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Monday, May 28, 2012

My "sweet 16" celebration

Yeah, yeah. Chronologically, I'm a whole lot older than 16. But today, in spanko years, I am 16. On Memorial Day 1996, a handsome, dominant man came into my apartment and introduced me to spanking, and my world was never the same again.

I wanted to forget about all the stress and heartache and just have fun. I fleetingly thought about buying some champagne, but ran out of time. On Friday, we'd had a brief power outage, not much longer than an hour. When it came back on, one of my cable boxes had blown out. So today, the cable guy was coming over between 3 and 5. Fortunately, he was here by 3:40 and out of here by 4:05. So I had plenty enough time to get ready for ST, but not enough to nip back out to get champagne. Oh well.

When he showed up bearing his toy bag as usual, I thought nothing of it. Until he sat on my couch, unzipped it and pulled out a greeting card. I was so tickled! It was a "blank inside" card with SWEET! written on the front, and he'd filled in a "Happy Sweet 16" message inside. That alone would have delighted me, but then he reached into his bag again, and pulled out... you guessed it. A bottle of ice-cold champagne. :-D  How wonderful is this man!!

I practically danced into the kitchen, getting the glasses while he opened it. We decided that we'd have one glass now, and then another after playing. And then HE decided we were going to combine some of my implements with his to total 16, and he'd give me 16 swats with each one. Of course, his hand wouldn't count.

I had barely eaten anything all day -- I don't usually like to eat before scenes, so my stomach was empty. And that first glass of champagne slammed into me, full force. Delightfully so. It wasn't more than a few minutes before I was giggling and talking funny and acting like a, well, a 16-year-old.

I know the spanking with 16 implements + hand must have hurt. But damned if I remember any of it.

I do recall that I obliterated another cane...

OK, so maybe it did hurt a little.

But hey! It was time for more champagne!

Uh oh! My glass foameth over!

We got a bit rambunctious in the kitchen, with ST determined to find every single pervertable I had in my kitchen drawers. I took smacks from wooden spoons, spatulas, a frosting spreader, a frying pan he plucked out of the dish drainer, a pair of chopsticks, a cake slicer (NOT serrated, no worries). And of course, one of my spoons bit the dust.

That second glass took me from tipsy to slightly woozy (yes, really -- that's all it takes with me), so I drank about 2/3 of it and then lay on the couch with my head in ST's lap. I felt blissfully content, singing along with the iTunes radio playing on my computer, and we stayed there for a long time, chatting and relaxing. My head cleared, and when I told him the effects had worn off, he took that as a green light for us to play again. No complaints here! ST seemed unaffected by the champagne; I guess it's a guy thing (they're bigger and they can absorb more??). I've never seen John so much as tipsy either.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, after Round #3, I finished that second glass of champagne.

So... 16 years of spanking. Millions of swats, maybe? Well, thousands, anyway. What was the difference between Memorial Day 1996 and Memorial Day 2012?

Hmmm... well, in 1996, I marked like crazy. In 1996, it was just his hand, not 16 implements plus a drawerful of kitchen utensils. In 1996, I was a clean canvas, feeling myriad new emotions and sensations, and certain that I'd fallen in love with my spanker.

But in truth, I barely knew him. I never even found out his last name. I didn't know where he lived. He did incredible things to me and I'll always be grateful to him, but he was a stranger nonetheless. And what I fell in love with was what he gave me.

So I suppose that's the biggest difference, between 1996 and 2012. Today, it wasn't a stranger. Today, it was the bestest top ever, and -- even better -- a great friend. And this man, I love to bits.

My chronological 16th birthday sucked, as I recall. But this 16th was indeed sweet. I'm going to treat myself to some chocolate and a few episodes of Dark Shadows, and then slip off to sleep.

Hope everyone had a good three-day weekend.


  1. Congratulations, Erica. It sounds like you and ST had a lovely evening.

  2. Erica,

    It sounds like you found the perfect way to celebrate your sweet sixteen and with the perfect person! I'm definitely feeling a bit like your 1996 self in being spanked by this stranger who I simply adore, but really know nothing about.

    Cheers to sixteen years!


  3. Erica,

    I am glad that you had such a perfect evening to celebrate 16 years of spanking. You are lucky to have an awesome top that cares for you so much. I hope you will be celebrating for many, many more years.


    PS I recently met someone who has been an avid spanko for 87 years.

  4. "La Chayem, La Chayem, La Chayem,", At sweet sixteen Erica, you've been 'Bas Mitzvahed', to spanks. Thanks. Enjoy the bubbly, be it Manechevitz, or Pina Colada.

  5. I just knew you would go into "la la land." It sounds like a really wonderful evening and you had a lot of fun. I am so happy for you. And how funny to "abscond" with the kitchen items and then use them! Funny.

  6. Had I the funds, I would have bought you a Dragon to help celebrate your Sweet Sixteen of Spanking Land, Erica. Maybe David should comemerate with a picture of you being spanked by... Jonathan Frid. Now that would be a perfect gift!

  7. Hi Erica -- I am so happy for you :-)Your 16 year's of spanking celebration was PERFECT in every way YAY :-)I Love your pic's they are PRICELESS.You broke another cane and wooden spoon,WAY TO GO GIRL,CONGRAT'S :-)ST is totally AWESOME and is the PERFECT top,WAY TO GO ST :-)Wishing you my very dear friend many more year's of spanking celebration's to come :-)much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  8. Congratulations to your 16th Spankaversary, Erica! Looks like you had a proper celebration with ST! :-) Here's to the next 16 years full of spanking (and other) joy.

  9. You are just too cute, congrats. :-)

  10. Terri -- we really did! :-)

    SC -- well, you do know one important thing; he keeps coming back. Mine didn't. But he left a lasting impression, for sure. I'll never forget him.

    joey -- 87 years?? Wow.

    Six -- as a Jew, I can say with authority that Manischewitz SUCKS! :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- it was more like drunky land, I confess!

    Loki -- I suspect that the late, great Jonathan Frid would have preferred to spank David Selby. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :-)

    Jade -- yes, it really was perfect, and I am lucky.

    Lily -- haha, thanks, sweetie!

  11. Happy birthday Erica.
    It sounds like a perfect evening and no less than you deserve.

  12. Poppy -- thank you! It was definitely a night to store in the treasure trove.

  13. Erica, I say this with 'tongue on your bare 'behind' cheeks. I'll substitute, Baron Rothschild fine wine, instead of Manishchewitz. Bare Bottom's Up. I luv's ya.

  14. Implement murderer, YOU! :)

    I love the rare alcohol imbibement pre or post spanking scene. The buzz is super enhanced when it's with a person you care about.

    He's the Prince Charming of spankers, for sure.

  15. Kelly -- normally I'm leery of mixing alcohol with play. But I know I am safe with ST; not just physically, but safe to be silly and giggly, with no judgment. :-)

  16. Happy Sweet 16! :-) Sounds like it was a good one!

  17. Lea -- the best sweet 16 that a 54-year-old woman could have! :-D

  18. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful evening Erica. You do look out of it in the first picture, was that from the spanking or the bubbly:)


  19. Ronnie -- both, probably. :-D

  20. A delightful post! ST is creative, clever and very thoughtful!

    The picture in front of your kitchen sign would make a great alternate profile picture. I think. Oh, look, there are newspapers stacked on the chair; didn't notice that before. I better go study these pics some more to see what else I might've missed.

    Happy Belted Anniversary! OH, "Belated!" Freudian Typo.

  21. Wolfie -- you were right the first time! :-) And yes... my messy kitchen, with the old bread-dough art. That thing dates back to my college years, when my best friend made it for me.

  22. Thanks for being the wholesome person that you are.