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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Part 2: Friday night

Dammit!! I knew I'd forget stuff if I blogged last night, since I was so tired. So before I start Friday evening, I have to catch up with what I'd omitted.

First of all, my bad -- how I forgot this, I don't know. But on Thursday night, after the Burger Bar mixer, there was a gathering in the official BBW suite at 11:00, with demos. John and I, after relaxing briefly in our room, headed up there and got a good spot at the opening of the bedroom, where Mike Tanner et al. were doing demos of various implements and techniques.

Mike and the lovely (and hilarious) Jules were demonstrating the ill-reputed "licking stick." I had seen this thing but never felt it -- to the uninitiated eye, it looks fairly innocent and light. HA!!! Jules was shrieking and cussing and saying how she hated that thing so much, it made her want to rip Mike's face off. Well now. I asked her if it was worse than the dreaded "Family Strap," and she shouted, "Oh, WAY worse!"

Naturally, John thought I should test it first hand, so when Jules got up, the dear man pushed me forward toward the bed, and people started cheering him on. What could I do, really? So I pulled my leggings down and knelt on the bed.

Holy Shit.

Jules wasn't kidding. That thing SUCKS!!! I let out screeches that could probably be heard all the way down the Boardwalk. Fortunately, I just got four. Granted, I hadn't had any sort of warm-up and took the strokes cold, but still. Who knew. The looks of implements will often fool you. The innocuous-looking ones can be pure evil, and the heavy, scary ones oftentimes will end up being all show and little substance.

We stayed to watch some more of the demos, including Mike Stein with the paddle and Richard Windsor with the cane. Greeted a few more people, including Beth. I know you're a shy one, B, and this may embarrass you, but it must be said. Beth is one of the most amazingly attractive and sweet-faced young women I know. I swear, when I'm talking with her, it's all I can do to keep from blurting, "DAMN, but you're so pretty!" In fact, I think I did at one point. Plus, her personality is sweet too. :-)

And then it was off to bed.

The next day after lunch, John and I went for our first walk on the Boardwalk. I'm not much for tourist-y things, but I just had to do that! We walked quite a ways -- it was a bit nippy, but the sun was out and it was a pretty day. Bundled into my jacket, I felt OK, but the wind was biting on my face.

Tons of seagulls too, squawking up a storm and flapping about. John threw one of them a peanut. Watch the birdie!

A lot of pizza and ice cream places! Craig had suggested I get a frozen custard while on the East Coast, but it was too cold. Saw quite a few saltwater taffy places too. We noted a diner that actually had some healthy items on the menu and decided we'd go there for Sunday lunch.

I had to get an Atlantic City magnet for my collection, so we ducked into one of the many souvenir shops. While perusing the magnets, my eyes fell on one and I started howling with laughter. Some of you on FetLife know about the running commentary on bacon worship, often led by Kat, AKA Katbrat, AKA The Famous Kat. So what did I see but a magnet of two chubby pink pigs humping, and underneath in block letters was "Makin' Bacon." I had to buy that for her. John thought I'd lost my mind, but understood once I let him in on the joke.

Cut to the mixer later -- I saw Kat come in, and I dashed over to her. "I have a present for you!" I said, gleefully holding out my hands, with the tissue-wrapped magnet in my cupped palms. She gave me a quizzical look, opened the tissue, and then practically doubled over, she was laughing so hard. Just the reaction I'd hoped for! She took a photo of it immediately and it's now posted in her FetLife pictures.

OK, so NOW we're ready for Friday night. I wore a red halter-top dress, red panties with black lace trim and black sandals, bare legs. We headed to the ballroom and the vendor fair, which was great fun. More greetings, more hugs, and lots of fun stuff at the vendor table. One couple had spanking furniture, including an amazing bookcase that opened up into a mini-dungeon, with the middle hollowed out for the sub to stand in, wrist and ankle restraints and pegs all along the sides for hanging implements. Pull it closed and lock it, and it looks like ordinary bookshelves.

I got to meet Adelina, whom I've talked to online for a million years but never met in person. She had a vendor table, so I bought a keychain from her. It's a little wooden paddle, with "Angel" on one side and "Brat" on the other.

In fact, over the course of the weekend, there were many of those "talked to online but never met" encounters, and if I try to remember them all, once again I'll forget some people. But it was lovely to finally meet Dotty and Cindy-NYC -- have "known" them for years! And sooo great to meet PartTimeLondoner (hereon known as PTL), whom I've chatted up a fair amount on FetLife.

We got into the food line; we could smell garlic, but had no idea what they were preparing. Turned out it was chicken fajitas, with a cook stir-frying the chicken, peppers and onions, plus tortillas and taco shells and all the fixings, including a wonderful fresh mango salsa. Yum! We got our plates and sat with our friend Mir, catching up with her.

A bit later, they showed some of the SSNY short videos. I have to tell you guys -- if you haven't seen these, you've missed out. They are freaking hilarious!! And quite irreverent; these folks, as they were quick to point out, are equal opportunity offenders. They lampoon everything. One of the films, for example, was a "What Would You Do" style video, with Richard Windsor playing the "Over-the-Top Top," or, as he was called in the video multiple times, the "Assssshooooooooole!" But the most outrageously funny was the Hitler video. Yes, I know that sounds bizarre, but you had to see it. They had found some stock footage on YouTube of actors playing Hitler and his Third Reich cronies, and Hitler is ranting and complaining in German. Mike, Jules et al took the footage and added English subtitles, and it became Hitler ranting because his application for the BBW party had been turned down for the third time.

Oh, my God. I nearly wet myself, laughing so hard. Among other things, Hitler was ranting about who was going to be there and what he would miss.

"Don't tell me that prick Richard Windsor is going to be there!"

"But he has a blog, sir."

"Fuck Richard Windsor and his fucking blog!"

"I was going to play with that hot ass Jules!" "Miranda Marx was going to beat my Nazi ass!" "I'm sick of spanking all these German skanks!" He then went on to name all the women he wanted to play with, and right in the middle of it all, I saw the subtitle, "Erica Scott is going to be there too!" LOL!!

Later, Hitler called Mike Stein for the umpteenth time ("Oh God, it's Hitler again! That guy is such a pain in the ass!"), demanding to be admitted to the party. Mike called him "Mein douchebag" and hung up on him.

The ballroom was beautiful, and they had an area cordoned off with curtains where people could go play in private without leaving the room. Nice! I know other parties do that as well, but I'd never seen it.

Mir and I had gone off to the restroom and left John at our table; we meant to come right back, but you know how these parties are. You get sidetracked and start talking, so it was a while before we returned. I saw John hugging a woman with long dark hair, and fleetingly thought, "I know her!" When she turned to look at me, I shrieked. It was Linda from NY, whom we haven't seen for years and years, but we used to hang out with her all the time about 10 years ago. In fact, we were with her when she met Paddy13 at the Riviera in Palm Springs, who became her husband. I jumped up and ran to her, and we hugged and hugged deliriously.

After the vendor fair ended, it was time to wander up to the suite parties. This is where I have to stop and say how very impressed I was with the set-up. There was an entire floor of suites and rooms that was all us, and the doors to the party suites were left open. So the entire hallway became the party as well as the rooms, since we knew we wouldn't disturb anyone. What fun! In the center of the hallway was a table set up so the volunteers posted there could check badges (you couldn't go anywhere party-related without wearing your badge, which kept the crashers out), and then people would meander up and down the hall, in and out of the various rooms, talking and laughing. (we didn't spank in the hallways, though)

Aside from the brief demo with the licking stick, I hadn't played yet. I wasn't concerned, though. This party wasn't about amassing play for me, because it was such a new experience and I wanted to absorb it all. It was only Friday night, after all -- there was all weekend ahead. So mid-evening, I was in the hallway with Marie, Stephen Lewis and Steve (KrampusUK on Fet), Marie asked if my bottom matched my dress yet. I said no, it was white, since I haven't played yet. Steve looked at me in shock and said, "We can't have that, can we? Come along, then." (Imagine that in a delicious Brit accent.) I had been dying to play with him; I'd seen him at parties before and we'd been introduced before, but never played. We had a fun little scene in one of the suite bedrooms, alongside of Tammy and Harry. Tammy was repeatedly throwing me under the bus, dear girl that she is, until I finally blurted, "Please don't take offense to this, honey, but would you mind your own fucking business??" Then I got extra swats for foul language. I'm telling you, a bottom can't win at these things. Humph.

Later, we ended up in Joe and Ten's room, chatting with several others. Alex and Vito had both given me tiny bottles of Kinky Liqueur, since I'd liked it so much at the last SL party, so I drank one of them and got even chattier. When Sarah Gregory came in (looking absolutely adorable in PJs and her hair in pigtails), she joined us on the bed and we spent the next hour or so talking with her and catching up. I didn't play again that evening, and I didn't care. I wouldn't have missed that conversation for anything. I adore Sarah and I've missed her. Everyone lives so damned far away! :-(

Oh -- I will be getting some pictures from Sarah soon. She took a couple of John and me, and Dana Specht and me (we were both in red dresses), plus there are photos of Sarah and me + Sarah, Dana and me. Can't wait to see them!

I think that's it for Friday night. It wasn't super late, just about 2:30, but we decided to head back to our room. I was determined to pace myself this weekend and avoid those damned emotional meltdowns I tend to have when I get too tired and overwhelmed. (Happy to tell you all, I succeeded!)

More to come...


  1. The Makin Bacon magnet is hilarious! :-D It now hangs on my fridge next to our "Save the Date" magnet. ;) Thanks again for that wonderful moment that still makes me giggle five days later.

    I agree, the licking stick is HORRIBLE! Give me the family strap anyday. :-P

  2. I am so glad you were able to be there. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and I look for more of your adventures. I will have to plan on going sometime.

  3. Kat -- so glad you liked it as much as I thought you would!

    I still owe you for calling John "Erica's bitch." Grrrrrrrr.... :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- it was great fun. And you would have loved seeing your top there, singing "You're So Vain" in the talent show!

  4. I am so happy you had a WONDERFUL time :-)GREAT JOB ERICA for not having a meltdown :-)the pig magnet and the Hitler stuff was so funny hehehe LOL, I Love your pic's that seagull was so cute :-)the licking stick sounds HORRIBLE but i am willing to try it.I can't wait to read more this is so interesting :-)much love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. Jade -- I will try to get Part 3 up tonight! :-)

  6. Erica, I once got like... it must have been 20 or 30 with that goddamned stick. NOT. NICE.

    Ahhh so great to meet you!

  7. PTL -- Are you kidding me??? Oh my God. I do hope you were warmed up beforehand.

    You give the best hugs ever! :-)

  8. I was, thank the lord, but not where it counted - you know where he hits with that thing. Don't ever get in kinda trouble before you move away to another country with him. It was a Making a Big Effin' Point spanking. POINT MADE.

    I LOVE THE HUGS :D And so do you!

  9. Oh my god, dangling modifiers ablazin' today. I mean you also give great hugs. And I mean "trouble with him before moving away" not "move away to another country with him." Etc. Oh, my freaking brain.

  10. (laughing) I totally get it -- I can't type worth a damn today! And I got a ration of noise last night because I typed "fist" instead of "first" -- people were teasing me about my fisting scene. (snort)

  11. Kelly -- it was SUCH fun finally meeting you!

  12. Ok let's try this again now that I am under the correct profile :)
    I love reading your blogs Ms Erica and I must say you looked absolutely stunning as the "The Lady in Red" in that dress, and I totally agree that licking stick is horrible!!! OMG Mike Tanner had my attention with just his hands, I only took 3 with the stick then I felt the "Family Strap" let's say that was the end of my playing for Friday night :) Can't wait to read part 3 (((HUGS)))

  13. Yes I would have loved to have heard her sing that song! Dang! I will have to say something about that when I see her again. I know she can sing, too.

  14. Immsunderstood -- so great to meet you! I promise, I'll have part 3 up soon. :-D

  15. Much like DISCO... that LICKIN' STICK SUCKS. (nuff said there!) LOL

    OH HEY! You wrote: "One couple had spanking furniture, including an amazing bookcase that opened up into a mini-dungeon" --- Well, that is the furniture (I bet), that my friend Jack and Tammy build! (On FET as: "WearYouOut and his wife LilLawBrat") That furniture is awesome!

    Sounds like a great party! Sorry I missed it! (oh hey, that braided leather implement of the London Tanner's.. I have one.. it was the Xmas special toy.. IT'S SO PRETTY! Damn thuddy though! I call that my "coffee table implement".. cause that's where I like it to stay. LOL
    Here's a pic for those on Fetlife of what I'm talking about..


  16. Hope it's not too late for me to tell you how wonderful it is to finally meet you in person, after years of communicating online and watching your videos. I kept thinking to myself every time I hear you talk, waddaya know, she does sound exactly like Erica Scott! Lol.

  17. Awww!!!!!! You made me blush! That's the sweetest thing anyone's said to me in a long time. Thank you!!!

    You looked fabulous all weekend. It's so fun reading about your night. I didn't get to watch you play at all and I wanted to be a creeper and watch! Darn it!

  18. Zelle -- yes! The woman I spoke with was badged "LilLawBrat." And yes, that braided strap is very pretty, but it feels dreadful. The Celts can keep it! LOL

    Dotty -- yup, I sound like me. :-D Nope, not too late at all. It was a joy meeting you too -- and what a pretty, pretty woman you are. :-)

    Beth -- meant every word, honey. And I did play privately a few times, so I guess I wasn't quite as "out there" as usual!

  19. A friend of mine owns what he calls the "brat whacker" and it sounds very similar to the lickin' stick you mention. It DOES suck! Those videos sound hilarious, I know I cracked up at the Creepy Guy one that made it online last year.

  20. Lea -- they look so innocuous, too! Ugh!

  21. It was great meeting you in person, Erica. I follow your blog all the time. I know you won't remember me, I was the one with the angel halo Friday night. Keep writing, I love reading!
    @Lea - I've felt both the brat whacker and lickin stick - both equally evil if you ask me.

  22. Angel -- ah, but you're mistaken, I DO remember you! That halo was priceless! And it really did look like it was hovering over your head unattached. :-D Please stop by often and comment whenever you like.

  23. Erica - it was so nice to finally meet you in person. As I saw you coming toward my table on Friday night, I immediately recognized you and my face lit up because I was seeing a friend approach...and then I realized that I don't post pictures so you would have no idea who I am. Gotta love the Internet.

    I'm enjoying your party blog updates, but I especially like your photos. They tell the story of a weekend with vanilla and spanko friends and fun.


  24. Cindy -- Ha! That's funny... "Hey, how come she isn't talking to me?? Oh, wait. She has no idea what I look like." :-D

    Yes, it was a wonderfully fun weekend. I hated to see it end. So nice to meet you too!

  25. And a great chapter two...

    You missed out on the frozen custard. It could be freezing (in fact, I've been in AC when it's been literally below zero) and I'd still get a frozen custard--a rare treat indeed.

    Oh, and you're right, Beth is a doll, isn't she?

  26. I heard one or two people found Hitler funny. All I can say is it is offensive on so many levels.

  27. Anonymous -- I'm sorry you feel that way. I am a Jew, and yet, I found it hilarious. I'm not getting into the controversy about what was said at the end, but the rest of the film was funny, I thought. Yes, in questionable taste, but a great deal of comedy these days is. People have been lampooning Hitler for years; enough time has passed, after all.

  28. My apologies. I did not see where you wrote only part of it was hilarious. Questionable taste - In my opinion - VERY. Yes, certain subjects can be lampooned and made funny. But no amount of time is going to change things for some with the holocaust. Not sure who wrote it but as the saying goes. Those that do not learn from history, Are doomed to repeat it.

    And it is a shame that vanilla people using the elevators got to hear people talking about it.

  29. Anonymous -- it's OK. I understand what a weighty subject it is. I guess you didn't like the old movie (revived into a musical play), The Producers? "Springtime for Hitler"?

    Actually, we've all been warned at these parties not to discuss anything spanking-related in the elevators or public places with vanillas around. So I don't think any other folks outside our party were subjected to that.

  30. (A different anonymous)
    The Hitler video at BBW had one purpose only, and that was the comment at the end.
    Maybe using an extremely offensive and evil person like Adolf Hitler to promote SSNY and their weekend would have been believable BEFORE the weekend, but during it? Not a chance. Jules and her minion are still hell-bent on bashing SCONY. I know that Jules sent people out to say she either didn't know about the video, or that she didn't want that comment at the end included. Rubbish. If she didn't want it in there, it would not have been in there.
    An offensive, immature group of people showed an offensive, hateful video to their BBW guests. That's disrespectful to the people who paid to be there even if they didn't know who 'Scony' was.

  31. Different anonymous -- I cannot speak on this controversy, as I am not involved in it. I've never been to SCONY, but I have no issues with the folks who run it; I've met them several times. All I can say is, I was a guest at SSNY, and a Jewish guest to boot, and that video made me laugh.

  32. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If someone finds it funny then that is them. If others are offended like we were then that is our right.

    It was funny to see some people try to tell everyone it was not the hosts idea. Wow make a video, show a video, Be told it is offensive to the point people walked out. Have people leave the party. Then try to show it again and you expect anyone to accept it was not the host idea?

    Understand anyone that had the money and sent it in got to attend. Does anyone other then those people that stayed in the rooms and played only with their own cliquish friends expect anyone to not know people walked around with vanilla people with their canes and straps showing.

    Yes, I expect those Pros that were there to sell their videos, to try to find people to act in their videos and to pay for the private sessions may not have been offended or have see anything like what really took place.

    Having rules like no cell phones -- camera's or warned people not to discuss anything spanking-related in the elevators or public places with vanillas around is one thing. But looking the other way like they did or not noticing is another.

    I mean what spanking party stops people from spanking so they can watch it on stage. Now I know.