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Thursday, July 21, 2011

As if it weren't hot enough...

... no, this isn't a post to complain about the heat again. I've already been told if I don't knock that off, someone is coming over to cool my jets. :-)

I'm talking about Weeds. I know, I'm way behind on this, since the scene I'm discussing was from Season 6, back in October 2010. But I'm renting the show on Netflix and just saw that episode, ironically titled "Gentle Puppies," last night.

Obviously, if you haven't watched the show, you won't know what I'm talking about. But I will assume the show has a large enough fan base. Besides, even if you don't follow it, no doubt you've heard about the spanking scene(s).

I'm about to commit scene sacrilege once again. Back in Season 4, there was an OTK spanking scene between Mary-Louise Parker's character Nancy Botwin and the devastatingly sexy Demian Bichir's character Esteban. The buildup to it was charming, I admit, and it was definitely not faked -- good pullover, he pushed up her dress, you saw hand-to-bottom contact. But his technique was lame, lame, lame. His arm looked spastic and stiff and he landed in the same spot over and over. People were cheering about what a great spanking scene this was, how fabulous it is to see an OTK spanking on mainstream TV, etc. I guess I'm jaded. I give them an A for effort and intent. But is it all that great? IMO, no.

If there's anyone left in the spanko world who hasn't watched the Season 4 spanking, you can see it here.

However, the scene from Season 6 is what resonated with me. It was edgy. It was rough. And it was @#$%ing HOT.

Nancy, bored and frustrated, on the run and stuck in a podunk town, goes to a bar looking for trouble. She antagonizes the hunky bartender/owner, wandering behind the bar to help herself to a shot, taking the "No Ladies at the Bar" sign down from the wall and tossing it to the floor, lighting up a cigarette although no smoking is allowed.

Unfortunately, the scene in its entirety, once up on YouTube, has been taken down. I did some searching online and found the full scene, but it was on PornHub and one has to put up with in-your-face graphic photos and ads in order to view the clip, so I am not posting it here, sorry. However, a brief clip of the buildup is still on YouTube, and it's plenty hot on its own.

I don't know about anyone else, but I find this even hotter than the buildup with Nancy and Esteban. The hair grab. The look on her face when the lock on the door clicks into place. And while the clip ends before the action, I will tell you that what followed included his belt striking her bare bottom, and then his kissing and biting the red stripes. After that... well. :-)~~~~~

So, fellow Weeds lovers, what do you think? Which scene did you prefer? Why? Granted, the first scene was much more traditional, which is great. I just can't get past his crappy technique. It's too bad, because I love a spanking scene where both participants are equally attractive and sexy, and that certainly was the case here. But that second scene... something about it. You could feel the tension crackling in the air. The way he glared at her. His calm voice when he says, "You don't listen." Brrrrrrrr.....

Oh, and the actor in the bar scene is Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who used to be on Saved By the Bell. He certainly has grown up, hasn't he?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take another cold shower.


  1. WOW that scene is FREAKIN HOT, I Love when she say's I DON'T LISTEN and he say's WANT ME TO MAKE YOU, hehehe :-) I saw the other scene where she get's an otk in the limo both scenes are VERY COOL, Thank's for sharing, big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  2. I have a very funny feeling you are going to get an interesting surprise come Monday!!!

    Mary-Louise Parker looks very much like Andrea Parker who was Miss Parker in "The Pretender" TV show in the '90s. It was my favorite show at the time and my second favorite show was "The Profiler."

    Anyway, in the limo scene, I though I was looking at "Parker" from "The Pretender."

  3. Jade -- glad you liked them.

    Bobbie Jo -- I've never seen "The Pretender." I love Mary-Louise Parker; she has such a lovely, enigmatic face.

  4. Thanks Erica. The scene from Season 6 is way hotter. TG for netflix! :)

  5. joey -- I LOVE Netflix. I don't get premium cable channels, so I have watched Big Love, Six Feet Under and now Weeds from NF. Who needs HBO and Showtime? :-)

  6. Breathes heavy ..... seen this one before , wish there was a lil more belt spanking , but its definantly a good one ..... wonder if erica has been belted over a bar like that ............... NEW GUYYYYYY!!

  7. Alan -- I wanted more than two belt strikes too. You know you're a true spanko when you watch a hot sex scene like that and think, "Never mind @#$%ing her -- keep strapping her!"

    And no, I have not. Then again, I don't go to bars. :-)

  8. Is that Zack? The Saved by the Bell Zack? Hilarious!

  9. Emily -- yup! Zack Morris, all growed up. :-)

  10. Thanks for posting this, Erica!

    This is the hottest scene ever. Forget the cold shower, I'm going for immediate gratification. (TMI?)

  11. Oh I've seen that whole bar scene somewhere out there on some sleazy net-work site (LOL) .. and I nearly lost it when he grabbed her hair and said .. "You don't listen do you?" - OMG - HOT!.. then it ends up with him saying .. "Do you need someone to make you listen?"

    I'm with you though... go back and 'work that belt' for cryin' out loud. ((pun intended))

  12. Pink -- wellll... (blushing) I did the same thing last night after I saw the whole scene. :-D

    Zelle -- yeahhhhh... he did that very, very well. (dreamy smile)

  13. Pornhub allows embedding videos in web pages, too ;)

    Here are some links from my Movie Database:

  14. Oh wow... that was hot!!!! I didn't expect it to be like that at all!

    I will never look at Zack Morris the same again. Every girl in my class had a crush on him. I was already pervy then, but he definitely didn't look/act like that when I was in the 4th grade.

  15. Frankly, I had not noticed Esteban's poor technique until you mentioned it. I was hooked on her expression when he lets her up.

    I was able to find the entire clip of Gentle Puppies on Rapidshare via the Chross DB.!download|708tl2|425053021|we3ds_-_gentle_pupp1es.avi|48234
    I found the led up to be hotter than the spanking. YMMV

  16. """"And no, I have not. Then again, I don't go to bars. :-) """

    Vee Have Vaaays Of Fixxing Dis My Dear !!

    "" Evil Chuckle ""

  17. Chross -- thanks! :-) I saw that I could embed the clip from PornHub... but when I played the clip, the second it ended, the screen was splattered with two large photos of gaping you-know-whats. I thought, nahhhh, I'm not subjecting my readers to that.

    Beth -- I have never seen Saved By the Bell. So this was my first time seeing that actor. I think I'm quite smitten.

    OBB -- I'm a stickler for technique. :-) Thanks for the link! I agree, the buildup was hotter than that two-stroke strapping.

  18. Definitely the bar scene is way better. I am with you and Zelle, the scene wasn't long enough. I suppose I am spoiled by watching spanking videos that last longer. Why would we expect vanilla cable TV programs to have a longer spanking scene anyway. We should just be grateful they attempt to do one at all as was always the case since I can remember.

    She's in trouble now. Maybe, just maybe. The anticipation that she might get a spanking. Eyes glued to the TV set. Ears riveted to listening to every word said. Finally the spanking and me wide-eyed and in a trance.

    If you tried to talk to me while all this was going on, you words would have fallen on deaf ears. I was oblivious to everything happening around me. The house could of burned down for all I knew during this moment in time.

    The scene finally over, a sigh of satisfaction and the same feeling I get when a story has a happy ending - pure,unadulterated mind-boggling twinges of joy and rapture. It's that feeling like I am in falling in love. Endorphins I guess.

    Now where did I put that.....ah found it. Night.

  19. I haven't watched Weeds, but did see that season 4 clip as well as this one, somewhere else a while ago. I didn't think much of the technique in the first one either.

    But two spankings is quite good for a series. Maybe I'll start watching, just in case.


  20. bree -- Hah! I guess Pink and I weren't the only ones! :-)

    Hermione -- it's a wildly quirky show. It doesn't know whether it's a black comedy or a drama or something in between. But it's quite addicting.

  21. I love Weeds and not just for the few and far between spanking scenes. The first one in Season 4 was kind of lame. I liked more than the actual spanking the parts after where she checks her bottom out in the mirror and grimaces when sitting. But the Season 6 scene, HOT!

    And I love Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I had a crush on him when I used to watch Saved By The Bell and he's gotten even more attractive with age. I watch his current series Franklin and Bash on TNT regularly, funny show. Weeds is addicting. I started watching it with my husband and there were a few nights where we were up past 2 am with work the next morning because we just couldn't get to a stopping point. Lol.

  22. I've not seen that before and wow! It was so sexy. I am all uptight now and I have already had my run today.
    Please send me the address of the bar- I can see a girls' night out in our near future.

  23. Lea -- I love Weeds too. There have been times when it was a little too dark for me (that torture scene at the end of Season 4 gave me nightmares), but overall, I love the quirkiness of it and most of the characters. I adore Andy!

    Poppy -- oh dear. Believe me, if I knew where to find that bartender, I'd tell you!