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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feeling mildly silly...

... for giving in so thoroughly to stinking thinking on Friday. But you know, just writing about it helped. For everyone who commented and who dropped me notes privately, thank you. :-)

John did all the right things (well, except for not calling and not answering his damned texts/voicemail) -- he went to the doctor and the dentist and he's staying on top of his health. The reason why he got so horribly sick last year was because he put off seeing the doctor for five weeks. He won't do that again. So maybe I need to relax a little. (Yeah, right. After I scale Mt. Everest in my bare feet and break the Guinness record for most consecutive cartwheels.) Well, it's good to have goals, anyway.

Enough of that. We had a nice, peaceful weekend after I got there Friday night. Tomorrow, NG is coming over late afternoon to get the July 4th fireworks started on my butt. Life is good.

Just to end on a humorous note -- I'm sure you've all seen the sexist ads of yesteryear (you know, happy housewives, macho husbands and women waxing ecstatic over cleaning products). I leave you with the Worst. Ad. Ever. Yes, ladies, in case you can't read the small print -- all you need for a happy, successful marriage is to keep your cooch clean and antiseptic! (I can't believe Lysol was used for that... aaack!!) If you double-click on the picture, you can read it more easily.


  1. Happy Independence Day, Erica!

    I wouldn't dab, pour, spray or swish that stuff anywhere the light don't shine, unless hubby tries it first on his naughty bits!


  2. I am really happy that John is better and on the road to recovery. I am to grossed out ot comment on the ad.

  3. Happy Fourth Erica. Glad to hear John is OK.

    I had to read that twice:) can't believe Lysol was used for that.

    Enjoy tonight.


  4. You have got to be kidding! Lysol? What on earth were they thinking?!!

    I am glad to hear John is better and that you are too. Have fun today and enjoy the "fire works" this afternoon!

  5. Hello Erica, I am glad John is ok as well :-)I can't believe that they used lysol HOLY SHIT that must burn and hurt just like when you put peroxide on a cut YIKES :-( Maybe next they will say to use bleach hehehe LMAO, Which i think the ape my dad's girlfriend should use i bet she is full of disease hehehe. My doctor said in general that girls and ladie's don't need to use anything it cleans itself somehow, in certain circumstances like the ape well thats a different story hehehe LOL, I almost said something VERY naughty but i didn't want to make you angry so i didn't say it :-) Have fun this afternoon i wish my firework's were as good as your's, Wish NG could put firework's on my bum as well, believe me i deserve it :-)Love you and big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. I have seen several of these old silly ads. This one is definitely the worst. "Concentrated Germ Killer", ohmygod.

  7. Hermione -- yeah! Don't hubbies have to worry about their masculine allure?

    joey -- we've come a long way, as they say.

    ronnie -- I have Lysol in my bathroom. I'll never look at it the same way again.

    Bobbie Jo -- I swear, that ad is absolutely real. It was part of a series of the "worst sexist ads ever." I thought that was the worst of the bunch. :-)

    Jade -- thank you for refraining. :-) Your dad is right; we don't need that stuff.

    Dana -- but it keeps us desirable! (rolling eyes)

  8. Lysol brand disinfectant: keeps couples happily married and men's mouths pine tree fresh!

  9. I wrote this on FL already but WTF? The current Lysol has warnings on it to not put it directly on surfaces you'd eat from or near pets or children. So I'm guessing this was a different formula or there was soon an outbreak of corrosive vaginas. So glad I wasn't a wife in the 50's.

  10. Craig -- talk about your all-purpose cleaner. :-)

    Lea -- LOL! Waitaminnit -- how can you disinfect surfaces if you can't use the freaking Lysol on surfaces? Regarding the other use, I'm thinking it was diluted, but still... blech. Yeah, being a woman really used to suck.

  11. Erica,

    It wasn't all THAT bad. :-P I mean you didn't have to use the crap in the first place if you had any sense. LOL Soap and water does just fine, thank you very much!

    I trust you are or were having fun. I look forward to reading about your escapades.

  12. LYSOL DOUCHE??!!


    Oh, Em, Eff, Gee!!

    "Gee, Honey, you smell like the kitchen floor baseboards! Come with me to the Casbah!"

    "Certainly! I'm burning with desire... or something..."

  13. Wolfie -- (falling off my chair) Yup, really! Being a woman in bygone days really sucked!

  14. Late-breaking news. I ran this one by my veterinarian - I thought it would be good for a laugh - and she had seen the ad before. She told me Lysol was commonly used as a means of preventing pregnancy. (The things that come up in conversation when our dog goes for treatment would amaze you!)

    Hmmm. Does that mean it was used as a spermicide after the fact? Or was the smell overpowering enough to make the husband decide he had a headache.

  15. Hermione -- ROFL! That is a very good question.

    I just love that you were discussing this with your vet!