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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A meme, because I feel like it.

Borrowing this from Dana Kane. Back in the MySpace days, these silly questionnaires were all the rage. Some were more stupid than others. Me? I had a weakness for them, I admit. They were a fun way to learn stuff about people.

Anyway, tonight I'm bored and irritable and wanting a distraction, so here goes.

What's your favorite kind of pie?

My favorite pie is actually the only kind of pie I like -- pumpkin. I'd much rather have cake.

Who's your favorite band/singer?

I daresay everyone knows this by now, but The Beatles.

Favorite fruit?

Cantaloupe, bananas, apples.

Favorite sport?

I can't stand sports.

Favorite color?

Red. (yes, really)

Favorite accessories?

My vintage watches and my tear-drop pearl necklace.

Oh, look -- there's the clever neck cover-up again.

Do you collect anything?

Much to the chagrin of clown haters, I collect clown figurines. Refrigerator magnets (countrywide/worldwide locations). Books.

Do you read?

Every day.

Are you sad about Michael Jackson's death?

Every one of these questionnaires has at least one incredibly inane question, and this one is it. Um... what am I supposed to say, no? It was a sad thing. Did I lose sleep over it? No.

Have you ever been to a concert?

Several classical, and two rock. Love music, but hate crowds.

Do you go on YouTube?


Can you apply mascara with your mouth closed?

Ha! I actually can, but I have to think about it.

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how many?


Do you text people often?

Not often. But I'd much rather text than talk on the phone.

Are you a runner?

No, never have been.

Would you ever get a tattoo?

No. Nothing against them, just not for me.

What's the song that describes your life most?

I can't think of any particular song lyrics that describe my life, but a couple of song titles come to mind: "Complicated" and "19th Nervous Breakdown."

Have you ever been heartbroken?

Yes. And it really sucks.

What do you wish to accomplish before you die?

Nothing lofty, just want to continue living the best and most true-to-myself life I can.

Are you afraid of death?

No. I'm afraid of living with old age-related illnesses and conditions.

Are you having a good year?

It's had its ups and downs, like all years. But there were some wonderful times.

Do you forget things easily?

Only when I'm stressed out and distracted. I normally have a very good memory.

Are you overly truthful?

Hmmm. On my blog, yes. :-) But with others, I try not to be when it's to the point of being tactless and hurting feelings. Sometimes white lies are the kind thing to do.

Do you like the heat?

HATE it! But I don't like the cold, either. I would love to live in 50-60 degrees year round. With lots of rain.

Have you ever met a celebrity?

I have met a whole lot of celebrities.


  1. Erica, I like memes too, and you're right. Each one has at least one totally ridiculous question.

    But I still might borrow this one.


  2. Erica,

    I do love your tear-drop necklace.

    Can't resist a meme either so I shall probably borrow this one.


  3. Good meme. Glad to hear you are healing and able to play. I lurked on lurkers day.
    Somehow it just seemed appropriate.

    Anon E. Mouse

  4. Hermione -- feel free!

    Ronnie -- what is it about these things? They really are irresistible, aren't they.

    Mouse -- it's OK, since you're not really a lurker anymore. :-)

  5. Erica, as to sports, I love soccer, because in my youthful years I resided in England. As to celebrity I had to interview Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton, for a movie they made called Doctor Faustus for a college newspaper. My musical tastes run from the popular such as Glenn Miller, Beatles, Latin American Dances, to Grand Opera with the likes of Pavorotti, and Placido Domingo, etc, XXX Luv ya

  6. Looking forward to that mascara selfie. ;-)

  7. I like these memes, too. I don't know what it is about them, either. It's just that they are fun to fill out.

  8. Bobbie Jo -- some are better than others, I've noticed. There are some that have incredibly stupid questions. "What's your favorite planet?" Really?

  9. I'll admit I like reading completed people's "memes"; it is a great way to learn about people. Clowns? Never would have guessed.

    Perhaps it is the lack of coffee this morning, but I thought these questionnaires were called something else and memes were where you take a popular photo and modify in photoshop with another picture or wording. Or is it the same word for both? Probably just my confusion.

  10. Enzo -- yup, clowns. I think they are colorful and cheery. I don't have any of the creepy ones.

    My (admittedly sketchy) understanding of "meme" is that it's basically something, whether a photo or a story or a questionnaire or what-have-you, that travels from person to person on the Internet.

  11. Again I'm not clear on it, but your meme definition makes sense.

    I once dated a girl who had a clown fetish.....she was great...but sadly, no way it would ever work.

  12. (laughing) Well, I don't have a clown fetish, thank goodness! It all started with a painting my brother made for me when I was 3 and he was 11, an Emmett Kelly-style clown. I still have it, and I had another couple of glass clown figurines. People saw these, assumed I liked clowns, and started giving them to me. And soon, the collection amassed. It's funny, because I don't really like live clowns all that much, but I love the figurines.

  13. Wow - OK that story just made my day!
    That's a great story & reason for collecting clowns.

  14. There was a shoe store in Auburn that had a lot of Red Skelton's paintings. Most of them if not all, were self portraits of various clowns. I loved going in there just to see them. The store has closed and I wonder what has happened to all those paintings. It was quite the collection.

    Red was one of my favorite entertainers. He loved to make people laugh and he was so good at it. My favorite character he did was Freddie the Freeloader. Then there was Mean Little Kid.

  15. Bobbie Jo -- my father worked for him. :-)