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Friday, July 8, 2011

Correspondence Hall of Shame, 7/8

Greetings and happy Friday. Congratulations to all my fellow Chrosslings.

This week, we have a couple of repeat offenders. Remember this guy? It seems he will not be ignored.


I guess he still hasn't found his dream ass. Amazing.

And the 19-year-old from last time piped up again:

id love to have you sit on my face ;]

Yeah, and I'd love for Sarah Palin to be rendered mute. That's not happening either.

Received this on FetLife:

Love your awesome 50 something petite build

He then went on to invite me to join his group and provided a link. I clicked on it and was taken to the group "Skinny Thin Sluts."

No thanks. I already belong to "Slender Lightweight Hussies."

The next gentleman seems to be a photographer who is critiquing one of my pictures. Hard to tell with all the illiteracy.

working on the photo thing would LOVE to do a lot better than I saw in your pics. and warm your ass up a little more. was disapointed you were not tied to te chair. but really enjoyed the fact you had a garte belt and stocking on

Perhaps you should work on the writing thing instead.

Everyone's a critic, apparently:

your bottom needs more redesspurple to it hummmmm..nice thights very nice!!!

Pray tell, what color is redesspurple? I don't recall that one from my Crayola 64-Pack.

This is not really part of the CHoS; it is simply a statement I found as I cruised the blogosphere this morning:

It is indeed a fact that most men want younger women.

(sigh) With all due respect, sir -- given the amount of correspondence I receive, good and bad, from men younger than myself, and how many younger men have happily played with me, I'd say you might be assuming a bit too much. But thank you for helping perpetuate the stereotype.

To wrap up last Friday, John is on antibiotics and he's seeing a periodontist today. It seems this time around, he will be OK. Thanks to everyone who was concerned.

Funny side note about that day... I love puzzles. I do crossword puzzles every day, and I almost always have a jigsaw puzzle in the works. Not the super-super hard ones; they have to have lots of different colors and an interesting picture, or else I get bored. The 750-piece ones are a perfect size. Anyway... as of last Friday, I was only two-thirds done with one I'd been working on for weeks. As I climbed the walls waiting to hear from John, I discovered that I couldn't work on the puzzle and think about him at the same time. So I immersed myself in the puzzle.

Think maybe I was a bit stressed out?

Yup, I finished it, all in one afternoon. When I put the last piece in at around 6:30, I felt about five seconds of triumph, then my mind swung right back to, "Oh gawd, where IS he?" I am hopeless, truly. But it all worked out.

Back to Spanking Court tomorrow; can't wait! :-D  Wish me luck. Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. "Nice thights" indeed! Do you suppose he meant "thighs?"
    Have fun at court!

  2. Dana -- yup, that was my guess!

  3. "Slender LIghtweight Hussies"! HA!

    Seems that one guy's H and R keys are broken on his keyboard!

    Redesspurple is in the 188 color pack, Netherlands edition.

    Good luck with the Spanking Court!

  4. Craig -- Ah! Well, you are the world traveler, so you should know; thanks for that nugget! ;-D

  5. Hi Erica, i think those idiot's need to go back to school to learn to spell better hehehe LOL, WOW you are VERY good at doing jigsaw puzzles your finished candy puzzle looks good enough to eat YUM hehehe, Good Luck with Spanking Court tomorrow i know you will do AWESOME you always do, it will be so much fun. Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. Jade -- yes, the candy puzzle was fun! No chocolate, though. :-)

  7. Have a great time in Spanking Court.

  8. joey -- thanks, I intend to! :-)

  9. "Slender Lightweight Hussies"


  10. Here you go, Erica. Spanko Jigsaw Puzzles!

    Or would that defeat the purpose? *grin*

  11. Bobbie Jo -- glad people are getting a snicker out of that one. :-)

    Season -- WOW! How cool is this? :-D I've never seen this site before. Thank you!

  12. silly Erica....they make 175 pack crayon boxes now! I am sure that color is in there somewhere!

    Sometimes I think people are texting messages on their phones, which accounts for letters being left out!

    And that's a puzzle??? I did a double take! I was thinking, "why does she have all that candy lying on the table? Pig." LOL


  13. Sarah -- HAHAHAHAHA! Yup, if you click on the picture, it enlarges and you can see all the puzzle pieces. :-D Funny thing is, there isn't a single candy in that combo that I like.

  14. Hmmmmm...I don't like any of that candy either. Unless...are those jelly beans on the left side. I will eat those. I love jelly beans. I love the Crayola jelly beans. They are yummy.

    Good luck at Spanking Court and don't behave yourself young lady! Well...until you have to that is. ;)

  15. My spam word to post was gooful. Lol.

  16. "Sarah Palin rendered mute" - in your dreams!

    That's a cool puzzle. Liquorice allsorts are one of my favourites! Now you've got me wanting to do a puzzle. I gave all mine away after they were done. Do you get any from Bits and Pieces? They have uber-cool ones.


  17. Bree -- on my way there now!

    I like some flavors of Jelly Bellies, but overall, I'm not a jelly bean lover.

    Hermione -- I know, right?

    Oooh! Never seen that site before either! I just pick them up at Target and places like that.

  18. I've been trying to read a book today on Amazon's Kindle, but I can't stay focused. Thoughts keep returning to you at Spanking Court. I do hope that you'll post later today or tomorrow!

    My business is picking up again, and I've got lots of jobs booked, but it still leaves me time for delighting in the spanking scene. Unfortunately, it looks as though my top is gone for good, but maybe the future holds something else for me. I

    I'm doing okay with the loss, but I have no idea why my top disappeared without a word. It is hard not to descend into self-blame, but the reality iss that it has nothing to do with me. Of course, that makes me feel under-valued as well....

    Sorry for rambling on and away from accepted protocol! I wish I could post humorous anecdotes, but my life is fairly boring to those on the outside. I do enjoy your posts, whether flippant or more serious. I wish I had more spanko friends (I've got two--both of which are unattached without a spanking partner).

    If I didn't know better, I'd say that you lead a charmed life, but I know that is far from the truth. I really look forward to reading your memoir!

  19. Thanks to the idiots for giving the rest of us a laugh! :-) Good luck with Spanking Court!

  20. Dana -- sadly, some people disappear. I have experienced a few disappearing acts myself. It hurts like hell and it wreaks havoc with your self-esteem, I know.

    And you're right, my life is definitely not charmed, even though I post some really fun stuff on here (for which I'm grateful). Remember... no one's life is exactly the way it seems, looking in from the outside.

    Lea -- it was fun, as always. I'll be writing about it later. :-)

  21. Now there is a new category, I'm going to see if Flickr or YouTube have posted any SLH pictures and videos yet.

    Amazing job on the puzzle, I get dizzy just looking at it!!

  22. Dave -- hmmmmmm... so, did ya find any? ;-)