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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Introducing Frosty

No, not the snowman. Please. It's in the 80s here.

I'm talking about this Frosty -- "Frosty the Paddle," aka "Frosty the Naughty Stick," a holiday special from Cane-iac.

As you can see, it's Lexan, but it has a sort of frosted, snowy looking texture to it. And yes, there are three jingle bells at the end. Very festive.

The good folks at Cane-iac asked if I would like to try this little holiday treat, and I said I'd be honored. (I didn't ask what it was made of, but I assumed that they wouldn't make a holiday implement out of rubber -- that would be just so wrong -- so I figured it would be OK.) 

It arrived on Monday, just in time for my visit with Steve yesterday. It had been two weeks, so I was more than ready to play, even though my healing self is still putting some restrictions up. We did some OTK for the first time since before my surgery; I propped my head up onto pillows and folded my arms under my head so my face wasn't smooshed. Not ideal, but it sure felt good. At one point, I sucked in an extra deep breath and gasped, "Damn, I'm so sensitive!" Steve paused and asked, "Do you want me to go lighter?" While I pondered that, he added, "Too bad! and continued at the same intensity. Hummpph. 

After that, we moved to the ottoman, where I once again propped onto my elbows over the side, keeping my head raised. I'm getting good at this, as you can see from the confident smirk.

I wasn't smirking for long. OW.

The Frosty Paddle/Stick sorta looks like the Strictly Licking Spanking Stick that I hate with all my heart and soul, but it feels very different. It has a bit of flex to it, and while the wooden stick is thuddy, Frosty has a bit more of a bite and a sting to it. But it's powerful. Steve wasn't going that hard on me and we didn't play super long with it, since I'm still erring on the side of caution. But it made a statement! (and a whole lot of jingling)

Here it is, in all its glory:

I searched the Cane-iac site, but could not find a page for Frosty. But it's a very new item, so hopefully there will be an order page for it soon. 

So for the rest of the holiday season, whenever you hear the song "Frosty the Snowman," replace the lyrics with these:

Frosty the Paddle, is an evil wicked thing,
With a Lexan stick and a strap of black
And three bells a-jingling

Frosty the Paddle, is a harmless toy, they say,
But it isn’t so, ‘cause this bottom knows
How it beat her butt one day

There must be quite a bit of mass in this painful thing I found,
‘Cause when it landed on my a$%, I began to dance around!

Oh, Frosty the Paddle, is as stinging as can be,
Now my top will say, “Who would like to play?”
And I’ll say “Don’t look at ME!”

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.


  1. Love it. Frosty looks and sounds absolutely wicked. Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one, Erica, :)

  2. Mitch -- thanks. It's going to be a quiet one, just the way I like it. :-)

  3. You have white bum cheek spotting. :) That little fucker sure DID make its presence well known! LOL!!!!!

  4. Kelly --yup, as John would say, it "white-spotted" me. ;-)

  5. lovely as ever my dear ... the red suits you so well ...

  6. Erica, first let me wish you a Spanksgiving . And to Frosty the Paddle that initiated itself on your naked rear end. If you are having that chocolate cake instead of pumpkin pie for the holidays, may it be scrumptiously good. XXX luv ya

  7. When will the CD be out?

  8. Six -- actually, as much as I love chocolate cake, pumpkin pie is a must on Thanksgiving. :-)

    MrJ -- trust me, no one wants to hear that.

  9. Just when I thought that somewhere I was safe from Christmas do-to until after turkey day ... you did a number on me with Frosty's music a day early. Bah humbug. (Good job, too.) Jon

    PS There's got to be something you creative literary types can do with Gringe themed toys and play for the season.

  10. You're so damn adorable, amazing butt I can't wait to spank in February, pretty girl, and I miss my friend! Thanks for the winter wonderland spanking story!


  11. Jon -- I love the Grinch. That's one of the very few Xmas specials I still watch.

    Michael -- hurry February! Love you and miss you too.

  12. Glad to see that you are recovering to the point where you can play again. I will have to talk to my play partner to see if this is a implement we want to pursue.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  13. Wow. that Frosty warmed your bottom very well. Good also to hear that you are recovering well from your surgery. your blog is enjoyable

  14. Bob -- yes, gradually!

    Baxter -- glad you like it. :-)

  15. Whackety-Smack-Whack!
    Look at that Frosty glow!
    I think she wants some mo'!!

    Segueing into

    Jingle while you play!
    Oh what fun to hear her shout,
    "Ooh! Ow! What th' HEY?!!"

    A very entertaining post, clever parody and adorable pictures, Erica! In fact, that third one is one of my new favorites! Thank you!!

  16. Wolfie -- HAHAHAHAH! Jingle while you play! You are brilliant. :-)

  17. Mm, what a delicious picture of your beautiful spanked bottom! I think I'll save it to look at it at my leisure... ;-) x

  18. Sweetsong -- well, thank you. :-)

  19. Ouch but love you panty and your bottom....