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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Regarding last night's flame war...

I will not have this. Is that clear? Jesus -- I go to sleep, silly me, and I wake up to this mess. Haven't had this blog for two weeks and already I have a flame war. Welcome to Blogspot, Erica.

I should have known that a controversial topic such as the one I posted was risky, but I thought people could handle it, and for the most part, they did.

Anonymous -- your original point could have been well taken, if you hadn't degenerated into insults. My original point was not disparaging F/M -- it was merely saying that I, Erica, cannot watch it. It's how I feel and it's my damn blog. I never said anything directly nasty about men who bottom; I kept it to my own feelings and expressed that I wished I felt differently, but it is what it is and we all have our preferences.

KinkyAG, who is a male bottom, chimed in with his thoughts, but he was perfectly civil about it, and I appreciated that greatly. You, not so much. There was a way you could have made your points without attacking and being so nasty. Please don't do it anymore. Has Zelle no shame? Yes, she does. I know her, have met her, and she is a person of high quality, intelligence and compassion. So knock it off with the insults to her.

I will not get into a he-said-she-said fest here. I will simply restate my personal rules: Comments are to be civil. No flame-throwing. No attacking each other. And no cross-talk. If you guys have an argument with one another, take it elsewhere. Take it to email. Take it to carrier pigeon; I don't care. This is not an open forum, this is a blog.

Zelle and Lorraine, I'm sorry you two were attacked. But next time something like this happens (and it will, I'm guessing), please alert me. I monitor my comments closely and if I feel that something is insulting or inflammatory, I will sideline it, try to defuse it and if none of that works, I'll delete it. And yes, some people will call that censorship, but I don't care. Engaging with certain people is fruitless; they feed on it and they don't stop. Lorraine, I sincerely hope you will continue to comment.

Again, I'm sorry that my last topic offended some people. But I am going to post controversial topics here sometime -- it's who I am. Opinions different from mine are welcome, but they must be expressed in a way that doesn't attack. And I expect people to be adult and not hijack my blog with potshots at each other. That is childish and I am not a freaking hall monitor. OK? I don't want to wake up and have to deal with stuff like this.

Oh, and Anonymous, for the record? My real name is Erica. Scott is fabricated. I've been very open about that. Many people in the spanking scene have an alternate name; it's not about phoniness, it's about maintaining a bit of safety and privacy, even though we are very public about what we do.

Dammit -- I had a really fun blog planned for today; I was so looking forward to posting it. But I guess that will have to wait. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go cool off.


  1. Hey Erica... wow, are you a trouble maker! lol, j/k! It is indeed YOUR blog. No idea why some get upset with what works for YOU. It's not like you were saying such-and-such is wrong We know a lot of spankees that feel the exact same too. And while we have lots of friends that are male switches or male bottoms... neither of us has any desire to see a guy get spanked. Frankly too, one of the reasons we started our own private group was because of a desire to focus strictly on M/F spankings.

    Nothing in the world wrong with a guy getting spanked though. We fully support male switches and bottoms and hope they find what they're looking for. But there is also nothing wrong with that not being our thing... and being honest about that shouldn't be a problem. Would be pretty crazy for us spanko bloggers to have to offer only 'vanilla' opinions about spanking. Spankos are wired for different things... so what... can't we all just get along?

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. (laughing) Yeah, trouble, that's me! Thanks, guys. Well said.

  3. I look forward to your fun post. I understand business has to come first. I am sorry there are flame throwers out there. A problem with the Internet is there are childish people who know they can get away with bringing other people down for their own immature reasons and get away with it because they know people won't know who they really are. Sorry for throwing flame back at the flamethrowers, but they deserve it. I believe they need to be dealt with seriously, so, no spankings for flamethrowers. We mean it. Don't make us go out there and not spank you.

  4. Paul -- I promise, the fun one is forthcoming. I'm just not in the mood to post it now. Flames before morning coffee put me in a snit. Guess I need a spanking myself. :-D

  5. Looking forward to the FUN one! Tell Flamer to relax if he heats up again...

  6. Craig -- I'll have the water bombs handy. This is a no-flame zone -- your host is pyrophobic!


  8. hmmmmmmmmmmm .... need a spanking huh .hmmmmmmmm Me thinks I could help with that, at least methinks I would be glad to offer my services .

    come here lil lady and bring the lexan paddle , let the flames begin " grins" lol

  9. (snickering) OK, those kinds of flames I can handle. :-)

  10. im waiting young lady bare bottom over my kneee now ;)

  11. Every now and then, I have been known to post "a reward", which is some rambling relevant to the general subject but little to do with the issue at hand.

    My reward here is mention how many of us are afraid for our parents, grandparents, and previous generations to learn of our interest. Surely they would be shocked. So, recently, when going through the belongings that belonged to her parents, we came across something quite interesting. It was a signed paddle, and we could recognize the names of many of her parent's friends who had signed it. We could not think of any social club, sorority, etc. that they all commonly had joined.

    You know, we may not have been the first generation to come up with group meetings.

    Paul Brozon

  12. Dear Paul -- I would ask "what's your point," but I know better. ;-)

  13. still waiting !! "grins" sheesh your a slow naughty girl ! "lol"

  14. Hello my Erica ARGHHHHHHHHHH i would love to punch the people that started the trouble on your blog,i would also like to kick the people who insulted Zelle, you both are very real people your NOT fakes,their opinions are like arses everyone's got one but their's don't count.if they want a flame war i dare them to be caned i bet they are NOT man enough to do that, DAMN COWARDS,leave Erica and Zelle alone you jackasses and bloody wankers UGHHHHHHHHH LOL and HUGS

  15. Anonymous -- your original point could have been well taken, if you hadn't degenerated into insults. My original point was not disparaging F/M -- it was merely saying that I, Erica, cannot watch it.

    The main comment was directed not at you, Erica Scott, but other commenters who made some very harsh and bigoted comments: cringe, creepy, sadness, cold chill, pity...those are very unkind words. She apologized, accepted.

    The "gouge eyes out" comment: exaggeration, and recognized as such.

    Zelle posting anonymously and criticizing same? Please, the hypocrisy is clear.

  16. Jade -- NO, honey. I appreciate your defense, but don't call names. Please. It makes us no different from the bad guys.

    And no punching either! :-)

  17. Anonymous -- will you please, PLEASE leave me and my blog alone? Zelle uses a pseudonym, but she is NOT anonymous. If you click on her name, you will get a profile, an email, a way to reach her. You, on the other hand, are completely anonymous, cannot be contacted, and I'm at the mercy of your insults, unless I decide to moderate my comments.

  18. May I suggest we move on to another post m'lady !

  19. Way to keep on going, Erica, despite controversies and loud discussions. It is your blog, you get to do what you want. And I for one, love your blog, just to let you know. :)
    I'm ready for that fun post whenever you are.

  20. Thank you, Bonnie-jo.

    Unfortunately, I had to change my comment settings so that Anonymous comments are no longer allowed. I wish I didn't have to do that, but it only takes one relentless person to make it necessary.

  21. What a disappointing thing to happen in your new blog. I understand why you changed your comment settings. It reminds me of why it can be important to have a pseudonym. I love your outspokenness and understand your humor, but I get that not everyone feels the same way. However, this is your blog and you're the boss. I'm looking forward to your "fun" post.

  22. Dana -- thanks. I know everyone doesn't like me. But I wish the ones who don't would just stay away and do something else. (sigh)

  23. Boy, what a difference a day makes! When I posted my comment to the now infamous prior blog topic all of the replies had been pleasant, even those who had disagreed. Actually, there was really only one person engaging in nasty comments.

    Let me join with the others who are settling into our chair, eager to read the fun post. Let's put all of this name calling behind us. Talk about high school emotions (to revisit a previous post of yours).

  24. I'm evil. I was highly entertained.

  25. Alan -- nope, as long as you have a name and you're not Anonymous, you won't be blocked.

    Pam -- I know, right? Ack. It just takes one. So unfair.

    Iggy -- Hummmmpppph! :-Þ

  26. Almost as good as all the anti-Favre/vikings flaming and silliness on yahoo sports.

  27. (snort) Well, my only beef with Brett Favre is how he pronounces his name. Why the hell is it spelled "Favre" and pronounced "Farve"? Stupid!

    Yes, these things annoy me.

  28. Erica,

    Our good friend Bonnie would tell you to simply delete the nasty anonymous comments without mentioning them. S/he wants attention.


  29. (sigh) It's true. I would have done so, had I caught them early. But it all happened while I was asleep and things escalated horribly. Ugh.

  30. If this were a dinner party it would be time for dessert and a new conversational gambit.

    I think you handled this beautifully- I do love having you out here on blogger.

  31. boy take a day off and i miss the whole thing.

    if you're allergic to shellfish why are you at a clambake? if you have to be [social reasons] just explain and enjoy the company.

    a wlile back richard windsor, kind generous, enthusiastc soul that he is, sponsered a video contest.

    someone submitted a f/m video.

    i gently suggested that this venue might not be the best for that video.

    omg....i was viciously accused of being homophobic and poor richard had his lovely idea spoiled by vote spamming.

    mankinds gentle dreams, how quickly they turn into nightmares.

    i heartily conccur with the lovely ladies that felt uncomfortable when asked to top.

    this f
    does not mean i have ill will for male subs.

    i'm sure there are blogs out there for everyone.

    erica you are doing a wonderfull job!