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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My book reviewed!

No, not the new one, the old one. :-)  Katerina, of the new site Bottoms Up Book Review, just made "What Happens to Naughty Girls?" her review #21. She wrote up a lovely, complimentary piece on it, which you can check out here.

I really like the style in which she reviews. She gives a synopsis, then shares what she likes (or doesn't like) about the book. Following that is an excerpt of decent enough length to pique interest, and then she concludes with a few more of her thoughts.

This book was pretty much an indulgence for me. I knew it wouldn't have mass appeal, because it was too limited -- it was M/F only, and I put myself in nearly every story. So, even though the situations were varied, there was a certain sameness about it, I think. You either liked my style or you didn't. It didn't sell much, and I didn't expect it to. But perhaps this review will finally nudge it over the 200 mark! (It's sold 198 to date.)

Thank you, Katerina!


  1. That's EXCELLENT and CONGRAT'S Erica :-) Sending big hug's your way Love You xoxo

  2. What? Is your book already out, Erica? Is this instant publishing or what?

    E-book only or also a print on demand version?

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  3. Jade -- hugs back to you!

    KF -- no, no... this is a review on a book I self-published a few years ago.

    My current book, when available, will be in POD paperback at first, but I plan to format it so it's available for the Kindle as well.

  4. Great review and I agree, a wonderful book!

  5. Lea -- Thank you so much! :-)

  6. That review left me wanting more - reading and spanking! I like the short story format best. Like Karl, I though it was your new book, which I also thought was an autobiography.


  7. Hermione -- I'm sorry for the confusion. Yes, the new book is an autobiography. I'm sure I'll have my heart attack moment when I finally publish it and think, "Oh my God, the things I told people!"

  8. Erica, I just read the review of your book and all I can say is congratulations. The one short section shown was quite the read and certainly makes you want to read more. You should be so proud. Many of us often think of wanting to write a book, but you dear Lady have actually gone ahead and done so. Good on you!

  9. Anonymous -- thank you! This particular book was written in 2007, so it's nice to see it getting recognized again. :-)

  10. Nice book review! Especially with the mention of your NEW BOOK.. "LATE BLOOMER"!

  11. Zelle -- yes! Very, very soon...