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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lucky #13?

Last Friday in my Potpourri post, I commented about how I'm too OCD to end on the #13. Seemed harmless enough, since many people don't like that number. But apparently, Steve likes it, and he took exception to my not liking it.

Tops. They'll pick on anything.

So yesterday was all about coercing convincing me that the number 13 is good. After his many attempts to get me to see things his way, he decided to take a different tactic. He was going to create a very pleasurable session that I could, from now on, envision when I think of the number 13.

Hmmm. Well, that's different.

It started out as usual, with him being Mr. Toppy. He wouldn't even let me take my stupid socks off, even though I think they look dorky in photographs.

We shot three separate videos. In the first one, it was all about my resistance vs. his insistence. But by the second one, the tide turned.

He was using several implements -- the Cane-iac strap, the heart-shaped and Lexan paddles, the cane. But he was employing a rapid-fire technique, not too hard, in long flurries that left me breathless and, well, not at all displeased. :-) I can't explain what the feeling was like, but it was amazing. I don't know how he was able to go so fast and keep aim, but he did, and it became a whirlwind of sensation. 

And lo and behold, by the time we were near the end, when he said once again that I could now associate #13 with euphoria, I mumbled incoherently, "Sure, whatever you say."

I won't bore you with all three videos, so I'm posting the first one -- the resistance phase. This one has more of our usual banter, so I figured it was the most fun. Yes, it's totally goofy (13 psi? WTF??) Don't try to make sense of it, just enjoy the silliness.

However, here's a screen grab from the second one. I'll let you be the judge -- do you think he was convincing me?

Today is a good day. I'm still blissed from yesterday. I have work. And my bit of writing on FetLife is currently at 1019 "loves" and still climbing. I had no idea that topic would resonate with so many. Oh, and out of 229 comments, only two naysayers! That's pretty amazing for FetLife. ;-)

Happy hump day. And to two golden greats, Sid Caesar and Shirley Temple, RIP and thank you. ♥


  1. Erica, try thinking about the number 13, by doubling 'six of the best' plus one. Then you have twice the thought of me on your mind plus one Also its a BARMITZVA year, for boys, and BASMITZVA for girls.
    Yes Shirley Temple, and Sid Caesar, two GIANT STARS of the entertainment world, will certainly be missed. XXX Luv ya.

    1. Erica, the reason you know Sid Caesar, is because of your father's work as a comedy writer. I know Sid Caesar, because of my age.

  2. And here I thought "triskaidekaphobia" was the fear of patterned wheat crackers.

    (That's really adorable, by the way!)

  3. Six -- I know that roughly half of my readers (maybe more) are saying, "Sid who??" (sigh) But he was brilliant.

    Dave -- LOL! And groan! Only you! :-)

    1. Sid Caesar was my comic inspiration growing up. I never missed his Caesar's Hour repeats growing up in Arizona (lots of syndicated shows, then, on the independent channels). Every writer worth mentioning worked on his show or with him. He was one of the builders of the comedy world.

      As for Shirley Temple, it's like losing a member of your family. Mom was a huge fan.

      It's a shame to lose them, but we still have them on film and tape. Here's to never letting them be forgotten.

    2. Chev -- I have seen very little of Sid Caesar; just the occasional clip here and there. But whatever I have seen has been brilliant. I would like to find and watch more.

  4. Hi Erica -- I think Steve convinced you :-) I Loved watching this, you both are so funny LOL, Thanks for the laugh,I needed it :-) When you mentioned PSI Miami and New York,Wasn't there one called CSI too? Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  5. Jade -- it was a joke. I was making a pun about CSI. :-)

  6. Honest to God you are the greatest and most unique spanked ever. When most girls would be crying and shouting out safe words you just giggle. I've never seen a girl who enjoys getting it like you do. I'm so jealous. My guy has to hold me down because I start kicking, wiggling, pleading, crying, and humiliating myself by saying "little girl" things like "I'll be good", or "I've learned my lesson", while the more your bottom gets spanked the more wise ass your comments are. You are my heroine and idol.

  7. Lady Doc -- thank you! (blushing) Trust me, when I've reached my limit, the smartassery stops and the pleading begins. :-)

  8. Well it is my fun but so love the bra and panty set......your bottom is so beautiful in such a lovely panty.....thanks