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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy ♥ Day

Yeah, I know. It's a commercial holiday and it makes uncoupled people feel crappy. I know. I remember. But I can't help myself. After years and years of feeling like Charlie Brown on Valentine's Day, I fully enjoy the sweetness of celebrating love in my life. Even the most relentless of cynics can have a sappy moment now and then.

Unfortunately, John is having dental work done today, poor guy. He had that bad tooth pulled a few months back, and now that the area has healed, the next step is putting in the implant, which is what he's having done as I type. From what he's been told, this part of the procedure is nowhere near as miserable as the extraction and the bone graft, which he's already endured. So I'm hoping he won't be too uncomfortable. We're hoping that he'll be up for a nice dinner tomorrow night. But if we have to bypass the celebrations, it's OK. Next Thursday, we head to Vegas for four days, to convene with spanko friends for a small-ish private party. That will more than compensate. We are both looking forward to the getaway.

Meanwhile, he made sure to send my roses early. Aren't they splendid?

Also, Steve surprised me last Tuesday by showing up at my door with a pretty arrangement of red and white flowers. "No roses," he assured. "I leave those for John." Thoughtful, yes? John doesn't mind if a top gives me flowers, but he doesn't like it when another man gives me roses. I totally get that. 

So I had two pretty bouquets decorating my place this week. I am feeling very much loved.

(Pardon all the clutter in the background.)

Finally, for those like me who are a bit meh about the Olympics, here's a little funny for you, posted by none other than George Takei on Twitter:

Wishing all my friends happy hearts, chocolates, red bottoms and sweet kisses. And if you hate the holiday, screw it -- go do something fun for yourself and forget about it.

And have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you both....see you next week!

  2. Nancy -- Yayyyy! And HVD to you and Tom as well.

  3. Erica,

    Gorgeous flowers, lucky girl:)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and John.


  4. Ronnie -- thank you! Hope you and P have a lovely day.

  5. Hi Erica -- Happy Valentine's Day to you and John :-) I Love your pink Spank me heart.Your Roses and flowers are BEAUTIFUL. I wish John the BEST of luck with his tooth.I hope he is not in too much pain either :-( I can't wait to read, about the details of the private party your going to.I bet it's going to be AWESOME :-) Wishing you and John a nice peaceful weekend.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  6. Erica, did anyone ever tell you, you are truly a beautiful lady, and these photo's of yours prove it. May your bare bottom on this day of love, we call Valentine's Day, be as rosy as that bouquet of flowers that you received. Yes, Beauty is of the heart, and that of mind. Beauty is what you possess, for beauty has been kind. Yes, Beauty is in your hair, and sparkling eyes. For Beauty has chosen wise. I humble wrote that poem. XXX Luv ya,

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart! You deserve all those beautiful flowers. I hope John will be feeling better soon.

    Also, I can't freaking wait to see you in a week! Yay! <3

  8. And Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What richess!
    Enjoy the weekend! Hope John is well soon.

  10. Six -- that's very sweet, thank you. :-)

    Beth -- double yay! Can't wait to hug you!

    Craig -- thanks. :-)

    MrJ -- I know, I am a lucky girl. And yes, having John well would be some wonderful sweet icing on my cake.

  11. Happy Valentine's Day. I hope John feels better soon.


  12. You are one very spoiled brat - Hal

  13. Hal -- yeah, and my pictures make me look old. Got any more?

  14. Your eyes really are sparkling with happiness as you hold both of your lovely floral bouquets. So happy for you.


  15. What lovely flowers X 2. The card is a hoot too!

    We're having our special Valentine dinner tonight. Fondue with beef, chicken, scallops and shrimp, accompanied by salad, garlic bread and red wine.


  16. Happy Valentine's day, and every day of the year... love seeing you smiling in the pictures
    bottoms up

  17. Pam -- thank you, dear. I remember years and years of wanting flowers, so I am enjoying them now, you bet. :-)

    Hermione -- oh, that sounds so good! We are going out to one of our old favorites tonight, followed by Aroma Café for dessert (hopefully German chocolate cake!).

    Red -- thank you. :-)

  18. I think Steve should spank you for saying you look old in your pictures. You do not look old. Do you hear me? LOL

    You look lovely with all those beautiful flowers! I'm so happy for you that John gives you such beautiful roses and Steve such beautiful blooms of another kind.

  19. Bobbie Jo -- thanks! I love flowers, so I was quite overjoyed. :-)

  20. Your first paragraph sums up my feelings about V Day. Your flowers are beautiful. I especially love your picture with the roses, you're glowing! See you soon! <3

  21. Lily -- yes, very soon! *jumping up and down*

  22. Beautiful roses for a beautiful lady