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Monday, July 4, 2011

And the bottom's red glare...

...The belts cracking in air,
Gave proof to the brat,
That her Top was still there!

Yeah, I've got your Star-Spankled Banner right here!

(again with the damn tag...)

Yes indeed... who needs crowded parks and hordes of screaming kids? We had plenty of fireworks right here!

New Guy tried to go in one direction, saying I'd overreacted on Friday and gotten a lot of people worried. Hummph! I said I couldn't help it, and he said, "Well, maybe you should just stop and think!"

"Thinking is my problem!" I protested. "I think too much!"

"OK then," he said, "try not thinking?"

I asked him if he'd give me lessons on that. He didn't appreciate it.

I proceeded to argue (successfully) that I'd had a good reason for my panic on Friday and I hadn't posted that blog to stir people up unnecessarily, that there was no malice on my part. He agreed that I was right. He didn't stop, however.

"Well, I thought I was spanking you for a good reason."

"There you go, thinking again," I snapped. "I told you, stop doing things you're not used to."

That did it. OTK was over.

Onto the bed I went, and he stood so he could get a full swing.

Hey! I just realized he didn't say, "Oh, did that hurt?" this time. Not even once. Whaddaya know.

Oh, but he was in extra good form tonight, having himself quite the grand time at the expense of my poor maligned backside. And get this -- he's been playing a lot of guitar lately (even going to talent nights at clubs) and he had the nerve to say, "You know, I think we should dispense with the hand spanking. It's not good for my hand; I need to take better care of it."

"Not good for your hand???" I echoed incredulously.

"Yeah, it's bad for my knuckles!"

"Then don't USE your knuckles, stupid!" Oh crap. I said that out loud, didn't I.

Later, still on the musical theme, he was beating out melodies on my butt with the paddle and trying to make me guess what they were. OK, I got "Shave and a Haircut." But then I couldn't get the next one for the life of me.

He laughed. "It's 'Danny Boy'!"

Of course it is. You've got to be @#$%ing kidding me.

Then he tried another one. I didn't get that one, either.

"It's 'Jingle Bells' -- I thought I'd try something more recognizable!"

"Jingle Bells????" I screeched. "It's JULY, for Christ's sake!" No wonder I didn't figure it out. "Jingle Bells," indeed.

Besides, who can make out any sort of melody when all these damned toys are coming down on them?

He'd come over an hour earlier than usual, but alas, he left early as well. Last week, he hadn't left until nearly 10:00 -- he still had to drive home, walk his dog, etc., and didn't get enough sleep. Said that was my fault, as well. Of course it was, dear. (rolling eyes)

Ah, but I kid. I was so, so glad to see him, as always. He put me in my Happy Place. Can you tell?

I look stoned, don't I? No, just happily spent from the fireworks show...

Hope everyone had a spectacular 4th of July weekend. :-)


  1. And laying his toys aside of her bed,

    Stepped back, then a nod, "Good Girl!", he said;

    He sprang to his toybag, to pack implements away,

    But I heard him exclaim, Hey! I may have to stay!

    Get yer shoes off the bed! What are ya, a schmuck?!

    Cause I can soon have you wishin' you weren't pushing your luck!!

  2. Zelle -- ROFL! oh, you are priceless. :-D But geeeeeez, it's MY bed, I can put my own freaking shoes on it if I wanna!

  3. And you KNOW that "Mr Top Logic" is NOT going to think like you do... your bed or not! I'm sure next week, he'll bring this little faux pas up.

    ...You're welcome!

  4. Terrific story. Thanks.

  5. I'm impressed he managed to stretch his fragile guitar playing hand far enough to take picture #2. That had to be an awkward shot with his near hand holding the implement and the far hand holding the camera.

  6. Good for you! You stood up for yourself! And NG should know that you most likely did not worry any of us too much at all.

    I enjoyed this post (of course I like all of them) and the pictures, too. I had to laugh when I saw the first one. Nice touch!

  7. Zelle -- hummmppph. As if he needs any help coming up with BS excuses!

    joey -- glad you liked it.

    Anonymous -- yes, he did a very good job with that, I thought so too! We had a few blurred and off shots, but that one was spot on.

    Bobbie Jo -- oh, he knows, believe me. :-)

    Ha! Yeah, I thought a little patriotism was in order. Too bad I didn't have any stripes.

  8. Just so you know Erica, the palm of the hand has nothing to do with playing the guitar. It's all in the finger tips and the more calloused they are the better.

    I think His excuse to switch from a hand spanking was not substantial enough. But it didn't matter anyway, did it?

    I think your post on Friday was warranted and justifiable.

    Congrats on your 200th post too !!!

    Lysol?!! Really!!! I have to ask my Mom about that one.

    The look on your face in the last picture looks familiar. Giggles.


  9. bree -- yeah, I kinda figured that! Just an excuse. Humph.

    I get incredibly giddy and blissed out after a good scene, and it shows. :-D

  10. Hello Erica, sorry i commented so late :-( I was at the hospital, No iv's or needles this time, i will email you later with all the details. I liked the first pic it was VERY COOL how you put the stars and fireworks on your bum and the last pic is priceless you and your dreamy blissful smile :-D When you said DON'T USE YOUR KNUCKLES STUPID,It gave me a laugh and a smile hehehe LMAO.AND ZELLE YOUR AWESOME AND PRICELESS TOO. Love you my dear friend big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  11. Jade -- you were in the hospital and you're apologizing for posting late?? Don't even think about it! Please email when you can and tell me what happened.

  12. This is indeed wonderful star-spankled banter.

    Oddly enough, I had been "singing" on the Messenger to Springrose and Phil the other day: "And the bottom's red glare, 'twas a spanked derriere, gave proof through the night that her buttocks were bare!"

    Proving once again that Great Minds Think Alike and/or Spankophiles Run In Bunches.

    Thanks again for the telltale tail, and I'm glad you got to "Oooh" and "Ahh" at the fireworks with nothing raining on your parade!


  13. Dave -- Ha! I like your version as well!

  14. I'd try to spank-ify all the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner but my brain just doesn't have the power to do it right now. It would be easier than some songs though. "Oh say does that star spankled paddle yet wave, by the hand of the mean, to the home of subspace..." Okay I'm stopping now. Glad to hear you and NG had a good time, and yes you do look a bit stoned. ;-)

  15. Your fireworks sure beat the hell out of my fireworks. :)

  16. Lea -- I love "by the hand of the mean"! I suppose the D/s practitioners could say "the home of the slave." :-D

    Pink -- and mine were better for the environment! LOL

  17. You look perfectly satiated in that last picture!!!


  18. sarah -- indeed I was. Unfortunately, spanking is like Chinese food for me; an hour later, I want more.