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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drum roll, please!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have....


I am over the moon with this. Look at the absolutely gorgeous job that Zelle did for me. This represents a lot of meticulous work and I am beyond grateful to her.

She wishes to keep her design credit simple in my book, but for here, I am writing the credit I really wanted to use: "Cover design by Zelle, talented friend extraordinaire."

Thank you, Z. I know it's been a hectic summer for you and you had that aggravating setback with the power outage. But you came through and now just look at this!! :-) I hope you're very proud of it.

I've already uploaded this to my CreateSpace page, and now all that's left is the text. Surprise, surprise -- finalizing that had a complication. When I converted my Word 2003 to a PDF, using the online service I'd chosen, I discovered that while the PDF looked good overall, the fonts matched, etc., the line breaks all changed. Fortunately, it didn't affect the page count. However, a ton of extra hyphenation was introduced.

A lot of it was improper or awkward hyphenation, like mi-nutes, ba-by and the hyphenation of proper names (Be-thany). I let those go, even though they chafed at me. But I absolutely could not ignore stuff like these: proo-freader, an-yway, ma-keup, coo-kie, the-rapist. So, because I can't alter the PDF, I had to go through my Word document and edit the areas where bad hyphens showed up, in order to eliminate them.

So far, I've edited and resubmitted my document for conversion four times, because I keep finding things. But now, I am down to just one bad hyphen to fix, and after that, I am done, done, done. I will submit the interior, and then they go to work on it, reviewing and creating a proof copy for me.

Home stretch, y'all! :-D


  1. Wow, wow, WOW!

    What a spectacular, professional, eye-catching (and HOT!) cover!

    Zelle, great work. Erica: this is a cover worthy of wrapping your amazing tale that I'm sure will have people rapt.

    I can't wait to see what happens next!

  2. Craig -- spectacular indeed! :-D

    FYI, everyone -- Zelle is offline until Sunday night, but she'll be able to read your comments then and I'm sure she'll appreciate them!

  3. Absolutely fantastic cover to your book. Ditto Craig's comments.

    Zelle: terrific graphics and photo art. Very creative and erotic.

  4. joey -- it's funny, because I had a completely different photo in mind, but then Zelle said, "Hey, I like THIS one!" and showed me what she would do with it... and I was hooked.

  5. CONGRATS, To you my Erica, and Zelle what an AWESOME job on this FABULOUS book cover it is so HOT, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT DOUBLE WOW :-D YAY can't wait to see what happen's next. I am VERY proud of you both, Love You both, big hug's alway's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. Erica and Zelle,

    The cover is absolutely sensational. It makes me want to read the story all the more. Bravo!


  7. Jade -- glad you like it! Well, what happens next is now up to CreateSpace; the book and the cover are in their hands.

    Bonnie -- :-) That's exactly the reaction I'm hoping for!

  8. Beautiful! The cover and the legs. :)

  9. Wonderful work, Zelle! Erica, glad that you've made it to the home stretch!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous cover Erica. Wonderful work Zelle.


  11. Absolutely spectacular cover. Breath-taking, in fact. Both you and Zelle should be very proud of it. Good luck with the remaining formatting/hyphen issues. This is so exciting.

  12. That's a lovely cover, Erica. Is that you in the picture? Who's the photographer? Sorry, I haven't been following all the blow by blow on this.

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  13. Anonymous -- I have submitted the interior and the cover, and am waiting for feedback from the CreateSpace site. Pins and needles!

    KF -- Yes, that's me. The photographer is a gentleman named Omar, whom I met through Model Mayhem.

  14. What a wonderful cover!! Zelle rocks!!


  15. sarah -- yes, she certainly does!

  16. Erica,

    Very nice picture. Zelle sure did a fabulous job. Now comes the waiting time for it to come out. On pins and needles. :-)

  17. Bobbie Jo -- I heard from the CreateSpace people. The good news is, the interior file (the book itself) is approved. The not-so-good news is, the cover file needs a little tweaking. Sooo... must wait until Zelle comes back Sunday night. She assured me any minor changes won't take long -- whew! :-)

    Pins and needles, indeed!

  18. Dana -- it takes a class act to know another, m'dear. :-)

  19. Beautiful! Simply gorgeous darling!

  20. Kat -- thank you darling! :-)

  21. A beautiful cover, it is perfect for you- talented women working together, it makes a girl proud.

  22. Poppy -- we're a good team, no? :-)

  23. Subtle and sensuous, classy and intriguing! As everyone else has already said, this is splendid work, and should stop browsers in their tracks, converting curiosity to sales. Well done, Zelle and Erica!

  24. Dave -- oh, I hope so. Marketing is not my strong suit, so I hope the cover will generate interest. :-) Thanks!

  25. Great job, as all of you guys, just said. It's quite a perfect professional stuff, (my job too) well, Zelle, it's so nice...

  26. Stan -- she is quite the pro, isn't she? I haven't forgotten that you offered to do this for me as well; thank you for that. :-)

  27. I would probably have done a nice job too, but sincerely, (Maybe hard to read the text on the page 4/cover, and I wouldn't have wrote such a long text, if I must really find sometihing to critizise...)

    I love what she did.

    Anyway, maybe it's easier to do it in US than with a french guy, because of our different langages ? Btw, I'm still her if needeed.

    And I wrote about your last post.

  28. OMG! I MISSED THIS BLOG TOTALLY! Damn schedule of mine!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Ahhh Erica! Thank you so much for all the wonderful accolades! (MUAH!) .. and I'm thrilled you are happy with the cover! I'm loving this cover myself, and feel absolutely honored you allowed me to give it a shot! What made this come out so cool, was definitely that photo of you. Many thanks to your photographer!

    A photo on a cover, is what will have a buyer want to pick a book up and read the back or even peek inside. Your photographer took a photo that I was thrilled with because I wanted to do a wrap around design. I was able to work with a number of things that made this pic work for what my minds eye wanted to see.

    @Craig - Wow Craig! Thank you Darlin'!

    @joey - many thanks! Of course I had a good subject in the photo! (heehee)

    @Jade... Thank you sweetness!

    @Bonnie -- Thank you! And excellent! I was hoping that this pic would intrigue folks!

    @Beth.. (smooch!) Thanks!

    @Lea - Muchas Gracias mi amiga!

    @Ronnie - Thanks mega bunches!

    @Anonymous -- What a lovely compliment, thank you!

    @Karl - Thank you!

    @Sarah - THANKS! (you rock too!)

    @Bobbie Jo - Yup, that picture made it! And thanks!

    @Dana.. Yes .. she IS a class act!

    @Kat -- (hugs) THANK YOU!

    @Poppy.. Thank you so much! I love my partner!

    @Dave .. oooh.. thank you! AND.. now yer talking! My thoughts exactly "subtle, but sensuous".. and my classy subject IS intriguing!

    @Stan/E. - Thanks so much! Sometimes it takes a village to get the job done! I'm thankful you are in the wings and available for expert advice if needed!

  29. Zelle -- THERE you are! :-D I'm so glad you made it and got to see all these wonderful compliments on your work. You certainly deserve them!

  30. Yes! And thanks! (smiles)
    But, I won't rest easy until they give the final stamp of approval on it. (smiles)