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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembering our veterans

Thank you for your service to all of us!

(In case you're wondering who this is, just check out the sardonically raised left eyebrow. You'll figure it out.)


  1. Joining you in saying a heartfelt, "Thanks to our veterans!"

  2. Yes, Erica, thanks. I am also a veteran, having served in Uncle Sam's Army for two years, as a draftee. In answer to my question which were the saddest. Like you I had wonderful parents that saved my life. For they put me and my brother, on the ''Kinderstransport route from Vienna, Austria, to London, England. That is how I became a 'holocaust survivor. When they both passed away. Those days were very sad for me. My third saddest days, was when I fell and BROKE my hip. This caused me to give up my tourist adventures around the world. I have enjoyable memories of visiting the Pyramids of Egypt, The Taj Mahal in India, The Great Wall of China,, Machcu Pitchu in Peru, etc. etc. etc. That also curtailed my dancing days, for I loved ballroom dancing. Doing a Tango, in Argentina. The Paso Doble in Spain, The Hora in Israel, Belly Dancing in Casablanca, Morocco. The Irish Jig, in Dublin, Ireland. etc etc etc.

  3. Erica,

    Joining you in Remembrance.


    Deleted comment was mine:(

  4. Hi Erica -- Is this a pic of your Dad? If so you look a lot like him :-) He is very handsome.Much Love and hugs from Princess Jade/ Emily Jean

  5. Jay -- thanks!

    Six -- I've never traveled, and I can't dance worth a damn. So you're two up on me there!

    Autumn -- I thought so. :-) I actually never saw him like that. He had a beard when I was born and kept it the rest of his life.

    Ronnie -- glad to have you!

    Jade -- yes, that was my dad when he was in the army.