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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome to my new cyber home

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate change. It takes a hell of a lot to get me to change anything, and blog location was no exception. But I have finally, finally had it with MySpace.

I've had my blog there since 2005 and I'm linked all over the place, so I guess it will take a while before everyone realizes I'm here and they update their link. But I can't let worrying about that stop me. It's way past time that I do this.

Last week, MySpace, in their infinite stupidity, decided to "improve" the blogs. As a result, here are the improvements:
  1. I no longer get notifications of comments;
  2. My readers don't get notifications of my new blogs;
  3. No matter how many comments I get, the comment counter at the end of each blog stubbornly remains at zero;
  4. Blog comments now appear ordered from the bottom up, not the top down;
  5. Comments are now severely limited in allowed size; and
  6. I can no longer reply to individual comments, only add new ones of my own.
When a blog becomes so user-UNfriendly that neither blogger nor commenters want anything to do with it, it's time to go.

So here I am. Please bear with me, as this is most definitely a work in progress. I've never used Blogspot before and I have much to discover. So far, I figured out how to change the template, mess around with the heading a bit, add a few blogs to My Blog List and a couple of other things, but I have much more to do. In the meantime, I hope all of you will come here and read now, and fellow bloggers, please update your link to me if you have one.

Thanks, y'all! :-)


  1. w00t! I'm breaking that comment cherry for ya!

    Myspace just broke the camels back with this last little bit of blog changes. WTF??? Where was the logic in that crap?? Who in their infinite wisdom thought those were good changes?

    I hate change.

    I usually go with new changes... but it's kickin' n' screaming into new changes. I won't go easy. BUT THIS LAST BIT OF CHANGES... was just stupid.

    I'm glad you're here.. I like this blogspot! I'd follow you anywhere.. (grins) .. but don't take that wrong. haha!


  2. I am happy your here my Erica i finally learned how to post a blog comment on here YAY i agree with Zelle i would follow you anywhere too as well, i would NEVER miss your blog for the world you mean too much to me, your very special LOL and big HUGS xoxo from your naughty girl Jade :)

  3. Zelle -- YAAAAY! My first! Love you, woman! I am hoping to have lots of fun here.

    Jade -- Good for you! See, told ya there was nothing to worry about. :-)

  4. This is the second time now that I've followed you to a new and unfamiliar location -- and I haven't regretted for a moment sticking with you.

    Congrats on the big move!!


  5. Pam, I'm so glad to see you! :-) I hope everyone will like it here.

  6. Welcome to your new home. Hope you like it better!

  7. Thanks, sweetie! Oh, I need to add you to the blog list.

  8. Ok, followed your link on FL.......stopping by to say Hello.....Sybian_Slaves

  9. Oh how nice to see Sybian_Slaves (aka "John") following to read your blog!

  10. Oh My God! I can't believe it! Erica! Switched from Facebook??? (swaying as if about to pass out...)

  11. Hi Erica, enjoy your work......admire your coffee table reading material too.....those are the kind of books I could enjoy reading 8 DAYS A WEEK......

    Zelle......don't you ever sleep? I just wished you Sweet Spanking Dreams 1/2 hour ago.....


  12. Yes, Craig, I am here now! How do you like that? Miracles DO happen. Welcome, my friend. :-)

  13. Don't worry. This is an easy transition for us.
    myspace has now become "My Waste".

  14. That format was too out there. What are they thinking of? Ah well. Myspace's loss for sure.

  15. Hi Erica,

    You're a brave girl to change into the new world of "Blogging". And... to really scare you, other, newer, faster forms of Internet communication are lurking around the corner...

    You're a fine woman also. Followed your MySpace and other messages for quite a while. Having been quiet for a long time myself as I couldn't draw due to a medical problem with my right hand. Can't spank, not even a prety bottom like yours...

    Time flies and we have to adjust to "modernities" (is that an English word?) all the time as really brave people do. You included.

    Hugs, Funbun

  16. I hate change too, but at least you sent us mail to let us know about the change. I would have hated to have gone to the old address and find you missing in action.

    Of course, you know I have been a fan and friend since you first popped on to the Shadow Lane scene. I will follow you anywhere.


    Brad D.

  17. Ok - I found you - so you can ignore the email I just sent Hope OI am subscribed here.


  18. Oh.. by the way... "Love what you're doing to the place".. (heehee)

    ....adding a pic.. (grinz)

  19. All the best in your new home! :)


  20. I think we all need to make sure that we have your NEW URL updated on our blogspot where we post 'blogs we read' (hints to Craig).. hahahaa!

  21. Sorry about the changes forced on you that left you with little choice but to make the move. But... we're glad you're here... makes it easier for us to follow... :)

    One quick thought... we see you have the 'warning' page. If you have that, it will basically kill your presence on search engines (instead of finding your content, your warning page is pulled). On our blogger stuff we don't use the warning page and instead put an adult content at the top of the actual blog page (and we get about 15% of our hits from search engines).

    ~Todd & Suzy

  22. I am glad you are here, for personal reasons as I seldom was on MySpace. Welcome here, and I look forward to more of your usual insightful writings.

    Paul Brozon

  23. Erica, you're so brave! Now I can follow you and comment more easily, so I'm not complaining. :-) I will be sure and update your link on my list. Happy blogging!


  24. Erica,

    Glad to see you made the change. It's too bad myspace decided to "improve" As others have said, their loss.

  25. Kelly -- MyWaste, indeed!

    Alona -- wasn't it awful? I wrote to them and got a form letter stating "We are aware of the problems and are sorry for the inconvenience." Nuts to that.

    Hey, Funbun -- thanks!

    Brad -- not to worry, I posted an alert at the old place too. Glad to see you!

    Hal -- I knew you'd find me. :-)

    Sue -- welcome! See you soon.

    Todd & Suzy -- thanks for the heads up. I figured if I didn't label this blog as adult, I'd get reported and Blogspot would oust me. I like your suggestion.

    Paul -- ah, we meet again. :-)

    Sophie -- yay! Did you see I've linked you already?

    Jean -- thanks! :-)

  26. I've never been on myspace, so I never thought I could comment on your previous site, and I've often wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work.

    The Schoolmaster's Revenge is a phenomenal movie, possibly my favorite film.

    Your humor and insights are just excellent.

    There. Thanks for what you do. Best wishes, Lorraine.

  27. Welcome to your new home! :) Glad I don't have to sign into MySpace anymore!!!! ;)

  28. Hi Lorraine -- welcome, and thank you. :-)

    Hi, KatBrat! Be seeing you next month, yes?

  29. As of today, yes. I am planning on showing up in Vegas. :) There is a very slight possibility that may change, however, it is way too slim for me to bet on it!

  30. A warm welcome to your new cyber home and what a lovely picture to boot.

  31. You look familular, haven't I seen you before?

    Poppa ;)

  32. Thank you for leaving MySpace. For all, I recall the words of the great Molly Lewis who stated "I hope you forget about your MySpace, as it falls into a distant memory...and I hope your kids find it."

  33. Hi Stephen -- thanks! See you very soon! :-)

    Poppa -- yes, I do believe you have, once or twice. :-D

    Paul -- well, I have no kids, so I can't speak to that one.

  34. What'a a girl like you doing in a place like this???

    Good luck chance of Tom screwing with us here huh?

  35. For those who don't know me, I usually write something boring but hopefully thought provoking. If you don't want anything like that, please skip to the next posting. Yet, I wish to throw something out there: there have been some psychologists who believe that one bonds with the person that spanks them. Maybe not initially, at that moment. But, there is a feeling that someone cares enough to do this, as well as a feeling that I am willing to accept pain for this relationship, as well as some sensual feelings.

    I again was watching an old Western a friend was in, and it seems audiences understood this decades ago. How many times have we seen the cowboy tell the reluctant girl he is pursing he's going to spank her, and later they wind up together? Now, I am not stating one should ever abuse that relationship, just that this can be an important part of conveying consensual mutual interest.

    And for those who hate my postings, sorry I am back. Just skip over to the next posting.

  36. Oh, I didn't mention it, because it goes without saying, but just to be clear, let me say, that photograph of you is fantastic.

    Paul Brozon

  37. Yes, one does bond with ones spanker.. I've learned there is a name for that thanks to Craig's blog at Dark Musings, and for Lizzie and her insight into great books to read like "Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships" ..

    Anyhow.. the general consensus, is that the word for this bond we have with our spankers, or vice versa is... "limerence". (Basically, it's the state of being infatuated with another person, typically involuntarily, and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings but not primarily for a sexual relationship.)

  38. I say "Long Live Limerence!!"

    Spank You Very Much.......


  39. hi Erica,

    Welcome to spanko bloggerville ! :-)

    Keep up the spanktastic blogging,

  40. Well, well, well...if you can make changes after complaining for five years, I guess I can too. So you are my inspiration, honey! Since I haven't posted anywhere for years, what better place to start.

    Thanks for the nice phone call on Friday. It was sincerely appreciated as I know how much you hate the phone. I look forward to finishing our conversation this week and seeing you and J at the SL party!

    Sincere congratulations on the fresh and feminine look of your new blog! Hope you had a great weekend!


  41. CAROLYN!!!!!!! :-D You made it! Love you!