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Monday, February 24, 2014

50 Freaks, Part 1

Back home. I have napped and unpacked, caught up a bit on FetLife, and I think I'm ready to begin recounting our trip. Hate to say this, but I don't have pictures. I don't know why I didn't take any... it just never came up. And not many others seemed to be taking pics either, not as much as last time. I ended up doing a couple of shoots, so there will be pictures from those, and Beth took a quick video plus a couple of shots of YS giving me thigh turkeys, but that's it. I regret that, but I guess I was too busy having fun to think about photos.

Thursday we had a flawless ride and arrived at the Suncoast early. Aaaaand of course, our room wasn't ready yet! So we piled up our stuff near the coffee shop and sat waiting for about a half-hour, then trekked up to our room. Our group had pretty much the entire 9th floor, which kept us all together and was lovely, and we were just a few doors down from the Presidential Suite, where all the action was. After a nap, cleaning up and changing, we headed for 960 to greet the Thursday arrivals.

Thursday night is a blur of hugs and squeals and more hugs. This party was bigger than last year's 50 Freaks -- we had 55 then, and this time, I think it was closer to 80. There were some people I knew from online whom I hadn't met yet and others whom I didn't know at all. But the core group was there with some additions, and we could tell early on it was going to be a good mix. Heading up the festivities were Joe (DrLectr) and Ten, who both gave us enthusiastic greetings. Ten actually picked me up and spun me around -- that woman is strong! :-) Every time I turned around, I was hugging someone, including the cutest of cute Alex Reynolds with Paul Kennedy, Princess Kelley, the aforementioned Beth and YS with YS's adorable wife Ellee, Strict Dave and his lovely Stacykins, Sandy and Rad, newly engaged Lily Starr and Robert Wolf, Katarina and Heinz (who used to run Spanking Court), Djinn and Sophie, James and Korey Mae Johnson of Stormy Night PublicationsRichard Windsor, Dana Specht, and so many more.

My first scene of the weekend was with my beloved friend Michael (InspectHerHide on Fet), a quick but raucous scene in one of the bedrooms with Michael keeping up a running monologue about all sorts of nonsense while alternating hard flurries with softer ones, depending on what he was rambling about. I laughed through the entire scene and it was a perfect ice-breaker. I played a lot this weekend and some of the days/times are blurry, but I do know that I played with Michael five times in four days, way more than I did with anyone else.

He joined John and me for a quick bite at CafĂ© Siena, and when we came back to the room, things were hopping. More hugs and shrieks and excited greetings. Sarah Gregory was there with her man, John from AAA Spanking, and after we hugged and jumped up and down like schoolgirls, she asked if I'd like to shoot with them. I didn't see that coming -- I didn't even know she'd be at this gathering -- so that was a treat! I was planning to shoot with BobtheDJ on Saturday for his "Uncle Bob's Woodshed" clip site, so we agreed to do our shoot on Friday afternoon. There was to be one long clip for her site, one long clip for his, and then two quickie clips (about five minutes each) for his POV collection.

Thursday night, to the best of my muddled memory, I did one more scene with Michael and that was it. I was determined this time to pace myself; after all, I had two shoots ahead of me and lots of people with whom I wanted to play. Well... I managed to keep to that for the first night, but it all fell by the wayside after that, as usual! John and I did get to bed at a decent hour that night, I think... maybe about 2:00. Of course, I was too keyed up to get to sleep for a long while, but that's pretty typical for the first night at a weekend party. I wasn't due at Sarah and John's suite until 1:00 the next day, so at least I could sleep in a bit.

Lots more to come.


  1. WOW Erica,sounds like a AWESOME party :-) Some GREAT spankers there as well. So happy that,you and John got to spend some time with good friends.I can't wait to read more,this is so EXCITING :-) much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  2. Jade -- there will be much more, I promise.

  3. Erica, since your blog account of the events in Las Vegas, is positive, I take it that you had a 'spanking good time', amongst all your 'spanko' friends. Welcome home. Gets some sleep. And please tell us more of the exciting times, in your next essay, to us. XXX Luv ya

  4. Six -- I will write Part 2 soon. I got hit with some work, and an unexpected ailment, as soon as I got home, but I will catch up soon!

  5. No pics? LOL! I can sooooo relate to being completely wrapped up seeing my friends that pictures are often an after thought :-)

    MaMa Blue

  6. MaMa -- I finally have some, on Part 3! But yeah... there are so many more moments I wish I could have captured. But I was too busy having fun, I guess. :-)