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Monday, May 7, 2012

ST returns :-)

After a week off, he was raring to go tonight. It was all I could do to get him to sit on the couch and talk to me for a few minutes! Of course, he wanted to know all the juicy details I didn't mention on the blog. But I couldn't think of all that many, honestly. This party was one of the most drama-free I've ever been at.

He was definitely perturbed that I didn't play enough to make my plane ride home uncomfortable. Oh, and my "exposing myself to all of Atlantic City" in our hotel window didn't meet with his approval either. What a surprise!

Oh, and damn, I'd forgotten to have a glass of water ready for him, like I always do. Spankable offense!

(Do you get the feeling he'll use any old damned excuse, no matter how lame? Typical top.)

So off we went to the bedroom to make up for lost time. He was pleased that I brought in his water and toy bag, but miffed that I didn't go to my vanity drawer and get my Spanking Buddy of my own volition. Sheesh! You can't please some people.

"It's been so long, I may have forgotten how to do this," he warned. Oh please! Two weeks is "so long"? Hummph. Believe me, he remembered how to do it.

"I've missed this bottom," he said, swinging away with that wicked belt of his. "But I'm not going to miss it tonight! Not once!"

He didn't, either.

He was quite the chatty one this evening. Sometimes, we both get quiet as we focus on the matter at hand. Tonight, he yakked away while exercising his arm and using all his toys. "I need some new toys," he mused, cracking his big black strap. "These leather implements are getting too floppy."

"Perhaps they need Viagra," I muttered.

He was also pontificating about the spiritual effects of spankings and how he should start his own business, providing therapy for girls who are in desperate need of guidance. I said they'd soon see what a charlatan he is.

Ooooh, he didn't like that. What? What did I say? I protested, saying I was simply calling him a good actor. You know, like that famous actor, Charlatan Heston?


I'll tell you what -- they'll have to pry those implements out of ST's cold, dead hands.

The "grand finale" was to be 20 with 1) a cane, 2) the strap and 3) his wooden paddle. I hunkered down, preparing myself.

But there was to be no zoning out for me. After every stroke, I had to say, "I'm giddy with joy to be back here with you."

"NO WAY!" I screeched. "OK, I guess I'll just keep going until you do," he said calmly. Ugh. I knew I was screwed.

So I said it for the first 20 (having to put up with his critique of my delivery, saying he wasn't "hearing the joy"). When he moved to implement #2, he said, "And yes, you have to say that, still."

Stroke 1. "One -- that, still," I intoned. OW! Christ. Some people have no sense of humor.

He cut me some slack, or so I thought, by saying I didn't have to repeat the phrase for the final 10 paddle swats. BUT... they were going to be fast.

Of course they were. Breathlessly fast.

We talked. We caught up. I gave him chocolate. I yawned blissfully. It had been a stressful weekend, since John had a horrible cold and we still had to go see his mother and blah blah blah. Reality sucks after a party weekend. But now I felt peaceful once again.

Amazing how that happens.

I will be seeing ST again this week, on Thursday, but not for play this time. He is joining me in my other passion, Dark Shadows. At a Hollywood theater, they are having a movie premiere party for the new DS movie. Several of the original stars will be there to sign autographs, and there will be a charity auction of show memorabilia. Then they are showing two movies -- House of Dark Shadows from 1970, with the show's original cast and characters, and the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version of Dark Shadows.

I had no intention of going... but then Jonathan Frid died. And of course, now I have to. I want to be with other DS fans and share that particular wacky camaraderie. They will probably have some sort of tribute to him. Personally, I wanted to go for the first movie and the autographs and then leave before the new movie starts, but ST nixed that. He insists that I watch it, and if I end up liking it, I'm in BIG trouble.

(sigh) What the hell. I paid in advance for tickets, and they include both movies. Might as suck it up and watch it for cultural literacy, since everyone is going on and on about it. But I can already tell from the promos and the trailers that it's going to piss me off!

The rest of the evening will be a blast, and I think it's so cool that ST wants to go with me, considering he's not a DS fan and all he knows about the show is what he's heard from me. I've already warned him, he's going to see a lot of strange people! But he assured me he likes "quirky things." Oh, this will be quirky, all right. Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Erica -- I am happy you had fun with ST tonight :-)I am glad he is back and you made me laugh with your comment's to him hehehe LMAO,that is COOL that ST is going with you to see DS :-)Have fun i know you will,much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  2. Erica,

    Got the Entertainment Weekly in the mail with an article on the new DS movie. Happy to send it your way...maybe ST can use it as an implement? Or you can read it. Whatever works.

  3. Jade -- thanks! I'm glad he is too. :-)

    Mike -- I'll look for that next time I'm near a magazine display! There have been soooooo many articles online; I guess this really is a big deal and not just me.

  4. Happy Reunion to you two!

    I think that's so great to have a friendship outside of spanking. People like that can become as close as best friends the more time spent together.

    THE book is fabulous!!! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who had step parent resentment growing up.

    I'll email you about common issues when I finish.

  5. Kelly -- I'm glad you're liking the book! :-)

    I've been lucky enough to form close friendships with my tops. First Danny, then Craig, now ST. It makes the relationship more special.

  6. What ISN'T a spankable offense to a top? Lol. Now that would be a much harder list to compile! Sounds like it is back to business as usual with ST. Hope the DS party/movies are bearable.

  7. Lea -- The party and the first movie will be great. The second movie? Meh. I'm seeing it for cultural literacy.