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Friday, August 20, 2010

Repost: Some helpful suggestions

Sorry, kids -- I don't have a CHoS today. But speaking of poor correspondence, I thought it would be apropos today to repost a little rant I originally wrote on my old MySpace blog several months ago. I've changed some of it because some of the details that pertained then don't now, but the gist is still there. See, I'm always trying to improve the Internet society. So for those who read this before, I apologize for the repeat. But some things do bear repeating. Here goes:

I am sick sick SICK of people who have nothing better to do than to sit behind their keyboards and take anonymous potshots at others. You know, the Internet is an amazing thing -- the whole world is at your fingertips, and you can contact just about anyone you want. Some people use that power to reach out and support, to bolster, to encourage, to share friendship and be kind. Others use it for malice, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how people can be so damned mean. Do you have any idea what you're doing, how bad you make people feel? Do you get a surge of joy when you kick someone who's already in the dumps? Does it build you up when you attack a stranger and tear them down? What is your problem? Who took away your teddy bear when you were three?

Yes, I know, I have my Correspondence Hall of Shame. But I do not go forth and attack people on their own turf. I merely showcase the rude things people have already written to me, and anonymously. Never a name, never an identifier. It's my way of dealing with the frustration of receiving such stupid crap. But when my personal space gets attacked (or my friends' spaces, as the case may be), that's it. I see red. My claws come out. I can't change the world or its cretinous inhabitants, but damned if I can't blow off a little steam.

So, to the lovely folks who get their kicks from throwing stones and ruining other people's days, might I offer a few suggestions?

1. Since you clearly have a lot of time on your hands, perhaps you should volunteer some of it to help those less fortunate than you. But don't work with children. The youth of America is doomed as it is.

2. Get a hobby. Take up a sport. Perhaps learn to play an instrument. Who knows -- the same hands that can type trash and wank vigorously at the same time could make beautiful music.

3. Pour your wit and wisdom into a manuscript for the next Great American Novel. It will be the world's thinnest book, but hey, we do what we can.

4. Since you already have the freak thing down, join a circus. Learn to be a contortionist. Then you can entertain yourself by bending over backwards and kissing your own ass.

5. When you get the urge to write something uncalled for, go relax in a hot bath. Oh, and while you're soaking in there, perhaps you can fix the toaster, or any other electrical appliance that needs repair. Be sure to plug it in and test it.

6. And if none of these are to your liking, there's always my good buddy Craig's suggestion: Go fuck yourselves.

To all the good people who help provide balance to the world's detritus, thank you. You are appreciated more than you can imagine. (big cheesy smile here)

*  *  *  *

I really wish it were two weeks from now, and we were on our way to the Shadow Lane party. I am feeling stressed, irritable and restless, worried about J who is working too damned hard for a change and is dead exhausted, it's 100 degrees out, blah blah blah. Last weekend, we went to the memorial of a colleague of his, who died in a motorcycle crash. I thought perhaps I should schedule a visit to my mother this weekend, but you know, I just can't. I don't have it in me. We are both overdue for some fun. And I am overdue to play and play and play until I am oblivious to the world, blissed out and without a care.

Have a great weekend, y'all. Stay cool.


  1. sorry to hear about the friend who had the wreck. As a rider myself there is nothing that makes me sadder . Hope that you have a good weekend as well .

  2. Alan -- My sweetie likes to admire a Ducati every time we pass one. Last weekend he looked at one parked at a nearby curb and complimented it, and I said, "I have two words for you -- Jim [last name]." (the man who was killed) J didn't say another word.

  3. I understand . Its still an itch that most men find hard to scratch at times . Im a harley man myself . "daydreams of erica's pretty bottom bright red dressed scantily bent over my har........." opps sorry drifted off there " " grins "

    Well all I can tell you is dont discourage the looking , just the owning .

  4. Erica, you rock. Sorry if I contributed to any stress for you.

  5. Lorraine! I'm so glad you came back. I was afraid you wouldn't.

    You expressed your feelings with disclaimers and apologies, and I'm sorry you were so viciously attacked on MY blog. That makes me sick. Anyway, no worries. Settings are changed, and we carry on. :-)

  6. Hello my Erica you are AWESOME i enjoyed reading this again it was so funny hehehe i totally agree with your suggestions :-) may i add another suggestion they should also take a long walk on a short pier hehehe Love You Big HUGS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  7. You most certainly deserve nothing but spanking fun and games in your near future. As irritated as you are at this time, you know Shadow Lane will help to diminish this past week's internet unpleasantness. Maybe this is a good weekend for solitude or a great night on the town to blow off some steam. Either with you and J or you and a girl's night out.

  8. Erica! Only two weeks... Lily Starr and I are going to make you drink champagne.

    Also, I got a helmet a few weeks ago, so stop worrying. That means I'm basically invincible when I'm riding now.

  9. You sure are more eloquent than my old stand-by of "Mean people suck!"

    I wish you relaxation interrupted only by play in the next couple of weeks before Shadowlane. It's well deserved.

  10. Kelly -- I do believe we'll have a night out on the town NEXT weekend; it's our 14th anniversary. :-)

    Danny -- Well, it's about freaking time YOU showed up. :-Þ And don't you worry; if I make to Vegas in one piece, I will happily drink champagne.

    pink -- Oh, you're quite eloquent in your own right (write, too!). Congrats on getting Chrossed today.

  11. Well no getting sick for Shadowlane this time. When are you planning your pre-party meltdown? As you've seen I've already started mine. Ha ha

  12. Well.. I'm hopping on the Craig bandwagon.. cause I like his suggestion best.

    > motorcycles: Nuttin' between you and heaven or hell.. but the handlebars ..
    I've got it dangerous enough with horses.

    Erica? Drinking Champagne? Can't wait for these reports!

  13. Iggy -- LOL! Yeah, and I'm sorry that the damn book I wrote on your comments showed up three times! Ugh. Hmmmm... I really, really don't want any meltdowns this time, but I always say that, don't I...

  14. Zelle -- I do love me some champagne! Pretty much the only thing I drink. Well, except for the New Year's Eve where Danny got me to drink Jagermeister, but we won't talk about that.

  15. glad you qualified with that last statement.

    i was horrified b4....make someone drink champagne????ohhh pleeeeeze make me drink champagne, and eat duck skin and unagi. torture me with bacon wrapped sea scallops and steamed lobster.

    you are spot on with the little rant. note: ranting and flaming are not the same.

    and uncle claude's famous statement "give him an evasive answer" is also right on.



  16. I think some people have teeny, tiny, little lives and no self esteem and when they get on the internet they are as rude as possible in order to try and gain some control because they have none in the rest of their lives.
    That and some people are just straight crazy, bonkers, loco but not in a good "I am a little tea pot" way but in a proper bat poo crazy way that is embarassing. I also think these people do that spitty thing when they talk.

    I am still astounded by the bonkerness of some people.

    On the other hand I used to think I was a bit crazy for being into this thing we do but then I compared myself to the screamers and the shouters and the people who just seem to Hate (with a capital H) and I seem so normal as to be dull. I will stick with my normal and dull and hope these people have wipes for their computer screens.

  17. ddon -- lobster is the bestest!

    Poppy -- You're not dull, you're a Cherry Blossom Girl! :-) I, on the other hand, am a little bit crazy. (not in the bunny-boiling way, though, thank goodness)

  18. Erica - I know what you mean. I am looking forward to Shadow Lane myself, and I fear the weekend will go by too quickly since I leave early on Sunday morning. I do hope we get to at least give each other a hug though. A little R & R is good for the soul! Big Hugs! ~Juju

  19. mmmmmmmm... no one told me that there was going to be champagne!!! :-D

  20. erica,

    do you get lobster on the west coast, i thot they were a north atlantic phenom.

    but vegas must get them shipped in by the ton.

    have one and think of me.



  21. Erica,
    I could not agree with you more. This has been an awful week for another blogger as well (I won't tell you the name because I don't want to attract more jerks to their site). Just a wonderful young couple living their dreams and enjoying life, a life which includes spankings. The good part about this episode is that many other bloggers in our little community rose up in their defense and shouted down the self-righteous busybodies and defended the couple and defended our right to live our lives as we see fit.

  22. Juju -- there is NO way I'd let the SL weekend pass without giving you a hug! :-)

    Kat -- people tend to get champagne when they know I'll be around. They like to watch me act like an idiot.

    ddon -- well, I have lived on the West coast all my life, and my parents taught me how to eat a whole lobster when I was a small child. My mother even had one of those huge steam pots just for that purpose.

    JD -- Ugh. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know why people have to be such asshats. But at least solidarity exists!

  23. Erica, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog thus far. I know this post is almost four years old but I am a new reader and decided to go back to the beginning and make my way forward. This post really made me laugh as you have no problem with saying exactly what the rest of us are thinking when it comes to how rude and idiotic some people can be. Thanks for putting the time into this blog I am really enjoying it.
    Kristen N.J.

  24. Kristen -- thank you! I'm glad you discovered me and hope you continue to enjoy. :-)