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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A rare glimpse...

... of me, in submissive mode. Check it out -- fetching New Guy the paddle he made for me.

He told me to get it for him, and I did. Isn't that amazing?

OK, so later, I tossed it across the room. What do you want, perfection?

I told him all about the Spanking Court shoot -- he asked if we'd repeated the 50 with leather, 75 with wood, and I said yes. "Did that hurt a lot, with no warm-up?" he asked. I told him I didn't remember.

"What do you mean, you don't remember? Weren't you there?" Well, yeah... but when I'm shooting, I'm so amped up with endorphins and adrenaline, I barely feel anything. "Oh well, we can't have that. Guess we'll have to recreate it tonight."

Oh, for God's sake. Wasn't two takes enough??

Actually, he didn't really recreate it. The only resemblance to Saturday's scene was the final 75 with the wooden paddle. Before that? One hell of a lot more than 50.

But I needed it. Saturday was an appetizer. I am eager for future shoots with Spanking Court when we get up to their max -- 300. I enjoy being challenged on camera.

I've been watching some of the SC clips -- today, I saw one where the poor girl was sobbing at the end of 100 strokes with leather. Really? After 100 with leather, I'm just getting warmed up. It's all relative, I guess. Each scene is a little bit different, because they vary the positions and spanking benches and they have soooo many implements. And some of those courtroom scenes had me falling off my chair with laughter.

Anyway... was I properly chastised? You be the judge:

I love aftercare. :-)

When we were done with the chair he'd placed in the middle of the living room, I didn't bother putting it back. I knew he'd be using it again.

I was right. But then again, I did throw the paddle across the room.

Sorry this took an extra day to post, but NG had some trouble with his email and wasn't able to get the photos to me until this evening. Better late than never, no?

And 24 hours later, I still feel quite good. :-)


  1. Erica?? The Submissive??


    That last pic of you on your knees ... ahhhh...melts!! So sweet!! And NG is just so damned handsome! (swoons!) - you lucky huzzy! John, NG, and the Villain.. christ-on-a-cracker woman! If you were trying to corner the market on hot Tops - you HAVE succeeded!

  2. Zelle -- hey, I CAN be submissive, dammit. For about five minutes. :-D

    I do know some amazing men, don't I... I keep thinking it's all a lovely dream and I'm going to wake up, but so far, it hasn't happened!

  3. Great photos and another fun story. Your impish smile in the first photo is priceless.

  4. Hmmmm....I might buy it, just maaaaaaaybe, in that last picture. But the first? No, you look anything but contrite. You look almost --- mocking! :) The fact that you threw the paddle across the room proves my point!! haha!!!

    Great pics! :)


  5. Erica, in the top photo, your 'hearts', in the right place for me. Plus, your voluptous 'Yiddishe', derriere, would be so delightfully pleasant to spank.

  6. I grinned when you got shy and put a heart over your pussy. There is nothing to be ashamed about - you have a beautiful body. You are a woman, so flaunt it proudly. :)

  7. joey -- thanks! :-)

    Sarah -- ok, ok. It was worth a try. (grinning)

    Six -- I think that's the first time I've seen Yiddish and French in the same sentence. :-)

    NV -- it's not shame; it's just a personal discretion choice. I'm always complaining about the "dick pics" on FetLife, so I don't want to be a hypocrite and flash a kitty shot. :-)

  8. Hello Erica, the pic of you holding the heart paddle is ADORABLE :-) You a submissive hehehe LMAO, you throwing the paddle was funny hehehe and that proved my point. your last pic on yor knee's is so CUTE. Your the GREATEST i really enjoyed this thank's for sharing. I Love You, big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  9. Jade -- glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  10. Uh, Erica,

    Your eyes in the first picture betray you.....LOL. They have a very impish, come and get it yourself, flash in them. Almost, "I dare you" expression. Of course, you were daring him, weren't you. Yes! Throw it across the room and get rid of it!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself at SC and also with NG.

  11. Bobbie Jo -- (sigh) I will never play poker. My eyes and face give me away every time!

  12. But Erica, you are a bionic bottom! I'd be a wuss probably crying after 50 swats, even with leather. Lol. Glad you had another enjoyable Monday. Keep loving them to make up for the rest of us. ;-) P.S. you always have such cute shoes!

  13. Again, thank you for sharing,
    with us frustrated schmuks.
    Sigh . . . .

  14. Lea -- I'll bet you wouldn't! :-)

    Thanks... I'm not much for shoe shopping, so I'm glad my choices are good!

    Richard -- awwww. Didn't mean to frustrate ya!

  15. Erica, I love your sense of humor. 'Touche', as they say in France. 'Tuchas'=(bottom), as they say in 'yiddishe'.

  16. Erica, I agree, 100 with leather is a nice warmup. But then, Here in Canada, anything that keeps you warm and toasty is meant to be enjoyed!

    I loved the shot of you with your back to the camera, walking away.


  17. Hermione -- oh, I enjoy it here too, even in this stupid humid 90-100 degree heat we're in for this week! ;-)