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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Part 5: Sunday night and The End

I'd forgotten to mention that on Saturday night, I hadn't gotten to sleep until nearly 5:00 a.m., so no wonder I was running on exhaust fumes after getting up early Sunday morning for the Court. But it was worth it. And both John and I slept like the dead Sunday afternoon and were ready for the evening's festivities.

A lot of people had gone home, and many of the remaining had gone on the Sunset Cruise that Joe (Dr. Lectr) had arranged. I don't like boats and sailing, so I decided to pass on that. But from what I hear, it was a wonderful time, and the boat stayed in the harbor instead of going out into open water like last year. So, if we go to BBW next year, we'll do the cruise for sure (if Joe does it a third time). But meanwhile, we knew everyone wouldn't be back until 8:00 and then they'd be going to dinner, so we had lots of time.

We went for dinner at the Chinese restaurant in the hotel. John had roast duck and I had a big bowl of comfort food -- soup with noodles and wontons. Back to our room to freshen up (I changed into black leggings and a raspberry-pink long sweater), and we did most of our packing as well. At around 9:30, we wandered up to floor 52, and of course, found a suite party going on in Tom's room.

Steve from the UK had told me that he wanted to do another scene with me, this time with a "kiss of leather." (gulp) Sure enough, we walked into the suite and there he was, and he wasted no time in corraling me and bringing me down to his room for a sampling of his implements.

What a fun scene! First, a nice OTK warm-up with his hand (after dispensing with my leggings). Then he had me lie on the bed, with pillows under my hips, while he selected a half-dozen implements: four leather, one wooden paddle, and one cane. He decreed that I would get a dozen with each one, and I'd have to count them.

Ah, but there was a little caveat. He didn't care for kicking. I kick. So if I kicked, I'd get penalty smacks... on my thighs, with his hand.

As I recall, I made it through the first implement without kicking. But the second one made that errant left foot of mine fly up in the air. True to his word, Steve held my ankles with one hand and gave me several firm smacks on the backs of my thighs with his hand. Ow ow OWWWWW!

Lesson learned. For the remainder of our scene, no matter what he did, I didn't kick again. Oh, he tried his best to make me do so! He even resorted to tickling my feet, devil incarnate that he is. He faked me out, tapped me with the implements, ran his nails lightly up my legs, kept me waiting. I yelled, I pounded the bed with my fists, I squirmed and twitched.

But I never kicked again. I ain't stupid!

When it came to the penultimate implement, a small round wooden paddle, he said "We have a bit of a dilemma here." (he pronounced it "dilemmer" -- gawd, I love British accents!) "Oh?" I said. "Yes," he replied. "Unfortunately, this paddle is too small to cover both cheeks, so it seems we'll need to do 12 on each cheek, won't we?"

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" I screeched. "But...."

"Decision's made, deal with it," he smirked. Damned tops! Why do they ask us questions, like we have a choice in the matter, when they damn well know we don't?

He checked in periodically -- I liked how he did it. He'd pause, lean down and say, "Look at me." When I did, he could see by my face that I was all right.

After the grand finale with 12 cane strokes, he asked if I'd like some lotion, and I said yes, please. A nice warm hug, and back to the suites.

No party weekend is complete without a double flogging from the amazing Fineous. Back in Tom's suite, he found me and we went into the bedroom, where I stripped down to just panties and stretched out on the bed, waiting for him to work his magic.

Sooooooo incredibly sensual and delicious! He always starts out lightly, then builds up, bit by bit, until he's going at it medium-hard, but it never hurts. It just feels like a tingly, powerful massage. And afterward, the actual massage, neck to foot, with lotion. My feet were sore after three days of high heels and a lot of standing and walking, so that was most welcome. I love you, Fineous! I put my clothes back on, and was sprawled on the bed with F, Sarah and another Sara, enjoying the afterglow, until Tom came in and tossed us off because he and Russ were going to double-strap Stefanny.

Later in the same room, I was lying on a divan near the bed, still feeling blissfully relaxed, watching Fineous flog Sarah. Gino Colletti wandered in and came over to me -- I've known Gino for about 12 years. He asked if he could sit on the divan with me, so I said sure and scooched back a bit. Then he asked, "May I lie down?" and I said yes to that as well. So he joined me on the divan and I snuggled up against him. That's a typical Sunday night at a party weekend, folks. Inhibitions go by the wayside. We chatted a bit until John came in, saw us and pretended to have a conniption about it, which made both of us laugh like crazy.

Things are starting to blur now, because it was getting late. I knew we had to get up at 5:30 a.m. and we should get some sleep, but I didn't want to miss anything. I didn't want to say goodbye yet. Thankfully, right about then, we found out that Joe and Ten had booked the suite next to their room and opened everything up for the final blowout, so we wandered over there.

Seeing Joe sitting on the couch, I ran over, flopped down and laid my head on his chest. We hadn't played yet -- well, except for a brief moment on Saturday night in the ballroom. I was making the rounds, and I'd gone over to Joe and Ten's table to say hello. I said hi to Joe, and he replied by pushing out from the table so that his lap was exposed, and then yanking me down over it. Well, hello to you too! LOL!

(To the newbies: That's what's known as the "yank and spank." Don't try this with people you don't know. But for good friends whom you know will be totally OK with it, have at it!)

He let me up, saying, "And how are you, Erica?" I said, that's it? "Oh no," he assured me. "We'll continue this another time."

So at that moment, very late on a Sunday night, winding down a wonderful party weekend, I knew I wanted Joe to be my final scene, and I told him so.

He and I had played for the first time at the last Shadow Lane party, and I remember writing about what an amazingly powerful hand he has. We found a private spot for a quiet little scene, and talked for a while; he said he'd thought, after the fact, he'd been a little too nervy last time, spanking me so hard when it was our first time. I assured him that it was totally fine and reminded him of what I'd said after that scene: "Oh my God! How is it that I've never played with you before?"

Still, he started out lighter. I know he was trying to be mellower and gentler, do a nice Sunday night wind-down spanking. But you know what? I didn't want that. It was the last scene of the weekend, and I wanted to blow it out. So I taunted. I teased. And finally, I said, "Come ON, don't be a pussy."

(I really am quite the potty mouth at these weekends!)

That did it -- he ramped it up, full bore. YES. When he started to pull my leggings back up, I blurted, "That's IT??" He laughed. "You want more?"

"Give me a break, it's my last scene! Don't wimp out now!" Oh, myyyyy... let me tell you, he didn't. I shrieked and squirmed and laughed... damn, that was fun. Perfection. I wanted no more, after that. Thank you, dear Joe.

We congregrated with others in the hallway, including PTL, Ralph Marvell, Jersey John, and Alex. Alex was still toting around that bottle of Kinky Liqueur, offering it to anyone who might want some, so I grabbed it and took a huge swig right from the bottle. My feet were killing me, so I took off my sandals and sat on the carpet, next to a tub filled with empty liquor bottles and glasses. Ralph laughed at me. "Is this what you've come down to, Erica? Sitting in the hall?"

"It could be worse," I retorted. "I could be lying in the hall." And then proceeded to do just that.

"Stay there!" PTL hollered. "I need a picture!" Here you go:

Almost forgot this -- earlier on the couch when I was semi-sprawled on Joe, several others joined us and we had a funny pile-up; Gino, Lilia Spinoza, Fineous, Joe and me and a couple of others, I forget. Anyway, Ten grabbed the camera and took several shots while we hammed it up. Can't wait to see how those came out!

Finally, it was nearly 2:30. I hated to leave, and part of me was tempted to just stay up all night, but I knew we'd both regret it. So, reluctantly, it was time to say our goodbyes.

Mir and I had a long hug in the hallway, and ended up tearfully singing "I'm so glad we had this time together." Then she and Mr. Rob started singing the "good night" song from the old Lawrence Welk show. What can I say... it was late, we were loopy and we're... of an advanced age. (sigh)

Went into the bedroom to say goodbye to Ten, but just as I approached her, she turned away and leapt onto Fineous on the bed. "Hey!" I said. "Excuse me, I'm busy raping someone," she answered.

"Well, knock it off! Get your ass over here and say goodbye to me, goddammit!" (see what I mean about that potty mouth?) She grabbed me in a big hug, then lifted me off my feet and spun me around! Damn! Strong girl, that Ten!

Joe was busy flogging Immsunderstood so we had to wait to say bye to him. I sat quietly watching, while John talked with others. When Joe was done, I hugged him and Imms, plus Steve and PTL, and on our way out, we hugged Linda and Paddy. And that was it.

Our shuttle was prompt and we had a very nice driver who talked with us all the way to the airport. The plane ride was uneventful (and no TSA getting huffy over John's thermos this time). I have to say, we were lucky with both flights in that 1) our seatmates were quiet and unobtrusive, and 2) we had no children or babies in our vicinity. I even managed to sleep a bit on the plane home; I was that tired.

What a weekend. I think I'm just starting to come down now. I wish this party weren't so far away; adding up all the various expenses, it turned out to be a very pricey weekend. But John said it was OK; it was absolutely worth it, and he said we should do it again next year! :-) I love that man. You know, these parties are a joy, but I know I wouldn't love them half as much if I didn't have such a dear and understanding companion at my side.

Thank you, Mike Tanner, Miranda, Jules and Mike Stein. Thank you to all who contributed to the party. Thank you for the warm welcomes, the hugs and kisses, the play, the laughs and camaraderie. I didn't play anywhere near as much as I usually do, and I don't care. As ever, it was about quality, not quantity.

Hope everyone enjoyed my reports.


  1. Hi Erica -- I enjoyed your report's VERY much, they were very interesting and nicely written,GREAT JOB MY ERICA :-)The party was AWESOME :-)I am so happy that you and John had a good time, you are both WONDERFUL people :-)I love the pic of you on the floor hehehe LOL,I like your potty mouth it's funny hehehe LMAO,When i am naughty i have a party mouth too hehehe LOL,much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xxxxxx

  2. Jade -- I'm so glad you enjoyed the reports, sweetie. :-)

  3. Damn, woman! You're sure ST didn't show up after all? The No-kick rule must have been a real bitch to endure. LOL!

    If I'd have been there for the singing finale I'd have nearly peed myself with laughter. SUCH a great, great, weekend.

    And , uuummmm, Gino-yummy, yummy. :)It's great to hear consistent reports he's as nice as he is gorgeous.

    Your book is on its way to mi casa. Can't wait to read all about it!

  4. Kelly -- yayyy! I hope you will like it. And yes, that no-kick business was tough! I do believe I made a reference or two to Steve's parentage at some point. ;-)

  5. The entire series of posts sounds like a truly incredible weekend (maybe minus the waitress in the diner). It's great when events are about seeing old friends, making new ones, and the pressure to play just takes a back seat to other fun things.

  6. Loved it Erica. I am so happy you had such a good time. I think it was just the thing and you have some really nice memories.

  7. MM -- you're absolutely right. The play was secondary in this case. It was fun, of course, and I might have liked a little bit more of it, but there was so much else.

    Bobbie Jo -- thanks. Yes, it was just what I needed to perk me up.

  8. What a great party report. I had a blast, and it's such a hoot to read some of the things I missed (The Magnificent Kat's "Erica's bitch" comment, for example). This spanko community is the best, and I'm so thankful for it, and for people like you, Erica, who make it so outstanding time after time. I'm still grinning from ear to ear. No party drop for me! Yet.

  9. Red -- Hi! :-D I haven't had a real drop yet, but I can feel it waiting in the wings. It was so great to see you again.

  10. You sound like you had a wonderful time Erica.

    The picture of you with Sarah and Dana is gorgeous. You all look stunning and of course what a truly lovely one of you an John.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Maybe one day I'll pluck up some courage and attend one of the spanking parties we have here in the UK with P:)

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Ronnie -- thank you! I really did. It did my heart good to be among so many wonderful spankos all at once, in such a welcoming atmosphere.

  12. It sounded like a wonderful time! I hear you on the cross country trip expense. Trust me, I do it twice a year for my parties. It is totally worth it though. A few years ago when I was new to my group, I used to donate plasma twice a week for extra money. I told all of them, "I love you guys so much I'm giving all my blood away just to come see you!" Lol. I hate the goodbyes. I always cry.

  13. Lea -- does one get good money for that?? I never considered it, because I'm so freaking squeamish!

  14. Hey, your reports are almost as good as mine! ;-)

  15. Craig -- mine are not that good, apparently. None of them got Chrossed. :-(