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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An early celebration

This coming Saturday, February 8, is Steve's birthday. I figured rather than wait and celebrate with him after the fact, I'd surprise him a bit and spring it on him early.

He got a rare evening free, so we planned our get-together last night. It nearly didn't happen. My block -- in fact, my general area -- is notorious for the dearth of parking. Too many apartments with single-car spaces and tenants with two cars, plus a whole lot of red curbs, for whatever reason. So people consider themselves lucky when they find a space quickly. Usually they have to drive up and down the block and into the surrounding ones. But last night, Steve absolutely could not find a space. He drove around and around for nearly an hour, calling me every few minutes in frustration. I finally told him to park in the public lot at the end of my block and he could move it later.

Since it was after nine and neither of us had eaten, we went to get a bite at our favorite deli. After we got back, he went out to move his car, and while he did so, I put a candle in the birthday jumbo cupcake I'd bought and got plates, forks and napkins.

The birthday boy was very surprised and pleased with his treat! You'll have to take my word for it that he was smiling.

What's a birthday without spanking, right? But not for the top, no no. So naturally, yours truly stepped up for it. I'm so giving that way.

He'd seen the photo I'd taken for last week's blog, where I'd stripped naked, and informed me that I would be spanked as I was in that photo. So, after we had each had a piece of cupcake and he'd opened his card, he bade me to "get ready for bed," so to speak.

I didn't bother telling him that I usually wear pajamas to bed. Didn't think that would fly.

Oh, bedtime spankings are so very lovely, aren't they? I did struggle a bit with this one, perhaps because I was tired -- it hurt a lot. Even his hand felt like a brick! Whereas last week I'd been a seemingly endless fountain of sass, spraying him with sarcasm, last night I hunkered into the bed and was quiet, save for my whimpers and moans into the pillow. A couple of times I reared upward or rolled away, but then immediately settled back. "Come back to me," he crooned, his hand gently but firmly holding me in position. His swats remained crisp, but he lightened them slightly, throwing in an extra hard one every once in a while. I eventually melted under the crop.

He then put me to bed. Blissful, dreamless sleep was mine last night. And I never did put my PJs on. Just used an extra blanket and snuggled deep, enjoying the sensual feelings on my skin.

Happy early birthday to my wonderful top. ♥


  1. That cupcake is ADORABLE! I'm glad you were able to make each other's day fun and special.

  2. Kelly -- isn't it cute? I don't like sugary white frosting, but it sure does look pretty. We both just ate the chocolate cake part. :-D

  3. What a sweet birthday celebration. That cupcake looked just the right size to share with someone special.


  4. Erica, Happy Birthday to Steve, and I am very pleased he was able to PARK his hand on your voluptuous naked rear end. After he had such a hard time parking his car in your area. I am sure he found your cup cake wonderfully delicious. As I am sure your spankable delectable bare bottom was also a treat to him also.

  5. You should always get spanked in the nude. You look magnificent.

  6. Great cake - spankling well deserved ;-) and yielding a novel great picture, to ensure continuity of the process. You're a smart gal.

  7. Hermione -- those jumbo cupcakes really are a perfect size. They have mini-cakes too, but there is way too much left over with those.

    Six -- finding a parking space in my area is the biggest treat. :-)

    Anonymous -- thank you!

    MrJ -- sometimes. :-)

  8. Hi Erica -- Happy Birthday to Steve :-) That cupcake looks so cute and yummy. I agree bed time spankings are the BEST :-) So glad you both could spend some fun time together.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  9. Jade -- everyone needs a little fun and love on their birthday, right? :-)

  10. Lovely bottom and wow nice arsenal of implements!

  11. Ron -- Steve clearly doesn't grasp the concept of "less is more." :-)