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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Part 3: Saturday

Have to wrap up one last detail from Friday night -- the story of my most egregious faux pas. I've been choking on my foot ever since.

After my scene with KrampusUK/Steve, I was standing in front of the badge-check table, chatting with Steve, Stephen Lewis and Marie. Marie said she'd bought Steve an implement at the vendor fair. I was flabbergasted to hear this. "What did you do that for?"

"He needed a cane!" she said. I blurted in reply, "No one needs a cane!"

I then followed her eyes, and looked behind me. Passing behind us, a few feet away, was a party guest... walking with a cane. And no, not the beating kind.

I was mortified. She wasn't looking our way and it didn't appear that she'd heard me, but still. I clapped both hands to my mouth and doubled over, and Marie and Stephen started laughing hysterically. Finally, I was so embarrassed, I crawled under the table! It was draped with a floor-length cloth, so no one could see I was under there until I came crawling back out a minute or so later. (This, ladies and gentlemen, is how rumors start!)

To the woman with the cane -- in case you did hear me, and you just happen to be reading this blog, I am so sorry!

Finally, I forgot to mention another couple of highlights from Friday: meeting Alexis Steele in person at last, and getting to see and hug our beloved Pixie, who was a trouper extraordinaire, showing up so soon after her latest surgery. It was SO GOOD to see her!

Onto Saturday. Once again, I slept in while John worked out. When he got me up, he opened the curtains so we could see the sunlit view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Nice, huh? However, John seemed to prefer this view:

Checking the BBW itinerary, we saw that there was a group lunch at 12:30, and at 1:45, an SSNY movie screening. We showered and dressed and headed for the Capriccio room, where we found a buffet of prepared sandwiches -- turkey, roast beef, salami, tuna salad -- and loads of cold sodas and bottled water. Perfect! John and I got our food and sat by the window, looking out onto the boardwalk. The sandwiches were delicious; I chose turkey, which was left plain (no dressing on it), so I added mustard. All I had to do was pull off the cheese and give it to my personal garbage disposal (AKA John).

After eating, we walked around and chatted with others, including Fineous and beautiful Cailin all the way from Ireland, until it was time to head for the theater. Outside of it, they had a popcorn machine with a cart set up, covered with cups of fresh popcorn, and we each got one as we walked in.

The movies were fun -- we saw a short one called Spankback Mountain (a hilarious spoof of Brokeback Mountain, with Mike Tanner and Richard Windsor), and then the feature, College Days, about a Catholic girls' school in 1959. Even though F/F isn't my thing, I still enjoyed it -- it was richly detailed and well done with great production values.

There were several more activities later in the afternoon/early evening, but I had to pass them up; I chose to take a nap before the main events in the evening. How people go day and night at these weekends without any sleep is beyond me!

I showered again, washed my hair and got into my dress for the evening, a form-fitting, sleeveless shift dress in stripes of purple, black and turquoise. The dress theme for Saturday was the 70s, but you know what? I lived the 70s. They sucked. I enjoyed seeing the others dress up, but I wasn't about to do it! I also put on a garter belt and stockings, and my highest heels. An extra bonus: I had a pair of lacy Frederick's of Hollywood panties in the exact shade of purple as my dress (which had cost me a whopping $20 at Forever 21).

The ballroom was pumping with 70s music and everything looked very festive. John and I joined a table with Dolly and Jon, whom we hadn't seen for several years; it was so good to catch up with them again! Others joined us, including Chief and Lolo, and Sandy and Rad, who were dressed in identical black pants and black T-shirts that read, "DISCO SUCKS."

OK... it must be said. The food on the buffet? Not the greatest. Basically, it was the makings for beef or chicken cheesesteak sandwiches, salad, and some vegetarian subs and Philly pretzels. That was it. But you know, we weren't there for the food, and I never want to eat too much anyway. So I ate some of the chicken on a roll and some salad, and then I splurged on dessert. They had a tray of brownies, cookies and TastyCakes, and the brownies were to die for. I wrapped a couple of them in napkins and put them in my purse, knowing John and I would love them back in our hotel room in the wee hours after the suite parties.

There wasn't a dance floor, but a few people got up and danced to some of the slow songs anyway, including John and me. Later, they showed an encore of the Hitler film and then started the talent contest. What a blast that was! Lots of fun acts, including singing from Sarah Gregory, Dr. Lectr, Dana Specht and Alexis Steele, and some dancing as well. But when Caroline Grey came to the stage and began to sing "Danny Boy" a capella, the room went still. Her voice rang out like an angel, and her delivery of the song was so poignant, she had several people in tears (myself included). Needless to say, she won the contest prize, which was a free admission to BBW next year. Nice!

The gathering in the ballroom continued until midnight. I wandered about, mingling and chatting, and I actually asked two men if they'd like to play later -- JCSpanks and GG Mountain Man (their names on FetLife). I had decided I wasn't going to sit back and wait for invitations to play; if I wanted to play with someone and the opportunity presented itself, I would do the asking! (Those of you who know me, know this is not easy for me. But I'm glad I did it.) John and I ended up sitting and talking with PTL for quite some time, and then Jules joined us and we had a nice chat with her as well. That woman is soooo damned funny!

And then it was time for the suite parties. Before we ventured there, we went back to our room to freshen up a bit, and so I could lose the stockings/garter belt. Once again, the entire suite floor blended into one big party, with people spilling in and out of the rooms and gathering in the hall. I lost track of whose room was whose, but it didn't matter. First scene of the evening was with JCSpanks, who took me to his room and gave me a lovely hand spanking, as well as a strapping with several of his toys. He said his favorite was a well-worn London Tanner strap; turned out that was my favorite too! It was buttery soft, but had a great snap and sting to it. JC asked me to please tell him if I didn't like any of the straps, but as it turned out, I said no to only one -- a braided thing that looked pretty but was much too thuddy for me.

Later, I had a fun scene with GG, who was a charming Southern gentleman, tall and burly with a rich deep voice. I told him his face reminded me of a young Martin Sheen (not Charlie, but Martin, many years ago). He was a sweetheart and so complimentary to me. His girlfriend was yet another "talked to her online but never met her" person, SweetNPetite on FetLife. What a doll!

As I mingled in the hall, I saw a very cute guy showing a woman a horrible thick paddle with "Defiant" printed on it. I knew the woman, but for the life of me, I can't remember who it was! (I'm so sorry; I usuall don't forget these details.) Anyway, I walked right up and commented about how nasty that paddle looked. He stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Rick." I said "I'm Erica," and he answered, "I know. I've been following you online for years."

Well, a short while later, I ended up playing with him, thanks to John, who threw me under the bus with him! It was quite the lively scene; he had a selection of wicked implements, all wood (spoons and such), and he was peppering me rapidly with each one. "Say when!" he'd say. In other words, he wouldn't stop until I told him to. So guess who got stubborn and determined to not say "when"? I screamed and hollered and squirmed, but it took a loooong time with each for me to finally screech, "OK OK OK WHEN!" It was a loud, exuberant, perfect party room scene. He did whack me pretty hard on the upper thigh a couple of times and I got marked there, which I think concerned his wife, as she was worried that I'd be upset about that. But I wasn't.

Alex (IMLX), bless his heart, was there, being his usual sweet self and enduring the teasing from Sarah and several others. We all love to give this man a hard time, for some reason! He's such fun. When he asked me if I'd like to play, I said yes right away. So we had a scene on the couch, playing to the crowd with banter and insults. I was at my snotty best, firing off smart-ass remarks, and poor Alex couldn't come up with comebacks quickly enough. "Just imagine me shooting off a really witty line here!" he said, and I answered, "My imagination isn't that good!" "Well, I can't spank and think at the same time!" "You can't do them separately either!" LOL!

Poor dear... I'm afraid he got a wee bit of a blood blister between his fingers. As Ten would say, I assed his hand. Oh, did he fuss about that. Later, he came into another suite where John and I were talking with several others, and he brought it up again. NYIrishRed asked to see his hand, and when he showed it to her, she blurted, "That tiny little thing?" We all nearly fell down laughing. Ah, I love Alex.

Toward the end of the night, John and I settled into a suite, watching Missy masterfully strap Miranda Marx and a few others. Alexis joined us and we chatted with her for a while. Aagggh... I know I'm forgetting other bits and pieces from Saturday night, but everything blurs into one big fun mishmash of talk and laughter after a while. Perhaps it's time to wrap this up for tonight, and maybe more will come back to me tomorrow. Sunday -- the grand finale -- is still to come!

(and yes, when we got back to our room late that night, we did eat those brownies. Delicious.)


  1. Better watch out Miss, they may have YOU working in the Tanner Reformatory next year! YES. I can picture you playing the part of Sister Erica. :)

    I loved, loved being able to spend some time with you and John, too. You guys are a terrific team of kindness and comedy.

    I still have some redness and tenderness from Sat. night butI'm betting my ass Miranda took the hardest strapping of all that night. Missy LOOKS so sweet and harmless, too. :)

    1. I just saw your comment, Kelly. The fact is I AM sweet and harmless. Except when someone puts a strap in my hand. Then ... I don't know ... something not so sweet just washes over me. :)

  2. Kelly -- if we go next year (and I hope we do), I will NOT sleep through the Tanner Reformatory skit! I heard it was fabulous.

    Miranda is a tough cookie -- she took a cold caning from Richard Windsor on Thursday night too!

  3. First.. DISCO SUCKS! (Love the sense of humor of Rad and Sandy!)

    Second.. That pic of you nekkid.. (you be smokin' woman!)

    Third.. That mouth of yours is gonna really get you into deep kimchi one day! LOL -- oh wait.. that's the idea right? LMAO!

    Fourth.. I LOVE ALEX TOO! But never gave him a blood blister! LOL

  4. I think the LT strap you speak of that JC used was the domestic discipline strap. It was nice, wasn't it?? And that braided thing - I allowed it, but braided leather is often very painful, so usually I won't play with it. BUT, it was JC and I knew if I decided it was too much, he would stop immediately! :) So I ventured on through all the implements he had!

    So nice to read your recaps. I hit the ground running upon returning home, and have had NO time to write yet. I steal moments at work on my smart phone to check in with what others are saying, but can't really contribute yet - damn touch keyboard. >:(

  5. Zelle -- isn't Alex adorable? And thank you (blushing). Yep, Ms. Mouth here... lord, I really do hope she didn't hear me. I didn't see her, honest!

    Sarah -- I was so glad to have a day of complete downtime (yesterday) so I could bask in the party afterglow and chitchat all over FetLife and catch up on my blog a bit. Being unemployed has its perks now and then! (sigh)

  6. WOW Erica -- that party was a blast :-)HEHEHE you are so funny LOL, I Love your bratitude YOU ROCK :-)I thought the cane mix up was funny LMAO,the sandwiches and the brownies sound YUMMY :-)Much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xxxxx

  7. Jade -- best brownies EVER! :-)

  8. Erica,the only foot you were choking on under that table was mine ;-)

    I was so glad you made it out to the party and had such a blast.Even if our paths didn't cross as much as i'd have liked, the mere fact that I knew you were in town made me smile.

  9. Stephen -- it was so lovely to see you again! I hope you and the NS gang will make it to Shadow Lane this year. :-)

  10. Erica, you are such a sweetheart and you sure made GG a happy man! Hope to see you and John again soon! :)

  11. SweetNPetite -- you are well named! :-) Glad GG enjoyed our scene as much as I did. And I hope our paths cross again!

  12. Funny you should say that Erica.Have been discussing the very same thing with Lucy this evening.There's a chance there will be a small group of us in Vegas.

  13. TastyCakes must be a big Jersey thing, I've never had one. It sounds like it was blast! I know what you mean about things becoming a blur with remembering all the names and faces, socializing and playing. I have a pretty damn good memory but when I get home from a party and try to write it all out, I know I'm missing things.

  14. These recaps are fun to read. Thanks. Oh, and fantastic body! Totally worth eating right and the hours in the gym!

  15. Lea -- I'd heard of TastyCakes, but have never had one either. Oh, and Philly/Jersey pretzels are completely different from the ones in CA. Here, they're fresh-baked and sold hot. These were cold, very chewy and dense. I took a bite and thought, "Blech!" but then it grew on me and I ate the whole damn thing.

    It does get blurry! I think I do a pretty good job, but I feel bad when I leave someone out.

    Anonymous -- thanks! I have to remind myself of that now and then. :-)

  16. Im with John on the View , I prefer that one as well , coulda had a lil more " red sundown " on the lower horizon , butt all in all a very hot pic "grins"

  17. D -- picky picky. :-) I'd just gotten up; hadn't played yet!

  18. Strapping Miranda was definitely the highlight of my topping experience. Something about looking the lion in the mouth and living to tell about it. What a thrill. I was intoxicated with power after that ... until Strict Dave came along and dethroned me. Every party needs a pooper. :)

  19. Missy -- my god, woman! You were a force! :-D It was mesmerizing to watch you, with that hop-skip thing you did before launching your swing. YIKES! I do believe Miranda felt it -- I could see her face from my angle.

    1. I would have paid money to see her face from your vantage point. Just once. :)

  20. I offered Miranda her seat back right after the strapping-NOT to be a smart ass, but CLEARLY not thinking straight after a few Absolute/OJ drinks. She asked me, "Do you REALLY think I want to sit right now?!"

  21. Kelly -- hahahaha! You know what's weird? I can always sit, no matter what. In fact, I have to. After a really hard scene, my legs are Jello.

  22. Damn--now I'm rather jealous I didn't go. Sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of new and interesting activities/events!

    Oh, and dare I say...pretty fucking lovely photo too! (And not of the view but of the view!)

  23. Craig -- I wish you could have been there! (yes, you dare, and thank you)