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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My favorite spanking story

Last week during LOL9, one of my commenters asked what my favorite spanking story is. I gave a quick answer in my reply, but I thought it deserved its own entry.

Like many of us, I've read a ton of spanking-themed stories and books over the years. And I should preface this by saying I'm extremely picky about them. Not even talking about the professionally published books now -- I mean all the stories online that people have put up on forums far and wide.

Let's put aside the glaring fact that many of them are, to be blunt, poorly written, grammatically, stylistically, every which way. Say we're only talking about stories where the spelling is correct, the structure is clean and readable, and the dialogue rings somewhat true. Even then, I don't care for most of what I read. Or I'll like parts of it, but not others. Why? Because the author's particular interpretation of our kink doesn't resonate with me. Not their fault; just me knowing what I like, and what strikes a chord in my kinky little brain and heart. A book can be flawlessly executed, but if it has orientations other than M/F, or anal play, or age-play, it's not going to flip my particular switches.

That being said...

Back in the late 90s when I was first online, there was what they used to call a newsgroup, named Soc.Sexuality.Spanking. It was very popular and had a great deal of traffic. A lot of people posted stories. Oftentimes, I'd start reading them, but wouldn't finish.

Until I came across The Toughest Boyfriend. Written by someone who used the name "DLynn," it struck just about every chord I had. Classic good girl/bad boy story. Romantic. Hot. Sexy, without being super graphic (y'all know I tend to prefer leaving things to the imagination). Poignant. Clever. Dialogue and descriptions that pushed my buttons.

I loved the story so much, I copied it to my hard drive and have kept it all these years. I wish I knew more about who DLynn was. I Googled the story, the name, in every possible combination, but found nothing, except for a vague reference in the old CF Publications that used to run short stories and amassed a humongous collection.

Anyway, I would like to share it, with all my thanks to DLynn, whoever he/she (I'm suspecting she) is. Hope you enjoy it as much, or at least half as much, as I did. 

The Toughest Boyfriend

     He was the toughest boyfriend I ever had.
     You remember tough. Tough was cool, was boys in tight jeans with a pack of Luckies rolled into the sleeves of their white tee shirts, leather at their waist, leather boots on their feet.
     There were tough girls, too, in tight black skirts, teased hair piled on top of their heads and their lips as scarlet as the lights on the marquee of the single movie theater we had in our factory town.
     But I wasn’t one of the tough girls. Lord, no. I was the doctor’s daughter and wore my hair straight and shiny, clasped in a demure barrette, my skirts loose and below my knee. I kept my lips pale, my posture straight.
     And fell in love with the tough boy from the day he walked into honors math and took his seat. This tough boy was smart, and we shared almost every class that senior year. But I was smart, too, and knew that doctor’s daughters didn’t go with tough guys. They dated safe guys, fell in love with safe guys or simply married the safe guys without bothering to fall in love at all.
     This morning, I look at my husband, hugging our six-year-old as she gets down the breakfast cereal. Smart girls marry men like this: men who will make a safe and loving home for them and their children. I married smart.
     But all that senior year, I sat two rows behind this tough guy and kept my eyes on him every chance that I had. I could never get enough of looking at him: long legs, dark rough hair, dark gray eyes, lean, sinewy arms.
     Smart girl that I was, I only looked. Otherwise, I stuck to my studies that year. Got my straight A’s. Got into college. Turned eighteen years old, and got my high school degree.
     And then summer came, and I didn’t need to be smart anymore. I could never be a tough girl, but I traded in the demure skirts for a thin cotton sundress, took the barrette out of my hair and walked into the store where he worked time-and-a-half, saving money for his own college education. One week later, we were the gossip of the town.
     The memories still make me smile as I watch my husband get the milk for our daughter. The first time my tough boyfriend kissed me, trapping me between his hands braced on the wall behind us. Nice and tough, but his kiss was gentle on my lips, and he whispered my name like honey in my mouth. Gentle, too, the first time I gave myself to him, clinging to him as he eased himself within me.
     Sweetest of lovers.
     But I wanted tough.
     I had watched the tough girls with their tough boyfriends, watched the way their boyfriends would fling their arms around them, haul them close for a kiss, boss them around a little, slap them on their behinds in occasional warning.
     Every guy I had ever dated had treated the doctor’s daughter as if she were made from glass, and I was tired of tentative, or even tender. I wanted tough.
     And then a memory that makes me stop smiling. Makes me close my eyes for a moment and struggle to control my breathing. The first time I pushed him too far.
     I was restless that day. From the early July heat? From my own heat inside me? I don’t know. All I know was that everything irritated me that day, my parents’ loving smiles, the chirpy voice of our mailman, and even the cheerful smile my boyfriend gave me when he knocked on our door to pick me up for the Fourth of July fireworks.
     “I’ll have her home by midnight,” he reassured my mom.
     Why the hell was he reassuring Mom? I was tired of Mom. Tired of everything. My irritation mounted.
     In the car, I slung my chin into my hand, leaning on the car door, drumming my fingers loudly on the handle.
     “You okay, baby?” he asked gently.
     I was tired of gentle.
     “I’m fine,” I snapped back. Then turned up the radio three notches, just loud enough to make it impossible to talk.
     Each burst of the fireworks over the lake seemed to explode inside me, an echo of heat, ache, longing. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew damned well that I wasn’t getting it. My boyfriend kissed me, and the ache and irritation grew sharper, not gentler. I did not return his smile and his face grew quiet. We drove in silence to the hill overlooking the town. There was a small park at the crest, where kids came to play during the day. No one came there at night, except us.
     A sweet place to come, but I was tired of sweet, too. I got out of the car, but didn’t say a word to my boyfriend. Just slammed the door behind me and stalked to the playground. I shimmied up to the top of the monkey bars and fixed my stare on the town lights below. I waited for my boyfriend to get irritated in return that I didn’t play with him, laugh with him, melt into his kiss, draw him down into the darkness to take him deep inside me.
     But he just leaned against the bars, and waited. He said nothing at all.
     I kicked my legs against the bar, feeling the ache inside me grow. What did I want? And why, why, why couldn’t I get it?
     I was lost in my misery, so lost that I almost lost my balance when my boyfriend finally spoke. “Well. Listen, baby, it’s almost twelve. We gotta go.”
     I didn’t answer. I didn’t move.
     He turned his face up to me, and I could see, even in the dim shadows cast by the moonlight, surprise. “Time to go, kiddo.”
     Kiddo? Did I take this as some final insult that I almost snorted in reply? I didn’t budge from my seat, and there was real venom in my voice as I said, “Make me.”
     The shadows hid nothing of his annoyance now.
     “What do you mean ‘Make you’? What’s wrong with you tonight? You’re eighteen. Act your age.”
     Calm. Rational.
     I wanted to slap his face.
     But I was set in my patterns, too, and now I slid down from the bars, my sandals slapping against the soles of my feet as I landed on the sand.
     I thought maybe I’d see a hint of what I was looking for in his face, but he still looked rational. Calm.
     No. Not what I was looking for. In my frustration, I blurted it out. “Why are you always acting like such a wimp?”
     I can still see his face, see how taken aback he was by my outburst. But his surprise changed to something else as he came closer to me, took my chin in his hand and tilted my face close to his. He was looking right into my eyes, his own eyes dark, the lighter gray glints in them almost extinguished in the summer night.
     “Yeah, baby, you’re right. I’ve been acting like a wimp,” he said softly, but there was no trace of regret in the softness. More like warning.
     I felt suddenly uneasy and took a step back. He let his hand drop from my face, hooked a thumb in his belt and said, still softly, “Only a wimp would try to reason with his girl when she was acting like a brat, right? A tough guy would put a stop to it. A hard stop to it.”
     “Look, forget it,” I said, stepping back again, but this time he pushed himself away from the bars and followed me. And all my irritation and bitchiness deserted me. I turned and ran a few steps, but he didn’t do more than lengthen his stride to catch me by the arm, near one of the park benches where, on other nights, he had pulled me down to kiss him.
     The toughest boyfriend I ever had, and when he pulled me to him now, my heart stumbled harder than my feet. “No, lover, I didn’t mean it,” I whispered. I lied.
     He pulled my body right up against his, still standing as he kissed me, roughly. I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment. But as I raised my hands to embrace him in return, he took my wrists and held them away. “Not this time, baby. Not yet.”
     For a moment, he just stood there, holding my hands locked in his, and I felt a thrill of danger. There’s nothing to be afraid of, I told myself silently. I was wrong.
     Suddenly he moved to take me off my feet. One moment I was standing, kissing him, and the next moment, I was crying out as I fell, as I landed with a thump across his knees.
     “You can’t do this!” But there was more incredulity in my voice than resistance.
     He didn’t answer. He shifted himself further back on the bench he had chosen, and though I wriggled hard, he dragged me with him, easily.
     My heart was pulsing in my throat now, hard, as I struggled on his lap, but he didn’t let go, didn’t loosen his grip one bit.
     “No. No, stop it,” I said suddenly as filled with panic as excitement. His large hand pushed the thin cotton of my sundress up to my waist, and all I had underneath was one pair of thin cotton panties. No slip. No stockings.
     He rested his hand on my behind, and I moaned aloud. My heart was thumping within me, my senses charged in the hot, dark night. I clenched my bottom against his hand and waited, torn between fear and another sensation I didn’t dare identify: a deep, dark certainty that this was what I really wanted.
     He raised his hand and I clenched harder. And then, unbelievably, he asked me, “Well? Are you sure, baby?”
     I knew what he was asking. I knew all I had to do was apologize or ask him to stop or simply say, I don’t want this, and he would let me go at once.
     But I was sure. I was. And without a word, I twisted my face toward his, where his raised hand waited by his shoulder, his face stern and his eyes on mine. I nodded once. Yes. I’m sure.
     His hand came down hard. I gasped and flinched away from the blow, hot and strong against my skin. The heat had not begun to cool, the blow begun to wane, when his hand came down again. I bit my lip, determined to take what was coming with silence and strength.
     But his blows fell steadily, first on my right cheek and then on my left, side to side, my skin smarting and cracking in the silent night. I heard myself whimper as I squirmed on his lap. I bit my lip harder, sure my whimpers would make him stop.
     He didn’t. His palm smacked down harder on my bottom, across the curve of my left cheek. The sting in my skin turned to fire. I squirmed harder, but his palm caught me again, now on my right cheek. “Please,” I began to moan, but the crack of his palm, again and again, turned my moan to begging. I writhed now, on his lap, his hard thighs underneath me not offering any escape, his arm wrapped around my waist pinning me in place.
     “Well, sweetheart? Still think I’m a wimp?” he asked as I pleaded with him to stop, stop, please, stop.
     I could not evade his hand. He was slapping my bottom harder now, and faster. I flailed helplessly as I begged. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please don’t spank me anymore. I’m sorry, lover. Please.”
     Tears stung at my eyes and my voice caught on my words. He rested his hand across the center of my thin panties and I groaned at even this weight on my aching, burning skin. I was breathing hard, gulping at breath, still flailing in a desperate, futile effort to relieve the pain in my bottom, no matter how slightly.
     My mind flailed, too, in confusion at my emotions. There was pain, yes, but something else, too. Remorse? No.
     I blinked back the tears and took a deep shuddering breath, telling myself that at least my punishment was over.
     And that was when he said, “Well. Let’s finish what you started, sweetheart.”
     I convulsed at the feel of his finger hooked in the waistband of my panties. Slowly, he pulled them down, first one side, then the other. I cried out at the feel of the cotton and
elastic scraping over my hot and stinging behind.
     My pleading became frantic. “No, no, no, you can’t. You can’t! Please, I hurt so much, baby...”
     “Spankings are supposed to hurt, sweetheart. You’re supposed to remember this. For a long time.” By now he had pulled my panties to my knees. My tears swam at my fear and humiliation. I could imagine him seeing my bare behind all red and marked with his fingers and palm.
     I wrapped my arm around his leg and buried my face in it, still moaning, still pleading, “Please, no more. No more. No more.”
     But even as I pleaded, I waited, hopelessly, for the fall of his palm.
     I was wrong again.
     At first I didn’t understand when his hand slipped off one of my leather sandals. Just one. Then he rubbed the stiff sole over my naked bottom and I suddenly understood.
     “No!” I cried out, in horror, but he had already lifted the sandal, high.
     “Just so you remember, sweetheart.”
     The leather slapped down, hard, right across the highest curve of both cheeks at once. I screamed and flailed again, but he only tightened his arm around my waist and brought the sandal down again. This time where my right cheek met my thigh.
     Again and again. In the creases of my cheek and thigh. On the curves of my bottom. On my thighs, halfway to my knees. On the top of my bottom, and the sides of my hips.
     And as he brought it down again, where my thighs already burned with pain, I burst into tears and stopped my flailing. I couldn’t even resist, anymore. I lay, limp across his lap, sobbing and sobbing as he brought the sandal down again, twice, four times, six times, each stroke reaching not just my skin, but deep inside me.
     I didn’t even notice when he stopped. Just lay there and cried, the tears soaking my face and falling freely to the grass below. Not until he lifted and turned me, raising me up to lean against his chest did I realize that the awful punishment was over. I flung my arms around his neck and wept.
     He held me, stroking my hair, my back, whispering soothing words in my ear. At first, I couldn’t be comforted, couldn’t even find a way to sit with comfort on his lap, my bottom sore no matter what position I tried, no matter how I squirmed this way and that.
     Until I finally accepted the hot sting there and simply leaned closer to my love, weeping and weeping as he held me.
     And suddenly everything felt right.
     Finally I stopped crying. His hand was still stroking me, cherishing me. I lifted my face to his for a kiss, and he kissed me gently on my lips. Oh, God. Had I complained about gentle? Never again.
     But our kiss didn’t stay gentle. At the first opening of our lips, desire ran through me like a shock. I clasped the back of his neck and moaned again.
     His voice was tender, but not indulgent. “You want me, sweetheart?”
     “Yes. Yes, I want you. Now, lover.”
     He kissed me harder, and I began to melt in his arms. But he swung me off his lap and onto my feet. “Sorry, sweetheart, no can do. Your little tantrum has already made us late. Promised your mom I’d get you home by midnight, remember?”
     It was on my tongue to say, explicitly, what my mom could do with herself, but the ache in my behind was far, far too sharp to forget even for a moment. And the look in his eyes was clearly a challenge. I knew better than to provoke him again. At least for now.
     But I couldn’t help asking, in a voice as plaintive as a child’s, “Don’t you want to fuck me?”
     His laugh rang out through the deserted playground. He kissed me again, quickly, on the top of the head, then bent his lips to my ear. “Don’t be so greedy, sweetheart. Tomorrow night. I promise.”
     I was greedy—but so was he. The next night, we did indeed take our pleasure, but our pleasures grew more urgent with each week. Harder. Rougher.
     We might spend hours in conversation, share, shyly, our hopes and dreams, listen to one another’s stories with love and laughter.
     But when we sought out a deserted park, a secluded beach, a private loft, we were not gentle. I was more ready to use teeth and nails, he was more ready to slap my bare behind until I would squirm and sob, and then throw myself at him from the heat and desire he had ignited.
     It was hot, it was wild, and, I told myself, it would be over at summer’s end. Can’t let it go too far. So I didn’t. Except once. Lord. Just once.
     My husband squeezes my daughter’s hand, gently, and tears sting at my eyes. I remember.
     Summer’s end. I looked down, tears stinging at my eyes, then, too, to see my hand wrapped in his larger one. I had just told him goodbye.
     “I thought we had something better than goodbye between us,” he said. His voice was tighter than his grasp on my fingers.
     “We do,” I began, then stopped myself. My voice dropped to a whisper. “We did.”
     I looked up into his eyes, dark as smoke, warm as fire. Sweetest of lovers. I chose my words with care.
     Chose the words that would hurt.
     I wanted to hurt him. Wanted to make sure he would not regret me for a moment. And so I did not tell him how much I wanted him in my life forever. Instead I said, “You were only for fun.”
     “Fun?” I cringed at the incredulity and pain in his voice, but kept my own voice as impassive as my face.
     “Fun. I had fun with you, lover. But I have my real life to live now.”
     College, I said. Career, I explained. Marriage. Children.
     “What makes you think I don’t want all that?” His fingers tightened harder. I welcomed the discomfort. Distraction from my misery. “Jesus. I’ve worked my ass off to make enough money for college.”
     “I know,” I said. “You’re smart. You’re hard working.”
     “Then why not give us a chance?” He raised my hand to his lips. “Together?”
     His lips opened an ache inside me, but I fought against it. “No. I can’t marry you. I can’t.”
     I kept my voice cold, cold, cold as I explained more.  Doctor’s daughter. Marriage for always. A safe man. A gentle man.
     “That’s not fair,” he said, his own voice dropping in volume. He was sitting in front of me, in the middle of the old rose-tapestry sofa in our family room. I sat in front of him, in the armchair with one busted leg, no farther away than a couple of feet. But I had to lean forward to hear him. “Those games we played. You wanted them. And they were just that—games.”
     “Dangerous games,” I whispered. I cleared my voice and made myself speak aloud. “And you’re right. Dangerous is what I wanted. But I won’t marry dangerous.”
     I hated the hurt I could see in his eyes, the death of his dreams. The dreams I was killing with every word.
     I was almost relieved to see anger begin to replace hurt. “So let me get this straight. I was good enough to fuck. Good enough to play games. But not good enough for you?”
     Well. Can’t get much worse than that, can it? I looked him straight in the eyes and nodded yes. Cold. Cold, cold, cold.
     “Too dangerous,” he said, his voice barely a whisper now.
     Another nod.
     I wasn’t really that surprised when he grabbed my arms suddenly and pulled me off the chair onto my knees in front of him. I cried out, and my fear was real, but I was not surprised. Why wouldn’t he want to frighten me? Even hurt me?
     “Maybe not dangerous enough,” he said, still barely audible.
     I wanted to cry, wanted to tell him again and again how sorry I was, wanted to hold him close and love him. Wipe out every trace of hurt in his face, his eyes, his voice.
     But that would only break his heart all over. I tilted my face up to his, and kept my expression stony. “Maybe not,” I said.
     His eyes grew angrier. Oh, love. Better you should hate me than suffer yourself. “Is that all you want from me, baby? One last walk on the wild side?”
     “That’s all,” I said.
     God. I hated myself by now.
     He kept his eyes on me as he let go of my arms and moved his hands to his belt. My heart skipped a beat as he slowly unbuckled it and drew it out of his jeans.
     Except for that first time, he had used only his hand on me to play or playfully punish. But now he slowly doubled the belt in one hand, his eyes unblinking on my face.
     I flinched when he snapped it, twice, between his hands. “Still sure, sweetheart?” he said softly.
     I was torn between my feelings. Afraid of the thick brown strap in his hands, afraid of the anger in his eyes, yet ashamed of the coldness, the calculation in me. I was hurting him, and I was miserable at the pain I was causing. And I wanted to pay. In fear, in pain, in tears.
     I wanted him to punish me.
     I tore my eyes away from the threatening belt, and looked up directly into his own eyes. Made myself say: “Yes. I’m sure.”
     We looked at one another, still for a moment. Then he reached out a hand to me, as politely as if he were inviting me into a dance.
     But when I laid my tentative hand in his, he pulled, hard, and I stumbled to my feet, then stumbled again as he yanked me across his lap, my legs and arms on the sofa, my bottom across his thighs.
     I was terrified. I buried my face in my arms. I crossed my feet at the ankles, nervously rubbing one foot against the other as he pushed the cotton of my dress up onto my waist and back. I moaned into the cushion as he hooked his fingers into the elastic of my panties and pulled. The cotton caressed my skin like gentle fingertips, but fear ran in every trail it traced.
     When my panties were around my knees, he stroked his left hand across the skin of my behind. Gentle. Tender. But all I could think of was the belt waiting in his right hand.
     He moved his left hand around my waist, holding me down, but I never would have tried to break free at this point, no matter how afraid I was. I wanted to hurt. I pressed my forehead harder against my arm curled on the cushion.
     The belt came down like fire, driving every bit of breath away. I had sworn that I would not cry out, but the pain was audible in the sounds that flew from my throat, half-grunt, half-cry.
     I couldn’t keep myself from shrinking away from the belt he was already raising again, but his hand on my waist was firm. The belt came down again, across both cheeks, overlapping the first stroke that still ached and burned.
     No. I hadn’t wanted this. I was already moaning, “I’m sorry,” but the belt was already coming down again. He caught me across the tender skin of my thighs, and all pretense of dignity deserted me as I yelled and convulsed on his lap.
     “Oh, God, don’t. Don’t.”
     But the belt was already lifting again.
     There was no time to recover from the fire of each blow, as he brought the belt down again and again, strokes across the swell of my bottom, the underside of my cheeks, the backs of my thighs. He hadn’t given me even a dozen blows when sobs began to mix with my pleading.
     This, lover, is where you would always take me into your arms, soothe me, hold me, kiss me.
     Not this time. If anything, the belt only whipped harder into my ass. “I’m sorry,” I sobbed. But I stopped begging him to stop. Stopped, even, wanting him to stop, in some strange way. I turned and twisted on his lap, but kept myself there, as surely as his hand did, even as I wept out my sorries, over and over again.
     And again. There was not an inch of my behind or thighs that did not rage with the heat and pain of his punishment, but still the strap came down. And still I wanted it.
     And when he finally stopped, finally dropped the belt to the floor and pulled me up into his arms, I still could not stop my sorries, my sobbing. My bottom throbbed with pain, and throbbed even worse at the touch of his hand. He was trying to soothe me now, but I was unsoothable.
     He caught one of my sorries with a kiss, and I finally stopped babbling. Buried my face in his shoulder and wept, while he ran his hand firmly down my back, then softly around my bottom.
     I wanted to love him, one last time, but when I tried to open his jeans, he caught my hands in his. “No,” he said. And that was the real moment of goodbye for me. Not even the pain of seeing him walk out the door for the last time was worse.
     I went up to my room. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, rinsed out my underwear. Made sure everything was packed for the next day.
     I threw the cotton sundress into the trash.
     The next morning I took my suitcase, myself, down to the train station and waited for the early morning train that would take me to my carefully chosen women’s college. I did not want any more good-byes, from anyone. Did not want distraction from the ache in my bottom that lingered like a good-bye kiss.
     Goodbye, boyfriend, goodbye.
     I did not change my mind. The doctor’s daughter knew all the right things to do. Go to college. Earn my degree. Establish my career. Find the right man—the safe man—to be my husband and father my children.
     Children don’t need a dangerous boyfriend. They don’t care if their mother is fierce with passion at her lover’s touch. They need safety. Tenderness. Gentleness.
     “There’s the car pool, kiddo,” my husband says. He hands our daughter her lunch box. I watch him wave good-bye to her as she scoots out the door, and I know I chose well. My daughter will never fear this man’s temper. Never worry that her father is dangerous.
     My husband closes the door. Tender with memory, I smile at him and he smiles back. He walks to me and tilts my face up to his for a kiss, then murmurs, “What are you staring at?”
     “You.” I kiss him again.
     He shakes his head. “Staring at people like that. Didn’t your mom teach you it was rude to stare?”
     “My mom taught me nothing,” I whisper back. “Nothing.”
     His hand trapping mine is sudden, strong. I draw in my breath and toss my hair back, looking right into those gray eyes. Dark as smoke. Warm as fire. Sweetest of lovers still.
     “Maybe I should take care of what your mom forgot,” he says.

     And then, like that wild Fourth of July, like that long-ago night at summer’s end, like the day he visited my college to propose again, like the night of our wedding, like a thousand other playful, painful times, my husband, the safe and gentle father of my child, the sweetest of lovers, becomes the toughest boyfriend I ever had as he pulls me across his lap, bares my bottom, and brings his hand down hard, hard, oh, hard across my behind.


  1. I definitely completely identify with the young woman in the story. Thank you for sharing DLynn's story with us, Erica!

  2. Jay -- did you see that twist coming? I didn't! Brilliant.

    1. Damn, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or do both at the same time!

    2. Oh, and it did cross my mind at the beginning but I kept switching between "she is with him now" and "no, she let him go!"

  3. Wow - Indeed.
    OK so no argument that is well written and I can clearly see why it is your favorite.

    Regarding your introduction, if the author's particular interpretation of our kink doesn't resonate with you, you can't enjoy the story - I think that is true of most of us all because collectively we may share a kink, but when it comes down to it our interpretation and the details around it are as varied as are our individual personalities.

    We may all love chocolates, and if we walk into a See's together we most likely won't pick the same flavor.

  4. Enzo -- good analogy! And See's happens to be my favorite chocolatier.

  5. Erica, you chose well, about liking this story. If it turns you on, that's what it is all about. My favorite spanking stories would be about caning a naughty woman on her bare bottom. Of course if she is wearing garter-belt and stockings, I appreciate it more for my sexual and erotic excitement. Here's to you, getting back into a 'spanking mood soon'. XXX Luv ya

  6. Six -- you're easy to please with that particular liking, I think. Lots of it out there.

  7. Reads suspiciously like an Emily Forbes Harlequin title from last year.

  8. Anonymous -- I have not heard of Emily Forbes, but if it reads like her work, then she copied the style, because this story was written in 1998 or thereabouts.

  9. Erica, I did some Googling of my own and found out a tiny bit more about DLynn. It seems she was a s.s.s regular, and ran the s.s.s short story contest at least one year. There's spoor (including a quote or two) suggesting she wrote other stories, but I could not turn any up in ten minutes of searching. The only words I found in her voice are some comments on a post at The Punishment Book in 2005:

  10. Dan -- I wonder where she is now? It would be so lovely if she could read this and know how very much her story moved me. :-)

  11. Wouldn't it? But I would also like to ask her very nicely if she'd kindly rummage her hard drives and let us put up an archive of her other stories that have been lost to the web.

  12. That was a great story. Boy the emotions - wow. I wasn't ready for the twist tho. Thanks

  13. Baxter -- it's not just a good spanking story; it's a good story, period!

  14. I figured all along they would have ended up together. I had to be, but the twists were very enticing. Great story.

  15. *fans myself*
    I think I'll be returning to this several times. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Great story! Thanks for sharing. I kept wondering all the way through... Did they or did they not end up together.

  17. Bobbie Jo -- I'm usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out and seeing it coming, but this time, I really didn't! Which made it all the more enjoyable. :-)

    Sophie -- yummy, isn't it?

    KB -- I loved how she completely turned it around at the end, after it had gotten so sad.

    Anonymous -- why thank you. :-)

  18. Wow! Very hot, but totally not PC nowadays. I wonder if Jian Ghomeshi started this way.

    I did guess that her husband was the tough guy, even though I almost changed my mind near the end.


  19. Thanks for the repost. That had to of been around 1996. A.S.S. had a lot of good writers. Those were fun days. There was also a small chat room that went with A.S.S. I am fairly sure that DLynn was a member of that room also. I wonder if I am one of the few SCSWC that is still around. I miss Becca and the rest. Hope she is doing great. The newsgroup that replaced A.S.S. was shut down four or five months ago. Wish we could turn back the clock. Newsgroups are still going, but they are nothing like the old days. But what is still like the old days? Hal

  20. Hermione -- when you think about it, is anything we do in this realm PC? I mean, many vanillas would say it's "anti-feminist," although personally, I feel more empowered as a woman when I submit to my spanking desires.

    Hal -- Becca is fine and very happy. We're friends on Facebook.

  21. Perfectly crafted from beginning to end. As good as it gets in any genre.

    Anon E. Nouse

  22. Mouse -- isn't it? I love her turn of a phrase. "... the ache in my bottom that lingered like a good-bye kiss."

  23. Thanks for the post. It's hard to believe that was 15+ years ago. And to think I was lurking back then, gushing anonymously about DLynn stories, and these days I'm lurking here, reading your blog and gushing anonymously about DLynn stories. A lot has changed! :)

  24. Anonymous -- oh, that's funny. The more things change, the more they stay the same! :-)

  25. That is one powerful story, so well written and such a good storyline. I had a look around the old stories I downloaded about that time and although I have a DLynn folder there only seems to be a collections of stories by other authors in it. My own introduction to spanking stories on the internet was through the CastleHandyman website. And so I probably followed a link from there to stories collected by DLynn - but nothing close to the quality of that story.
    Surely somebody must know more about DLynn or where more DLynn stories can be found.

  26. Ian -- if SSS weren't defunct, it would probably be easier to track her down, or at least someone who knows what's up with her these days. But those days feel so ancient, like the days of VCRs. Sad, because it wasn't THAT long ago, really.

  27. WOW, really awesome story. Oh, I loved it. I also remember SSS ;)

  28. Autumn -- truth be told, I don't miss SSS. Way too damn much flaming there. But finding this story was a treat. :-)