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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In case you were wondering...

...or even if you weren't, I figured it was time for an update.

1. Where is my book?

As you may recall, my dear buddy Zelle is designing the cover for me. Her life is very hectic at the moment and the setup in Photoshop is intricate and rather tedious, so it's been slow going. And then, a storm happened. While she was working on it. Power surge. Poof. Hours of work, gone. Yes, she does have a surge protector. Unfortunately, it's at her house, and she was at her mother's house at the time.

Poor Zelle. I think she woke the surrounding neighborhoods with her expletives.

So we've had a little setback there. But it will be done soon. Once I have the final cover, then it's back in my hands and I can begin the publishing process. I have decided that the writing is done. No more tweaking.

2. What happened to my Spanking Court clips?

Let's recap. Beginning of May, I shot two courtroom scenes and two spanking scenes. Then in June, I continued the saga, shooting another courtroom scene and an extended spanking scene. However, nothing has been released yet.

Apparently, there was a SNAFU. Don't know the details, but one of my spanking scenes from the May shoot exists only in my memory now. It went the way of Zelle's cover file -- poof! And of course, it's the second scene... the really intense one. The one where I pulled out all the stops and treated The Villain and Dana to the full Erica Attitude.

(sigh) I know this kind of thing happens. Don't forget, back in the Spanking Epics days, the entire cast of the Keith Jones trilogy had to go back East once again to redub all the outdoor dialogue, because of a sound problem.

So, this Saturday, instead of shooting new footage, we are reshooting that scene. Then the continuity will be unbroken, and they can start putting my clips on the site. Cali felt bad and thanked me for being so flexible. (I should keep that email forever; it's a rare occasion when anyone uses the word "flexible" about me!)

Fortunately, thanks to this blog and my elephantine memory, I think the scene can be easily recreated. I remember all the details -- I was rude to Dana because she called me ma'am (important detail, since that is referred to later). I screwed up the count repeatedly, on purpose. I goaded V so relentlessly, he switched from leather to wood at stroke #50.

Their August shoot will be in Tampa, because they're taking the entire Spanking Court show to the Tampa Tanners party. So, sometime in September, we will pick up again and I'll continue with new footage. I look forward to that. Since I made V lose his temper in the last scene we shot, there should be some interesting repercussions. :-)

Last night, I remarked to Zelle that perhaps I was a jinx -- I mean, two projects with which I'm connected met with unfortunate circumstances! She said that was probably true, since New Guy has to redo his work with me week after week. Smartass...


  1. I'm aware that such things happen, or I might be suspicious of the desire for multiple retakes of spanking Erica. ;-)

    Sorry, Zelle, that Dr. Zeus decided all your work should be redone. Oy, to coin a phrase!! But it will come even better in the end!

  2. Remind me to keep my laptop away from you!

  3. Dave -- yeah, that IS sort of suspect, isn't it!

  4. Craig -- but I thought you liked me on your laptop. :-)

  5. Look on the positive side, you can do the spanking scene again. :D I am looking forward to reading your book; I am sure it is just as amusing as your blog.
    PS Are the three spankateers ever going to do a scene together?

  6. joey -- that would be fun! But I don't see how it's possible; Pink, Zelle and I live far from each other and the odds against the three of us being in the same place at the same time are high. (sigh)

  7. Erica: I'd prefer you on my hard drive.

  8. I love being able to get a chuckle outta you.. cause you continually have me in stitches! LOL

    omg.. laptop/coffee-spew/hard drive/CRACK ME UP!!

  9. Zelle -- well, my talented friend, you definitely have made me grin on several occasions. :-)

  10. Hello Erica i am so sorry that those mishap's happened to you and to Zelle :-( but in the end it will all work out :-) I always call myself a jinx as well cause sometimes bad things happen when i am around hehehe LOL. For example yesterday when i was at the hospital, i knocked over some ladie's paper work, i wanted to pick it up and she saw that i didn't feel well, so she said it was ok that she would pick it up. that's more of a klutz but you know what i mean.Love you and big hugs always from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  11. Jade -- I'm sure she understood. :-)

  12. All your followers and fans will be ready whenever the book is finished. Looking forward to it. I'm wondering if my husband would pick up your first one if I left it lying around open to certain stories. ;-)

  13. Lea -- (snickering) And which stories would those be?

  14. That is such a classic Zelle line. I love it!

    Bummer about the cover and the scene, but I'm sure practice and memory will improve them! :)

  15. Pink -- oh yes, no doubt! (snort)

  16. "Poor Zelle. I think she woke the surrounding neighborhoods with her expletives."

    So that was what that noise was? I thought it was just more thunder and lightening.

    Oh well. All good things come to those who wait.

    Erica you are not a jinx. Maybe you exhibit high jinks, but no never a jinx.

  17. bree -- HAHA! Thank you, that made me giggle. :-)

  18. So many witty comments from the peanut gallery and the minx who exhibits "high jinks!"

  19. Dana -- we do have our fun around these parts!

  20. High jinks, sassiness and coffee spews, Oh my.

    Bottoms plotting against tops on the sly.

    They seem to think that they will surely win.

    But Erica will always have the last grin.

  21. Bobbie Jo -- LOL! Well done. And yes, I will.