a smile.

    I thought all of the above before I opened the comments. It is so pleasing that everyone else seems to notice the same things. Believe us.

    I just wish I'd replied first to avoid a copy-cat sound. Ah, well. The night in-between was happily spent with my beloved.


  10. Erica, Steve must have taken lessons from Da Vinci, Van Gogh, or Picasso, because your voluptuous naked rear end, was painted a beautiful shade of red. XXX Luv ya

  11. Alex -- give me a time, or some times, and let's do it!

    Jon -- thank you. I don't think it sounded copy-cat at all.

    Six -- Picasso was my guess, since I have a Picasso nose. :-)

  12. Erica; the first thing I noticed is the one thing you complained the most about. Your neck looks wonderful as does the rest of you!
    Kim Kardashian; who's that? Never heard of her......I wonder if anybody noticed that her butts kind of big.... LOL


  13. Nice update Erica. As you say it will all be worth it.

    By the way you look about 30 in that pic. x

  14. Poppa -- never heard of Kim Kardashian, huh? Can you please tell me the name of the island you're living on? I wanna move there! ;-)

    Mace -- which one, the face or the butt? :-D

  15. Erica; If there was ever a woman, no make that a family, including the Mother, who deserved the old stocks in the Village square with a public strapping its THOSE girls... OH I could make a list of worthy candidates but that family makes my blood boil, and not in a good way!